Facebook Puppy Scams

written by: Daniel Weese

Fake Profile and Puppy Pics

Fake Profile and Puppy Pic

These days, you’ll no doubt find a ton of Bulldog scams each week in your local newspaper, but they’ve recently become most prevalent on Facebook. Only three years ago I would have agreed with you the classified section in your newspaper was the avenue of choice for scam artists, but no more.  Yes, the times they are a changin’. Each month in America, hundreds of claims regarding puppy scams are filed with the Internet Crimes Complaint Center and the BBB. It is estimated that 90% of crimes involving puppy scams which result in the buyer’s financial loss are never even reported to the authorities. Of the remaining 10% of claims reported, as little as 4% end with prosecution of those wielding the scam. Only in extremely rare cases does the consumer ever see justice.

See a Wolf, Warn The Sheep

Our Facebook Page is constantly bombarded with scam activity. At any given time you can find 2-3 posts from bogus Facebook account holders who are trying to push their scam on our Fan Page. For the longest time we quickly deleted the ads from our page in fear someone would fall prey, but recently we learned it’s far better that we leave the false advertisement there. Why? Well it’s certainly not because we feel sorry for these scammers, that’s for sure. No, but by leaving the ad and commenting “SCAM” under their post, we provide a live representation of a scam in progress! We point out the flaws in the ad and provide our fans a clear example of what they need avoid. It’s simple. When we spot a wolf, we call him out and herd the sheep back to a safe distance. Report a Scam/Fake Facebook Page and have it removed!

Spot a Facebook Puppy Scam.

It’s extremely easy to spot a scam on Facebook if you know what you’re looking for. Often times the scam artist finds you. He frequents big Bulldog fan pages and litters his stolen pictures everywhere. Some fan pages can have as many as 100k – 1m followers making it easy for the scam artist to instantly share his scheme with thousands. It’s difficult not to look at the ad noticing the nice looking profile pic(usually a young woman) of the person who posted and gain a misplaced since of security in pursuing the puppies being offered. Have you ever considered the amount of  time and trouble these scammers go through to make their counterfeit facebook account? Well, it’s about 5 minutes! Yep, they just right click and save a profile pic along with a few of the cutest puppy pictures on the internet and they’re done.

Facebook Wolves Travel In Packs!

How to spot a puppy scammer

Another Fake. Legitimate Breeders Don’t Sound Like Used Car Salesmen

I’ve noticed these guys like to work together too. When one of them lists their Puppy for sale or free, others may comment on the post, “beautiful puppies you have”, or they’ll “like” the post for their fellow scammer in an effort to make the post more enticing. In many instances the swindler just makes a bunch of fictitious accounts, befriends them all and then using those accounts, “likes” and comments on his own posts. Again, they take every effort possible in hopes of appearing legit to you and scoring some cash. Look at the person’s facebook account. Did they just create it last month or yesterday? It’s fake! These scammers do hilarious things! They always use profile pics with puppies in them and it’s typical to see that every single thing on their page, even their friends, are centered around puppies. Maybe they just really love puppies?? No! Not too smart are they? But they’re learning mind you. That’s why we have to stay alert. Actually we receive mysterious visitors to this website daily from places like Dubai, Nigeria and Cameroon by people who’s search query include words like “puppy scams on facebook“, or “bulldog puppy scams“. These are most likely beginners learning for the first time how to spread their wings in a facebook puppy scamming operation. I guarantee they’ll be reading this page plenty. *Note,that I realize not all visitors from those countries mentioned are involved in scamming activities.

How Puppy Scams Work.

Scammers are inventing new deceptions with every new hour. No matter the arrangement, the scam artist will not talk on the phone with you even if he provides a number to call. There’s always a funny excuse as to why he can’t chat with you. You’ll never see him in person and as you’ll see below in my Conversation With a Facebook Puppy Scam Artist ,If you don’t send him money within a few days he’ll become forceful, or become impatient with you and move on.

Free to Loving Home Puppy Scam.

Is this a facebook puppy scam

Help Us Stop Puppy Scams On Facebook/List Scammers’ Name’s and Website Below!

In this deceitful game, the criminal initially offers his puppy or puppies to anyone who will just “promise me you will take good care of the babies” and at no charge. You see he’ll feed you lies like…..he’s a missionary to Africa and it’s much too hot there for his poor bulldog puppies. That’s a line my wife and I nearly fell for 10 yrs ago before we got our first Bulldog Lily. Once the buyer makes contact with the seller, the seller mentions the puppy is free, but there will be a shipping charge(usually $350). He must get you to send him money for shipping via an unprotected and untraceable payment method like Western Union, Money Order, or Wire Transfer. If you get a little weary of the deal, he’ll provide you with I.D. , the name of his pastor at church, Phone numbers of those who can vouch for him, whatever it takes to get your money. He gives you real contact names and numbers, but no one ever answers the phone. It’s all just a mirage. If the buyer succumbs to this fast talker’s deception he’ll be out at least $350 and he’ll never lay eyes on any puppies. Many times the scam artist will play double or nothing with his victim. He may come back days or weeks later in attempt at stealing more cash.

Conversation With Facebook Scammer.

