What Temperatures Are Safe/UnSafe For Bulldogs?

Hello, I have a 3 month old older English and I keep reading that they can’t be in to hot or to cold temperatures but no one is being specific as to what to hot or to cold is. Do you know what those temperatures would be? Thanks.

- Alice Ellison

How Hot Is Too Hot For English BulldogsGood point, Alice. It would be nice if there was an exact temp range we all knew was dangerous. Honestly, it all depends on multiple factors like the humidity, wind speed and whether it’s cloudy or sunny that day.
Another big thing is your particular Bulldog. Heavier Bulldogs, Bulldogs with extremely flat faces and Bulldogs with more narrow air-ways are more prone to overheating. A younger bully like yours may be able to handle a bit more heat than a 65lb bully. 
I think a general rule would be that any temp over 75 you should keep a close eye on your Bulldog. A temp of 85 or higher can be extremely dangerous for periods of longer than 30 minutes, especially if there is no shaded place for him to take cover from the sun. It’s always important to have an abundance of cool, fresh water available in any temperature, but it’s extremely important on these hotter days. Watch your bully and be aware that the hotter he is, the more he’ll pant. If you can fill up a kiddie pool about 1/3 of the way that is always a great way for them to cool off as well. Just make sure he can’t drown. 
As far as how cold is too cold for a Bulldog, I would say at temps below 40 their time outside should be limited to 30 minutes. If temps are freezing or lower they should only be out to relieve themselves. Of course, if the family is out sled riding or playing in the snow they can accompany, but you just need to remember their paws, face and ears are almost just as sensitive to ice and freezing temps as ours is.