English Bulldog Chemically Burned Head to Tail

written by: Daniel Weese

9 Month old Primrose beginning down her long road to recovery

9 Month old Primrose beginning down her long road to recovery

Do you remember Primrose? Think back to the early part of 2014. Scrolling through your facebook feed, the sight of her scorched body was more terrible than any Bulldog lover would ever hope to behold.

At only 9 months old, “Prim” was taken in for treatment and rehabilitation by Rescue Ohio Bulldogs after being chemically burned from head to toe.

How Did This Happen

It’s always the first question in a person’s mind-how could something like this happen?! Once the photo of her burned, nearly-hairless body was first posted to facebook, everyone assumed she had been a victim of mistreatment or abuse. Her picture was shocking!

Surprisingly, Prim’s burns were precipitated by her owner’s attempt to help her recover from a severe case of mange. A mixture of borax and hydrogen peroxide was hoped to rid her body of invading mites. Unfortunately something went wrong and more harm ensued.

To make matters worse, it was also discovered that Primrose would need a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO). This operation was deemed necessary to relieve extreme pain and discomfort of the hip socket; however, due to the destructive mange canvassing Prim’s body, her surgery would be postponed for several months.

Still, amidst the trials, hope shone through for Prim in the form of a new-found friendship. A woman named Lacey, who held a position at the assisting vet’s office, quickly bonded with Prim. Lacey was determined to complete the necessary steps to provide a “furever home” for her. Surely, Lacey admired Prim’s boldness of heart in the shadow of despair, not to mention her adorable puppy face 🙂

Primrose a Successful Bulldog Rescue

Primrose after treatment.

Primrose Today

It’s been nearly a year since Prim’s accident. Thanks to Rescue Ohio Bulldogs along with an experienced crew of veterinarians, support from many other volunteers and friends of the ROEB campaign, this extraordinary bully’s burns have since been healed completely.

Primrose is just one of many success stories filed away at the Rescue Ohio English Bulldog ministry. Can we call it a ministry? Yes, I think we can. Isn’t that just what the gracious volunteers of ROEB are doing? Put simply, they’re ministering to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of Bulldogs who have found themselves in crummy circumstances.

Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs on Facebook

Sadly, more than ever, Bulldogs are being abandoned, abused, neglected and just flat-out given up on. They’re all too often a product of today’s wasteful culture.

Thank you ROEB. It’s your selfless efforts. driven by love and kindness to a struggling breed of dogs that we all love and apprecieate so much.

A Word From Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs

Thank you for following Primrose’s amazing recovery story!

ROEB is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that operates on the kind donations of our supporters and through tireless fundraising efforts. Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome English Bulldogs in Ohio and the surrounding states.

We are committed to finding loving, responsible homes for each dog that we take into our hearts. It isn’t an easy job taking in the many Bulldogs which come into our care for a number of reasons. However, we dedicate our time, love, and effort to finding these amazing dogs their “furever homes” with families who will provide long-lasting and unconditional love.

Donate to ROEB    Adopt    Volunteer    Foster    Order a ROEB 2015 Calendar

Please join me in donating to this wonderful organization. Even a small gift of only a few dollars can really add up!

- a friendly challenge from the author, Daniel Weese

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  • pat jones

    Thank you for all the lifesaving of our beautiful bulldogs. My Maxine looks like Prim, same coloring!

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