I Had a “Free To Good Home” Conversation With One of These Cheats Just The Other Day. The scammer called himself Loveline Brakes of all things! Weird, I know. You’d think they could at least pick a normal name. At first I tried to ward him off, but when he persisited, I figured I’d try and turn the scam on him. Get him to send me a little cash maybe? Let me share it with you, but I warn you; I didn’t know I would be showing it to the world and I was a bit crass in my discussion with him/her. Actually you may find it hilarious. Just to see the way ……..well here it is:

  • Loveline Brakes January 11 – Hello please what do you mean by scam i do not understand such word okay and you can text me or ring me at (509 619-7647) so we can talk better on how you get these my puppies home asap.
  • RedWhiteandBulldogs -You might as go someplace else with your scam
  • Loveline Brakes January 12 -what do you mean by this am given out these puppies out but for free adoption okay so if you can okay with that then just drop me your number so i can call you or text you better and please where are you located just let me know asap.
  • RedWhiteandBulldogs -I see. sometimes i get a little worried and want to be careful.
  • Loveline Brakes January 14 -Hello am so sorry for the late reply okay but i have just text you on phone please can you get back to me asap here is my number (509) 619-7647
  • RedWhiteandBulldogs January 14 -I don’t have free texting
  • Loveline Brakes -okay that is fine so can we talk here
  • Loveline Brakes -and i want to ask if you saw the massage i sent to your phone
  • RedWhiteandBulldogs -Yes i loved the massage it felt absolutely incredible especially on the feet
  • Loveline Brakes -please i want you to know that am now in Texas okay but i want you to know that am given these puppies out for free adoption okay
  • Loveline Brakes -so are you ready
  • RedWhiteandBulldogs -Yea you sending them by plane candy gram or helicopter or fedex or what??
  • Loveline Brakes -what do you mean please? we will begin shipment soon okay. you there
  • RedWhiteandBulldogs -Ya right here on the crapper sorry

Read The Rest Of The Story To See What Happens!

Dodge Puppy Scams On Facebook.

Puppy Scam With Phone Number and Email

More Believable With The Phone Number and Email, But Just as Fake.

First of all, it may be best you don’t do your puppy shopping on facebook. You don’t want to be lured in by any random puppy picture posted by Joe Scammer on the Bulldogs Are Awesome Fan Page. If you see a puppy you’ve just got to have, we recommend you don’t do anything until you’ve personally seen the puppy and met the breeder. Never pay with Western Union, a Money Order, or by Wire Transfer! Always, always, always check up on the breeder by searching their name on Google and Yahoo. Dig for dirt on these people and if they look clean, ask for references.

Google Search This Guy

Speaking of Google. Did you know you can right click any picture, save it to your computer and search for it on the web? This is a wonderful tool you can use if you think you’ve found a bogus deal. The work of a scam artist isn’t exactly what you’d call “first rate.” When setting up their crooked deals, they often pick names that are obviously fake and use the most popular of puppy photos from the web. See the screen shot (at right) and notice the text in this scammer’s post on our Facebook Page? ” Were given out to families that truly love the bulldog breed as much as we do at a very low cost.”  Ya, I bet! Legitimate breeders don’t sound like used car salesmen. Or maybe I do sometimes? That’s not the point. I saved the red Bulldog puppy photo and searched for it on Google. Instantly, I found the same puppy listed for sale in at least 10 different websites with different prices and dates of birth, all by people with completely different names.

Report Puppy Scams On Facebook

You’ve been had! Don’t let the whole ordeal make you feel like a fool. This really does happen to the best of us. I know that’s cliche, but it’s true. Report these crooks to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The ICC is the place to go if you’ve been cheated on the internet, but unless you have real information to describe the crook like addresses or names your case won’t be solved. As stated in the beginning of this article over 90% of claims are never resolved and that’s precisely the way they were designed by the scam artist who took your money. If you think something is fishy with a deal you’re pursuing on line, it’s better just to walk away from it. I am available by email or you can Message Me on Facebook or Google Plus if you would like advice on the matter. Stay Safe!

Had an Interaction With One of These Jokers?

Please Comment Below About Your Experience So Others Can Know What To Watch Out For. At the very least, we ask you list the scammer’s phone number and website name. Your help may end up Saving someone a Few Hundreds Dollars!

How to report a fake/scam facebook account?

When you come across a Puppy Scammer’s Facebook Page

  1. Go to the Timeline
  2. Click    in the pages header/banner and then select Report/Block
  3. Follow the directions to file your report to facebook

Facebook doesn’t allow accounts that:

  • Impersonate you, a business or someone else
  • Steal and use your photos
  • Use a fake name
  • Don’t represent a real person (fake accounts)

That’s it! If this article saved you some heartache and a bunch of cash, share it with your friends!

Comment below the names, phone numbers, facebook pages, and websites of every Puppy Scammer you find!!

90 Responses to Facebook Puppy Scams Rising

  • Chad

    These sites or facebook page have been scamming people for 3 years now.  and facebook is not doing nothing to stop it.  It would hurt facebook at all to stop these site from being on facebook if there is no way for them to verify the site to make sure it is legit. Crazy!  I called a detective and of the guys is located in the uk and he runs the scams everywhere in the us and the detective said they can’t stop it.  So at this point it is totally facebooks responsibility to stop this.

  • Chad

    Why is it that facebook makes it so hard to stop these people from scamming.  I just wanted to report this page and it is almost impossible to do so which means facebook does not care or they would take this serious and make it easy to turn these people in.


  • Leah

    Hi we have been talking with the page on Facebook- Adopt a French Bulldog (757 744 3796). They had us fill out a questionnaire and make sure we are not going to breed him and know what we are doing.  But we are concerned that it is a scam.  Could you look at it?  We also spoke to them on the phone but still we are unsure.  There are not many pictures and all of them seem to have different backgrounds

    • Dan Weese

      I just spoke with him on the phone. He’s foreign and difficult to understand. He said he had just one cream, female puppy available but she was possibly sold to someone else. He said her “rehoming fee” is $600. I asked him if he is an adoption agency as his page seems to suggest or if he is a breeder. Didn’t get a clear answer.

      He just said,”Every baby has his/her story.some are gotten from unexpected litters or because their families didn’t have enough time to take care of them.” Usually adoption agencies do not have 14 wk old puppies. It’s concerning that the photos don’t match like you mentioned.  Also, the fact that he lists a puppy for adoption but doesn’t respond to the dozens of inquiries about said puppy. He prefers to talk through messenger.

