Going Viral: Bulldog Allowed to Chew on Running Chainsaws and Climb 10ft Ladders – All in Good Fun or Bulldog Abuse?

Man Allows Bulldog to Play With Chain Saws + Climb Ladders!

Yikes! Makes you wonder what the man lets his Bulldog do that he hasn’t showed the public! I saw another one of these videos just today. Actually, it doesn’t involve anything as crazy as a gas powered chain saw and it’s a common activity among Bulldog owners; however, a number of Bulldog enthusiasts have shunned this practice. You’ve probably already tried it with your Bulldog.

bulldog on swingYou know the YouTube video that starts out with dad, strapping his Bulldog into a swing at the park? Mixed emotions quickly flood the comments section below a video like this. He begins to push. Back and forth, higher and higher. The swinging bully looks as though he’s on cloud nine and loving every minute! Your heart cries out, “what if he falls out of the swing or hurts his back in that meant for a child contraption?” What makes me cringe is the image in my mind of a Bulldog’s weighty body pushing too heavily on his tailbone at the base of the seat and hurting him in some way!

How do these types of videos make you feel? Many of us laugh almost uncontrollably at the irony of a Bulldog in a child’s swing not knowing the possible danger or pain the Bulldog may be facing. Some don’t see any real chance of harm in it. For others, they become instantly enraged at the apparent carelessness of the Bulldog’s owner claiming, “These people are so stupid! I hate lunatics like this!”

No doubt, it will surprise some who read this to know that we, just last year, filmed our own Bulldog, Lily, climbing up the thin, yellow rungs on our kids’ play set. The rungs are similar to that of a ladder and with the 8 of them combined, they reach around 5 foot high.

We didn’t train Lily to climb. Actually, when she hears the kids having a good time on the play set she loves to join in by getting as close to the action as possible. This sometimes means scaling the dangerous 5 foot ladder. Well, only somewhat dangerous in my opinion. My family and I have always been so proud of her climbing abilities and finally decided to film her routine and share it with our fans. Some kept silent, but more expressed a deep seated anger toward us for allowing Lily to climb. I’ll let the video speak for itself, but in short, Lily attempted to climb up the rungs eventually falling about 5 foot down. Thankfully she didn’t injure herself.

So how do we tell when we’ve crossed the line? When does harmless become harmful and outright irresponsible? Are some of us guilty of sacrificing our Bulldogs’ well being just to get a few laughs and likes on facebook? What’s the craziest thing you let your Bulldog do?

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