Dylan and Winnie The Bulldog

Have you ever dressed your pet up as a fictional character? I know that for lots of us crazy Bulldog lovers, it’s nearly every day experience. Well, I’ve wanted to do this Winnie The Pooh thing for a while and I’m excited it’s finally done. Dylan always enjoys spending time with our puppies and he’s especially good at being in my photos.



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Behind the Scenes

IMG_5329I had my brother helping with the shots. It was funny, before snapping the one of Dylan and Tuffy laying down in the grass, I asked my brother to hold Tuffy in position until I get focused in on them. Once I got focused my brother was to quickly get his hand out of the photo.

I counted to 3 and said, “get out!” Instantly, as I snapped the shot, Dylan jumped out of the scene with a flash. My brother and I died laughing so hard. Dylan laughed too, although he had no idea why.

Look at Tuffy’s face! She’s like um….Dylan, where you goin?

I thought it was so special to hear that after seeing these pictures for the first time, Tuffy’s new family changed her name to, J.R.’s Winnie The Pooh.

Hope you enjoyed. Go home to dress up your Bully.




2 Responses to dressupyourbulldog

  • Christine

    Seriously! How in the world did you get your Bulldog puppy up in that tree with a pot of honey lol. I can’t get my bully to sit still for one second. Amazing!

    • Jenna

      This is a mystery, Christin! I have had bulldogs for years now and the only way I’ve found is to trap them on a chair or something. Never fails that when I see a cute pose and grab my camera, the dog moves. Great pictures and excellent website!!

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