      He told me he only takes cash which is not at all like a scam artist. This is worrisome though because if someone knows you have $600 in your pocket and you meet on their terms in unfamiliar territory youre at their mercy. Leah, I think this one is fishy at best.  If you meet him to buy a puppy don’t go alone and meet at a police station in plain view.

  • Wendy

    This is also a fake account they asked for a $200 deposit then wanted the whole amoount begore we picked up the dog then when we said to just return the deposit the stopped messaging or responding. I reported them on Facebook but the page is still up

  • S Russo

    We saw a photo listed on a local Massachusetts town Facebook page for “English Bulldogs FREE to a good home.” The photo said to email clarkslinda6@gmail.com. We assumed the puppies were located in that town, so both my husband and I sent a message to the address that we were interested. Only my husband received a reply about a week later. Even though my husband stated where we live and that we currently have a 1 and 1/2 year old Staffy mix, the response asked where we are located and if we have any pet experience. I sent a reply anyway, stating that we were excited to hear from them and wanted to arrange a time to meet. The response from the seller was that they had recently accepted a new job in the UN and had been temporarily relocated to Richmond, VA from where the seller would arrange to have the puppy sent to our home. We would only have to pay $350 for the shipping. They needed assurance that we would take good care of the puppy even though I offered to provide references and the name of our current vet. I responded with questions about how the puppy would be shipped and how payment would be arranged, stating our concern about sending money. The seller responded saying they would arrange to have a pet carrier bring the puppy to our home or nearest airport, and we would pay the carrier the $350 so there was nothing to worry about. It all didn’t seem to fit the regular scam mould, but we decided to forgo the transaction anyway. Still, I am bummed…

  • Thomas

    Anyone have any information pertaining to http://jessicaenglishbulldogpuppies.com/our-puppy-champs/. Our family is wanting a family dog, and the price seems to good to be true-$650.00.  Although, nothing came up under BBB…

    • Dan Weese

      I just checked them out. Absolutely a scam. No doubt about it. First, they are a text now subscriber which is common with puppy scam artists. This is because they prefer not to talk on the phone. Instead they usually text after your call and request the rest of the coversation be done via email or text.

      Another big flag was there hilarious 70 percent off coupons on their puppy photos. Actually, they’re whole site appears to be very legit at first because they have articles commonly found on breeder’s websites. This website is more robust than a more classical scam site too. Many of the scammed are making these chanhe’s to appear more viable even going so far as to post more reasonablessed puppy prices.

      Jessicaenglishbulldogpuppies.com is Definitely a Puppy Scam Website.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Thomas.

    • Dan Weese

      Just finished texting with the scammer. He wants 650 sent western union or money gram to: Kent Jason in Columbus, Ohio. I told him I’m heading to Walmart to send his money right away! Hahaha

  • Katie Blundell

    I’ve run into these scammers before, but never fell into their trap.  Recently I was looking at the Castlewood Bulldog FB page and saw the someone not only stole pictures of their puppies, but the entire website – changing the contact information.  The following is a copy/paste from Castlewood’s facebook page: Yet another SCAM…..We re really being targeted lately! This scammer just stole our entire website! The only difference is if you click on Males or Females you get a list of puppies that they are trying to get you to purchase as part of their scam.

    That goldenenglishbulldogbreeders are the scammers.  Be careful!  These people are getting real slick.

  • Sophia capomolla

    Does anyone know if this is a scam please help its on Facebook dogs for sale email is lovelypets4sale@gmail.com

    • Dan Weese

      Hi, Sophia. If you want to find out whether this is a scam or not you need to post contact details of the seller. Phone number, facebook page or website etc. It’s hard to tell with only an email.

      • Sophia capomolla

        The number on Facebook is (301)-684-4352.  N 22nd st, Columbus Ohio please help me let me know if this is legit or not

          • Sophia capomolla

            I wanted a beabull she said they have some I only saw two pictures she said she has more pictures and would send me later never did she said males are $580 and shipping is inclusive and females are $680 if someone could help me out bar would be great

          • Dan Weese

            After looking briefly at their page, the only things that seem off to me is that their photos look like they’re taken from a monthly calendar. They’re so nice and none of them see to match. Usually, photos have similarge backgrounds, image quality, lighting etc. Just like a signature, every photo should be at least somewhat alike. Also, if they truly do have all the many different breeds shown for sale, theyre more like a pet store than a breEder and get all their puppies from various places. Usually not great places.

          • Sophia capomolla

            Thank you for your feedback! I also just was recently on greenfield puppies and saw the same exact picture on that fb site I was telling you about so I called the number on greenfield and he said he had no idea someone took his picture so it must be a fraud

  • Emily

    (not a bulldog or anything but) I was scammed today for a Bernese mountain dog puppy. (https://www.facebook.com/BMDpuppiesforsale/) The pictures they sent me were adorable, and I should have seen the red flags everywhere. Poor grammar, not proper English all the time, beating around the bush when I asked questions, saying they’ll deliver him 24 hours after the final amount is paid because the delivery fee is included in the total. My boyfriend and I both sent this guy money via Moneygram. Beyond naive move on my part. My boyfriend was more hesitant but they sent me a link to a website with other available puppies, and had a whole contract they emailed me and had us scan back.. So I believed it and convinced him. He has a lot of our information now because of the contract they sent me and that scares the living shit out of me.. I only caught it because I saw a picture I’ve already seen on Instagram posted on the page that said “available”.. So I reverse searched the pictures I was sent, and figures, on a different website.. I feel so frustrated and angry now that I’ve seen it and I really wish I saw this article earlier.. $500 gone to some random creep. I’m so angry that I didn’t do more research before hand either, word of advice, IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS. This bullsh*t has got to stop. I messaged and said I wanted a refund, but I highly doubt Either of us will see a penny. People are so sick and twisted.

