English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

It’s been 14 months since our last litter had arrived into the world and I figured it best to inform all of our followers that we have not gotten out of the business-or hobby- of breeding english bulldogs. So far, for this upcoming litter of puppies, the first four picks have been reserved. A typical litter of Bulldog puppies is 4-6, but Cally’s previous litter was 8 so we should need a couple more families. This will be a repeat breeding of Cally and Harrison. We just loved their pups from last year and even kept two of them for our home.

So what have we been doing in our spare time? Losing our minds!! We absolutely hate not having puppies to tend to. No, we don’t want puppies all year round- as I’ve stated before, this is not the Walmart of Bulldog puppies- but we love having puppies to raise at least 6 months out of the year if possible. Thankfully, my lawn care business, Rescue Lawn, has kept me busy up until this point. Katie has started homeschooling the kids and they’re really doing great with it.

Have you noticed? I’ve really been working hard at filling our site with helpful tips and tricks about everything bulldog. Let’s face it, this is a really tough breed to take care of in many ways and us Bulldog lovers need a lot of good information on various topics to keep us above water. I hope you’ve enjoyed such topics as, English Bulldog Care, Facebook Puppy Scams and Coconut Oil For Bulldogs.

Back to the main point of this short Post. Don’t forget about us! Mrs. Cally, though giving us a run for our money should be ready to have puppies soon. Right now we wait for her to come into season. Once that happens we’ll take her in to be bred and around 60 days later we’ll announce our new litter of Bulldog puppies for sale 2015 to all of our amazing fans. Until then, keep a close watch on our facebook page for updates! – Daniel

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