    • Dan Weese

      Sorry this happened, Emily! I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story. People are being helped by these testimonies. Also, I wouldn’t worry about them having your home address and name. They won’t come looking for you or anything.

  • adam


    This page is a scam. sent $500 via moneygram for a puppy and they never shipped. now im blocked from the site and there messenger.theives make me sick.. already reported to facebook.

  • Joan

    This site is a scam. Saheed Lpaye 3074 College Street College Park Georgia 470-251-8512

    We sent money as a deposit. Refused to send the puppy and return the money.

  • Ramon Rivera

    I have been scammed By:English and French Bulldog Puppies For Sale, Michelle Sotolongo, CNNIC, Adorable Bulldogs, English Bulldog Puppies For Sale. All of these business names are the same person claiming to be from Miami, Orlando and Celebration Florida. Check the Miami Better Business Bureau and you will see the list of complaints as will you if you go to RipOffReport.com and similar sites as well. Michelle Sotolongo does ship some puppies to some people as a means to cover up her illegal activity.
    BUYER BEWARE of anything to do with any of the above mentioned businesses and specifically Michelle Sotolongo.

    They advertise several other places besides Facebook.

  • Jenny

    Hello, I am contacting a bulldog seller on Facebook at english bulldog for sale…they say they are from Maryland, Baltimore… they want the money through money gram or western union… and they will send the puppy through delta airlines to our home in Fla… any advice? Anyone knows about wether or not they are legit?

    • Boni

      That sounds like a scam. 100%. Breeders NEVER do Buisness like that.

  • Diane Spicklemire

    i am currently looking for an english bulldog. I have been having a conversation with a someone who claims to have a couple girls I am interested in http://www.homraisedbulldog.com/available-puppies.html. I scam checked the web address was too new and had a 59%saftey level. I have googled the pictures they came up as the only image. He wants a deposit thru western union and the rest to be paid once I have puppy. I have been googling the website, the pictures and the name of the person he wanted the money wired to. Coming up with nothing. He has spoke to me on the phone and he even went to check the eye color of one of the puppies. I don’t know what to think. New scam or is he for real.  If you want to talk to me I could give you more infro on the sites I have been on. Desperately seeking bullie in Michigan

    • Dan Weese

      Yes, I’m sorry but this is a scam website for sure. First thing that popped out to me is the price for the puppies. It lists the “adoption fee” as 500 dollars and the shipping fee to be 150 dollars. Shipping is usually twice that price and at 500 dollars every breeder would lose a great deal of money. I also noticed there is nothing in common with all of their puppy photos. Each photo displays a puppy of a different age and varying conformation to the AKC standard. For instance, some of the puppies have plentiful wrinkles and some do not. This website is a bit more believable than most of the puppy scam sites I’ve come across, but I guarantee you, if you send money to these people you will be sorry. I’m glad you checked with me. Good luck in your search for a real puppy!

    • Alex

      Anything to do with western union something is scam

  • Elissa B.

    My family and I were excited about purchasing an English bulldog puppy. The person we contacted went by the name of “Chris Graham” from Virginia and he claimed to be a dog breeder for years. His email was infinitybulldogpuppies02@gmail.com. He asked us several questions before sending us the dog, talked to him on the phone, and sent us pictures of the dogs and it’s parents. The email was very convincing. What made me feel sketchy about it was when he asked for our credit card number or to pay $700 through Western Union before shipping the dog. The man kept contacting us about whether or not we paid. At the same time, I didn’t feel comfortable about submitting the money because the man lived in Virginia and I lived in California. What if I send the money and not get the puppy?  Before we paid, I looked up his email and name on the internet and many links popped up with the words “PUPPY SCAM” or “SCAMMER”. That’s when I knew it was a red flag. Several people were scammed by this person. All of them complained about paying and not getting the puppy. They all had the exact same email, same puppy photos and everything but the seller had a different name. In the end, we didn’t send the money. $700 was too good to be true.  DO NOT PURCHASE BULLDOGS FROM CHRIS INFINITY BULLDOGS. ITS A SCAM! DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE PAYING AND BULLDOGS WILL NOT COME IN CHEAP. DONT PURCHASE A DOG THAT IS LOCATED SOMEWHERE FAR AWAY FROM YOU. BUY A DOG SOMEWHERE LOCAL OR NEAR YOU.

    • Samantha O

      This man just contacted us and I thought I’d do some research on his email name to make sure he wasn’t a scammer and I saw your post. He told us he lived in Dallas Tx. Hasn’t given me his last name or pictures of the parents.

  • David

    Has anyone used a PV rescue site to buy a dog. They sent us a video, and we are to pay $450 and pick him up at Toronto airport. The contact is Deb Donick.

    Dave Gervais

    • Dan Weese

      Don’t do it, Dave. Very common scam. The dog won’t be there. Pay when the puppy is in your arms.

    • John Tomasovic

      I was scammed yesterday by Chris infinity Bull Dog puppies @ gmail .com Full cost was $700 I evevn talked to him on the phone , sent me pics of the dog and it’s parents Also sent a pic of fake AKC regristration papers , I’m smart and was a con my self but never to rip someone off. I just had a good story never to hurt so I thought I was smarter well he got me!!!

      • Elissa B.

        Thank you for making this comment. I prevented myself from being scammed by this guy! I was already at Western Union, ready to pay but then I saw your comment and it totally changed my mind!

      • Rhonda

        I have been E mailing these people about a Bulldog. I am so glad I saw your post about Chris infinity Bull Dog Puppies. I was within a week of sending him money for the cutest pup named Jenny. Thank you Rhonda

  • Tracy Villarreal

    Watch out for englishbulldogz.com also, out of FL. Same m.o., won’t talk to you, broken english, etc. I called police on them.

  • Beardog1579

    Why not simply go with a local breeder who’s listed with the Bulldog Club of America or check with the AKC?  I looked online first as well, but noticed that some of these sites had the same bulldog pup – under different “breeders” and the pup had a different name each time as well.  When we SERIOUSLY began looking I called a number of the breeders I found online – but within driving distance – and each one was more than happy to give me their home address where I went and physically viewed the puppies they had available and picked out the one I actually wanted to purchase.  In Ohio, Thomas Bulldogs is a great place – as is Crawford Bulldogs.  Both are family raised and both owners are very nice & accommodating – and their prices are right in line with the marketplace.  You get what you pay for with a Bulldog, so IF THE OFFER SOUNDS TOO GOOD – IT’S USUALLY A SCAM!  THERE ARE NO FREE BULLDOGS – because IF you get a “bargain bulldog” you will end up paying the “fee” to the vet instead of to the breeder! If you want one of the miniatures or specialty colors, you will see astronomical prices, so get ready for sticker shock!  What you’re really looking for is a HEALTHY PUP, regardless of color – but even the healthy pups can have allergies and a number of health problems, so you don’t purchase a bulldog unless you can afford to spend a LOT of time at the vet!  That said – I wouldn’t trade my bully for any other dog – he is comical without even trying – and stubborn – and the most wonderful companion I could ever have imagined!!

  • Sakira Nagel

    Can I get some help on whether or not this group is a puppy scammer? Facebook: ‘Dog’s AND Puppies Available for free Adoption’ There Husky puppy deal seems a little good to be true

  • Pam

    The problem is that there are several real readers that only take cash !!!!  That don’t show the puppy you may get.  That WILL not lwt you see the parents !  None !  That wants to meet you. However they are not licensed where they meet you. That even tell you they ar a family home breeder.  And all puppies are bred in their home !!! And that you will get akc papers.  But two weeks latter the papers are in the mail still.  And when you see all sides of the dog in person. It has a blue eye. Which means the puppy cannot breed akc litters.  And that you never get papers with your name as an owner.  But you paid 3200.  Because they show akc hall of fame award and breeders of merit award !!!  People say.  Buy from a breeder. !!!!!!!!!  Really because. That really does.  not always work out.  The you call the bulldog club.  And they say….. sorry we get calls all the time

  • Brenda Luba

    A Kelsie Brown on ‘iheartbulldogs ‘ is trying to sell a Black Bully as showable and breedable.  When I called her on black being outside the standard I brought the attention of other people who commented likewise.  She is asking three thousand dollars for a pup that cannot be shown and should not be bred.  For my trouble she reported me as a scammer/something and MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WAS DISABLED!!!!!  I feel very bad about this.  This woman knows her way around Facebook far better than I, who only used it to watch live issues like the pres. debates since I have no TV.  I joined ‘iheartbulldogs ‘ because I have owned and raised Bullies for over 45 years.  I really love this breed and hate to see people scammed by a woman who sends them to a supposed rare color AKC website.  The website exists and uses the AKC seal- I reported her to AKC based on this.  BUT, TRY TO EXPLAIN TO FACEBOOK THAT THEY HAVE PROBLEMS AND THEY DON’T CARE.  This Kelsie Brown Deleted her original post thus all the negative comments and laughingly said, “LOL, I DELETED AND REDID MY AD, GET A LIFE!!”  It makes me sooo sad that this world is turning into a wolf eat dog place. 

    Thank you for your article.  I know this isn’t the same, but feel people need to know –DO YOUR RESEARCH, ALWAYS!!!!

  • Ramon Rivera

    English Bulldog Puppies For Sale on Facebook has no physical address, the phone numbers are cell numbers and the also use 3 other names to do business as, Adorable Bulldogs, Adorablebulldogs.com, CNNIC and Michelle Sotolongo are the names they use to do business.

    They do provide puppies to some people but not to everyone that purchases a puppy from them.  Excuse after excuse why the puppy didn’t ship.  Excuse after excuse why there is no refund.

    Check the BBB website for South Eastern Florida, search Adorable Bulldogs and all the rest will come up.

    It appears as though they are hiding illegal activity within a legitimate business

    • ginna day

      I paid for a frenchy on 10/31/16 and still have not received mine. I’ve been doing some research and found that the ppl I spoke with got their dogs.. most all had a delay of some sort, but still received their dogs. That was my hope, that even tho there has been a delay the ppl I’ve contacted have their dogs. I’ve contacted my lawyer in hopes to get the pup. Why hasn’t this fb page been shut down if it’s a scam?

    • Lundi

      We have purchased a puppy from this Facebook site and are going through the same experience. Puppy was suppose to be flown here Wednesday before Christmas and still no puppy and tons of excuses. Did you get your money back? I’m not sure what we should do?

      • Bethany

        We also bought a puppy from her the first week of January and should have gotten our puppy yesterday but are now getting the run around. Have you had any luck?

        • Tara Sondergaard

          We purchased a puppy Mid January, still waiting. Excuse after excuse, we have new flight info for Saturday. Crossing our fingers, has anyone received their puppy?

      • Ramon Rivera

        Continue to message people that are considering purchasing from Michelle and tell them your story. I would tell anyone that has been ripped off by her to do that. Michelle will ban you from posting on the page but you can still message potential buyers.

    • Lori Korzen

      My sister was also scammed by the English Bulldog & French Bulldog Puppies forSale site on Facebook.  Paid for the puppy through Google Wallet.  Puppy never came, and just getting the run around from Michelle in regards to a refund.

      • Ramon Rivera

        A suggestion would be to message potential buyers of Michelle’s and tell them your story Michelle will ban you from making post on her page but you can still message potential buyers on her page. It seems that she has used many different names and will continue to do so as a means of getting around Facebook rules. The only hope is to keep the pressure on in hopes that she quits ripping people off.

    • Maria

      Hello, I wanted to ask if it was ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPIES @englishbulldogpupsforsale… the one that your talking about ?

      • Tara

        Is this website legit? http://www.english-bulldogpuppies.com/
        They report they are a “non-profit rescue organization that provides homes for purebred English Bulldogs in need”.  Signed the email “Mrs Holly”
        Email: puppieshometoday@gmail.com

        • Dan Weese

          I’ve run into these guys before. Definitely running a scam website for bulldog puppies. Otherwise, I’d say you found a great sale though with every puppy advertised at 50% off on their site. Don’t fall for it.

  • Ruth

    It appears that “Adams Bulldogs” is back using a new ad: darlyingenglishbulldogs.com. My daughter fell in love with the one named Dianne, he says his fiancé is due in two weeks etc. I am so disgusted that people do this to anyone, but when you are looking and hope to find a puppy for help as a “service” animal ( for any illness) and you don’t have a lot of money, it really hurts. Would be worse if you lost the small amount you have to spend. Needless to say she is devastated.  10/7/2016

  • JM

    Ugh! I think I just contacted a scammer….local buy sell page on Facebook in Canada. Two “free to good home” English bulldog puppies, 15 weeks. The sellers name is Richie V Torres….sigh….we haven’t gotten to the part where they ask me for any money yet, but I already got the sob story in broken English with perfectly worded questions (as above). When I went to their FB page they were members of all kinds of buy and sell groups overseas!

  • Megan

    I don’t usually comment on articles , but I’ve been dying for a puppy and these turd burglers wasted my time. On this classifieds site called eclassifieds4u there is not just one annoying scammers but a whole butt load.  They have post after post of puppy scams of all breeds. I guess in conclusion if you’re looking for a puppy never go on that classifieds site, it will be a huge waste of time.

    • Dan Weese

      Sorry to hear about your recent experience, Megan. That is beyond frustrating! You’re right. Most of the big websites that cater to hundreds of different parties are full to the brim with scammers.

  • Pat

    I have no idea if these guys are a scam or not but I feel like they have scanned me can anyone give me a heads up on that or not?

  • Lilloz

    Roseline Robinhood (name sake robber), trying to give away pugs for adoption, will be sent by Pet taxi, send payment Via Western Union cameroon. The email from The @Pet Taxi’ looked legit but you read it all and screams fake. The photo’s of these pups are all uploaded on selling pages on facebook, miles away from her home address (if Real) oh but she had just moved to the isle of Man

    • Beth

      They took my friend for$719 said they would ship her a puppy … They mention in their guarantee that they never have had to warranty a puppy because … No one EVER gets the puppy they ordered !!!  There is a pic of a pug kissing a baby on their website ! It makes me sick that my friend lost her child dog and these people stole her right to start over… Pugpuppies4home.com Beware

  • deb gagne

    I have been looking for bulldog puppies and I am disgusted!! There are so many scammers out there. The first one I found was http://www.louie-englishbulldogshome.com. Pushy pushy pushy he was all about me paying for the puppy upfront when I played along with his game and said I wanted to see the dog in person so I would drive to him his response was( My job schedule is tight for the whole of this week and we can’t get to meet until next weekend, so you will have to pay a cash deposit for me to hold on to your choice of puppy if you are serious and want my puppies.) Needless to say because I would no prepay him for the pup before I drove there he has stopped communications with me,his e-mails addresses he uses are leilabulldogshome@gmail.com and dorkowrj@shark.libertyvps.net he says he is located in Annapolis, MD. I filed a report with the FTC. The next one I found was dreamlandcutepuppies.com he is advertising a bulldog for $400.00 named FARRAH that I found for sale also on https://www.greenfieldpuppies.com for $2000.00 by another person who says he is the breeder. I called him and told him about dreamlandcutepuppies trying to sell his dog for $400 and let him handle it. The next one I found was http://www.charleyenglishbulldogpups.com he refuses to give me his name or phone number so I can speak directly to him he also stole pictures of a dog named bianca that is all over the pennysaver in adds from all over the country different names and different phone numbers.

    • deb gagne

      I just found another one with stolen pictures this one dog is on 12 different sites some in america and some in other countries like mexico dating back to 2015 so how could this dog only be 12 weeks old that’s what they are saying on this website now it’s http://www.smithbulldogsfamily.com there is no location only a phone number 5406286767. Phone number reverse lookup says stafford VA.

    • Pat

      I just got scammed by them I wish I would’ve seen this earlier..

    • donna

      we are currently speaking with charleyenglishbulldog about purchasing an 11week old femael english bulldog named bianca for 400. plus we oay shipping. story is she is gettimg older so reduced to find good home before she gets any “too old” for people looking for a puppy. please advise if anyone else knows anything about these people before we preceed with purchase.thank you

      • Brenda Luba

        I hope you readdeb gagne’s letter in time.  Charleyenglishbulldog is listed with the pup, ‘BIANCA’.  What is this world coming to?  I would recommend all people go to the AKC website to find breeders in their area.  Eliminate scamming.

      • april melvin

        Donna please call me. My name is April Melvin and I’m about to buy a dog from Charley’s…..

        • Jennifer

          Don’t do it!!! If you havent spoken in person for at least 45 minutes with the breeder going over everything, its a scam.  Bulldogs are expensive! There wre no cheap bulldogs

  • Lori Pauley

    501 S. Chestnut St.new London IA .,I was looking for a female English bulldog and placed an ad. I got lucky because the guy that got a hold of me tried twice and kept changing the price. About how to ship the puppy he got real upset, when I finally said I wasn’t sending $400. I don’t think he even had the dogs.his story was his wife and child died and it hurt him to look at the pups.and he also kept changing his location. I hope nobody falls for this. Because there is no dog. Thanks for sharing these stories. Probably help someone from being scammed!

    • Krystal mcclain

      That guy stopped talking to me when I told him I had coordinated national transportation for rescues. That he could just tell me his location and a volunteer would come to his home.

  • Jaime

    Carthy Frix. Pic of a lady and two sons as profile pic posted on a local kickboxing site that she was giving away 2 puppies.

    “She” sends 3 emails asking great questions. She also asks what part of town you live in and your phone number. She then replies that she needs money as she is recently divorced and needs to get back to Australia as she is “deaf and dumb” and has no one to help her here. She cannot afford to ship the puppies.
    Once you agree to meet, she states she lives in North Dakota and needs money to ship them. HA! I reported her to facebook and now here. People are sad and crazy!
    Luckily she only got my phone number out of the deal, but she needs to be stopped!

  • Richard

    Pretty sure I am in the middle of a scam right now, but I am only willing to move forward if I can have the address and arrange the courier myself. So far no response to that. The story is the dog is 10 weeks old and her daughter has allergies and later in the conversation was told that her daughter has lung cancer and needs an operation. Facebook page has one picture and looks like it was created in November. What parent doesn’t have a picture of their kid over the holidays posted on Facebook? Anyway, they wanted my full name and address and I said no. Told them I would arrange everything because my husband works for a company that owns a pet courier. At first she said that would be great but now I can’t get a response with an address. Plus all pictures sent to me were a cluster where you can’t separate each picture to double check google images.

    • T Sanchez

      OMG,I think I responded to the same person because that is exactly the same thing she told me but she sent me a lot of pictures even a video, By any chance was the name Zapien Dalia Jasmin?

      • Lois

        Yes I just had an encounter with this lady also, I unfriended her !!! Sounded like she was in Ca some where.

    • Alex Lopez

      I just got scammed by these people right now with the exact same story ! I am beyond angry and frustrated!

  • Joan C. Patterson

    I feel I have fallen into the same plot.  See above e-mail.  The shipping fee is 400.00 for a pug – I have to pay by cash and then they will forward the puppy.  NO they will send me the puppy and I will pay on receipt of puppy. I do not think there is any dog.  Their english is extremely poor and nothing fits together.

  • lisa jones

    Be aware of pug puppies going for free on facebook its a scam company and the email is happytails its fake

    • Joan C. Patterson

      I am interested in purchasing a pug puppy and the ad said the puppies were in Antigonish, N. S. I sent an e-mail saying how interested I was.  They wrote back and it was a Pastor who had just lost his mother-in-law and the puppies were hers.  He said he was so busy and had to get rid of puppies asap and they would be free.  The english was so poor we became suspicious.  His name is Rev. Chris Wright,Charismatic Leader Bible Christian Mission in Delaware.  I said I would pay upon receipt of the puppy.  They said the puppy is being shipped through U-Ship Transportation 1-971-238-9796.  I called and no company answered just “the goggle subscrib er is not available.  Makes you wonder.  If this is on the up and up why can’t I pay on receipt of puppy?  Please answer me and let me know what you think.  Also, the english was less than perfect.  Many thanks Joan Carolyn Patterson.

      • Dan Weese

        Joan, after reading just the first sentence I can tell you without a doubt this is a scam. He said he was a pastor in effort to gain your trust. The Mother in law story is added to create a sense of urgency. The scammer wants a thematic feel to his heist. This is all a show they’ve created for you. Run!

  • Kevin

    I found this one to be suspicious. they were giving the pups away to a good home. Funny enough they had a website made for only two pups.Why not just put an add in the local paper? On top of that they were willing to ship anywhere. I’m in Canada they are in the States. Just a little too sketchy for me. purebreedbullies.weebly.com

  • Scam?

    […] around here for a couple months. Sounds like someone is running it with your phone number.  Bitten by a Facebook Puppy Scammer? <See + Report it Here!> Sean Smith Twin Rivers Bass Club Reply With […]

  • Andrea Moore

    Just cut off communication with someone trying to scam us for an English Bulldog puppy. They asked the usual questions, do you have children, where do you live? They said they had just moved to Ohio from our area because of a new job that left them unable to give the puppies the care they needed. Completely free, just pay shipping. I’m glad I was suspicious because it led me to Google. After copy and pasting the message into Google only 3 results came up of the exact same ads; one was in Dubai and the other two were in Abu Dhabi. This person was using a fake or compromised Facebook account. Btw, THIS WAS ON A LOCAL BUY/SELL/TRADE FACEBOOK PAGE, so they aren’t limiting themselves to just email or Craigslist anymore.

    Scammer was Chanceline Bright.
    Here is the original message I got after saying I was possibly interested:
    Thanks for the interest in my puppies, i have for adoption. my dogs are very healthy and with all health papers and a health guarantee of 1yr.they are full pedigree and also are AKC register.well socialized as they were raised around other house hold pets and children. they potty trained. will be coming with all playing toys and a package(Natural Balance Potato & Duck Dog Food Wellness Super 5Mix Chicken Dry Dog Food and Wellness Whitefish & Sweet Potato Canned Dog Food) with which you will start the feeding with before you buy food for the puppy . I just got posted for a new job ,and i took him along but since i will be extremely occupied for a long time. Hope you wont mind if i ask you a few questions: do u have kids? where are u located?

    After that, they said they would ship the puppy to us through USHIP for $150.

    • Dan Weese

      Thanks for sharing this Andrea! Glad to hear you were able to sniff out the fake!

  • dominick

    http://Www.infinitypups.com is a scam as soon as we mentioned worrying about scams he stopped messaging us

  • Heather

    I’m in the process now w/someone saying the are an aid worker and can no longer tend to the 2 -10 wk old pups. They are free but I pay $350 shipping.  Sounded just like your warning, but he actually answers his emails, texts, and phone.  I explained and to be honest, wasn’t the easiest person to deal with at first b/c of the things I’ve read, but he was nice and said he’d ship me the 1 pup I was interested in & I could pay after he arrives.  The pup is AKC certified and has all his shot records, etc that will come with delivery.  He also said he had a microchip put in both pups. What do you make of this all?

    • Dan Weese

      Something stinks, Heather! It sounds like a good deal because he claims you can pay him after the pup arrives, but I’m not buying it. No doubt, he will change plans on you or something to try and get one over on you. Be VERY careful!

  • Greg

    I posted an ad in the AKC English Bulldogs for Sale Group looking for a bulldog. Raul Gomez didn’t respond to my ad but sent me a private message instead saying he had two English Bulldog puppies he needed to rehome and gave me a sob story about moving and taking a new job and not having time to take care of them anymore. He provided pictures of the dogs when I requested them and they came up clean when we Googled them so things seemed to be legit. We arranged to meet up after calling and texting. At one point he did mention shipping the dogs, but I told him I would never ship a dog, I wanted to see them in person so he gave me an address, not his home address, but I figured that was safer anyways and we preferred it to be someplace public. He also chose the time.

    Despite him choosing the time and the location, he never showed. Not only didn’t he show, he didn’t answer his phone, didn’t respond to texts, and blocked me on Facebook when I tried checking there via messages to see what happened. I drove 6 hours to VA and he disappeared.

    I’m assuming now that this was all one of those “I have a free dog if you pay shipping scams” that went awry because I wanted to see the dogs in person and was willing to travel and he actually had dogs to take pictures of. Although the pictures came up clean in Google, we did find something interesting with his phone number: a craigslist ad out of Texarkana for Pomeranians, Sphynx kitten ad with a Vancouver, Canada address, and a complaint about a Yorkie Scam in Canada run by someone in Oklahoma (read the last comment on the article.-Links attached as proof) His phone number is 405-771-0644. The name changes in every instance, but the phone number stays the same. Obviously I got lucky in that it only cost me gas money and my time. I learned to Google the phone number FIRST. I hadn’t thought of that before. I had just checked the area code and the cell tower it was bouncing off of on my phone bill. He belonged not only to that Facebook group, but a lot of others that were dog related so heaven only knows how many others he has contacted to try to scam as well.

    Here are the links to his ads: http://texarkana.craigslist.org/pet/4356485581.html http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cats-kittens/vancouver/sphynx-kittens/572733893 http://ottawadogblog.ca/2009/07/recognize-it-puppy-scam/

    We also had a run in with the Adams Bullies guy a month ago. He told us his fiancée was due in two weeks and he needed to sell his last three puppies quickly so he was willing to discount them. We actually spoke with him on the phone but we were suspicious when he stated in his email that he was a “vet nurse” and that he would ship the puppy of our choosing for $150. He also later said that the one puppy was located in Texas instead of Ohio. After speaking with him on the phone and insisting that we wanted to see the puppies in person since we could make the trip to Ohio in 3 hours, he stopped replying. The phone number he was using with us was 740-537-0484. I also found this Twitter account using the same puppy photos: https://twitter.com/JacobRPiechocki

  • Deborah Snyder

    Recently I came across a post for English Bulldog puppies. Of course there was no price listed and no phone number. When contacted them they told me the pups were 500.00 as they were running a 50% off deal. When I told them I was in Ohio I was told they could ship her to me under cargo for 150.00. I was provided with a phone number for texting only. First they wanted me to deposit money into Bank of America account and then they would ship the puppy. When I replied to that email I asked if they would take a money gram from WalMart. I have tosay I haven’t ever tried to buy a dog from out of state before. One red flag for me was the fact that they said they took credit cards and then said they couldn’t because their credit card system was down. And they said, “We are now located in Washington”. I was already having doubts about the legitimacy of this ad when I found this post. So I asked(Dan Weese of RWB) to have them checked out and sure enough it was a scam. Adams Bullies is what they are called and their website is adbulldogs.ismypuppy.com. Please if you come across them or anything else that sounds fishy check it out thoroughly. Fortunately I did this before sending any money.

    • Dan Weese

      Ya I started talking with this guy last night. He won’t answer the phone. He says he “forgot to mention he has a hearing impairment” so he can only text. Funny, he talks fine on his voice mail and even asks you to leave a voice message even though he supposedly can’t hear. This is the first scammer I’ve been able to text with. Usually it’s all over email. The photos from his site were of course stolen from various places and I noticed it’s a free website. Oh and we just posted his phone number on the facebook page last night so people could mess with him. It’s been fun lol

      Whoever is behind adbulldogs.ismypuppy.com is most definitely running a scam operation. In talking with him he has said he can ship a puppy with same day delivery for 100 dollars. That’s a huge red flag! Shipping will cost at least 300 dollars no matter where you’re sending it to and you won’t get same day delivery I can guarantee you that. Here’s the scammer’s nummber. 425-686-9299

      • kevin

        hi this guy got me last week i didnt check him out before i sent him money he sounds likes hes from another country when u call his number which he has changed its now 7405370484 .he is a dirt bag.

        • Dan Weese

          Kevin I called that number. It’s the same guy alright (adamsbulldogs). I’ve reported his facebook page and website at least the one I know of and he’s still scamming people left and right. So frustrating!

          Here’s a few more websites to RUN from: vanitybulldogpuppies.com, nrw-hunde.de/zeigeeine.php?id=11392, infinitypuppies.net These three sites are linked to the same scammers!

    • jen

      Adbulldogs.ismypuppy.com is a scam! Please don’t send them any money. My boyfriend’s son wanted a bulldog puppy. He had a bull dog for ten years and she recently passed away. So, my boyfriend wanted to get him a puppy for his birthday. These people got him to send them money via money gram and said they would ship the dog. They got their money and haven’t responded to any if his messages.

      • Dan Weese

        Jen, sorry to hear this! I’ve already reported their site to the company that hosts it as a known puppy scammer.

        Just go to the very bottom of this page and click “abuse” to fill out the form and have them shut down. http://www.snackwebsites.com/

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