Coconut Oil For Bulldogs

Many of us use coconut oil in cooking to improve our diets and even in beauty products (when we can afford it), but lots of people still haven’t heard about the amazing benefits that coconut oil can have on our beloved Bulldogs.

Trust me people; this isn’t just another wacky ideaCoconut Oil For Bulldogs filled with a lot of over-exaggerated hype. No, on the contrary; for the last 4 years Bulldog enthusiasts everywhere have expressed to me their surprising accounts of the many healing and natural skin soothing qualities of those found in coconut oil.

Well, I finally purchased and began research on this tropical oil and while I’m super excited about my findings, I must also say, I regret not applying myself to this lead much sooner. I absolutely love the idea of using natural products like extra virgin coconut oil and now I can’t wait to share with you my experiences in using it with my very own Bulldogs.

So far, we’ve already noticed a shinier coat especially on our oldest Bully, Lily. She’s approaching 7 years of age. We’ve even put aside our trusted snout soother and have begun applying it to their noses to help correct the drying, cracking and fading. Hopefully, I’ll even find a few hidden benefits in my experience with it that my readers have never before discovered!

Why Coconut Oil For Bulldogs

Much like myself, when I first caught wind about all this, you’re now probably wondering, “why coconut oil?” Great question! Coconut oil’s standout component, Lauric Acid, is a fatty acid that converts to Monolaurin. For the sake of keeping this simple, I’ll just tell you, Monolaurin possesses some serious antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties! This means coconut oil has the power to seek and destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungus. 

Consider the many medications prescribed by our veterinarians for the sole purpose of killing these hazardous organisms. The majority of these meds are not natural, but man made, and at times our Bulldogs have even been known to have adverse reactions while using them.

Already, I think it’s becoming more clear why Coconut Oil, which is naturally non-toxic, should be considered as our go-to product for the purpose battling a Bulldog’s seemingly ever present health ailments.

Ever consider making your own Dog Biscuits from Home? This Simple Recipe includes Coconut Oil. 


What Can Coconut Oil do For Your Bulldog?

Dermatitis, yeast infections, hot spots, dry skin/dandruff, parasites, immune system deficiencies, and warts and fungal infections can all be reduced, remedied or eliminated with the simple, twice a day application of coconut oil! It gets much better! The oil also works as a healing agent for minor cuts and wounds and it helps to moisten dry noses and paw pads when applied directly.

The a fore mentioned Lauric acid found in coconut oils might even increase your Bulldog’s energy levels as it is a fatty acid. This due in part because of the body’s power to convert fat into energy. More energy means increased activity and more calories burnt.

**Let’s get one thing straight. Although coconut oil can be topically used as a healing agent for minor cuts, wounds and dermatitis in-between the folds it’s important you properly treat the area with traditional methods before applying coconut oil.

For instance, if your bully has developed a yeast infection under his nose rope, it’s important you clean and disinfect the folds first, then apply your coconut oil. I want to be clear that just throwing coconut oil over a dirty wound or infected folds will not have a positive effect.

Coco Therapy Macaroons

Our Bulldogs loved the Coco Therapy Macaroons pictured to the right of the page! As all my readers know, I test many of the treats personally before offering them to our bullies and honestly, they weren’t too bad. They’re a bit crumbly, but it’s ok if you plan break them into smaller pieces anyway.

The coolest thing about this treat is that there really is organic coconut oil listed in the ingredients. For a Bulldog that’s a bit more finicky about coconut oil, this treat might be a great way to sneak it in.

Coconut Oil a Cure-All For Bulldogs?

Now, I know from personal experience that the use of coconut oil will by no means empower any of us Bulldog owners to discontinue seeing our vets entirely. Of course, many advanced instances of yeast infections, dermatitis, and hot spots will need veterinarian strength medications. However, I most certainly believe that coconut oil can act as a Bulldog’s first line of defense for avoiding these common ailments.

Read our article on English Bulldog Care for help with Existing Facial Fold Infections

Including a tablespoon a day in our Bulldogs’ diets could largely improve the look and feel of their coats and help to build a stronger immune system. Undoubtedly, most Bulldog enthusiasts will appreciate the healing factors achieved when applied directly to their Bulldogs’ skin especially for those which consistently struggle with  hot spots, itchy skin caused by skin allergens and ring worm, just to name a few.

Check Out This Video of a Rescue Dog Getting The Coconut Oil Treatment. You Can Tell She Loves It!


Read these Bulldog Lovers’ Thoughts on the Tropical Paste:

“I use coconut oil for so many things! Otis recently had a hot spot on his paw and he wouldn’t let me near it. I made an Epsom salt solution and held his paw in it for about 5 minutes (or as long as I could make him stand still :), then when he was resting, I would warm some coconut oil and drizzle it onto the hot spot twice a day. He didn’t mind that I was putting the oil on it and it didn’t hurt or sting him. In about 3 days it was well enough that I stopped treatment & Otis wasn’t bothered by it anymore, so his paw continued to heal on its own.

He had a little skin tag on his butt that he made bleed and coconut oil healed it! Otis gets a spoonful as a treat, too. After I put it on his nose, I give him a spoonful glop that he scoops off then licks the spoon with gusto. He never tries to lick it off his nose and I think it’s because he’s just been satisfied with his spoonful treat. Organic, cold pressed, unrefined, coconut oil is what I use. I order it from Amazon, it’s much cheaper there.” – Laure Harrelson Bailey

“Gemma, my Bulldog, was 6 or 7 months old when she began to get the head tremors. There is a lot of controversy on the causes… Hormones, excitement, low blood sugar, pain….. Our vet said to start giving her coconut oil daily and she never had them again. It has to do with the nerve cells firing incorrectly and the coconut oil adds the fatty acids. To be fair we had her spayed several months later also.

Currently I take a tablespoon or two and put it in my hands and she licks it off. It has created a wonderful bond between us and Gemma. I know some people use vanilla ice cream or honey and that works for them. We also use coconut oil for her nose.” – Debbie Kratz

Resources From Our Health + Wellness Page:

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Coconut Oil Application

Be sure you purchase Virgin, Extra Virgin(same as virgin) or Un-refined coconut oil. Add 1 teaspoon for every 10lbs or 1 Tablespoon for every 30lbs of your Bulldog’s weight.

This means most of us will then be mixing in 4.5 teaspoons of Coconut Oil directly into our Bully’s food, but it’s recommended to use a smaller amount for those Bulldogs that are new to the oil. The coconut oil’s taste isn’t very strong so you won’t have to worry about it overpowering the senses. Melted down first or added straight from the jar most Bullies will enjoy this new treat.

For those of you whose Bulldog’s skin is irritated, itchy or flaky, you want to rub in a generous amount to the skin twice a day until the itching subsides. Don’t worry if he licks it off his skin after application. As long as you’ve thoroughly rubbed the oil into the skin it will still have a positive effect. Remember; if he eats it that’s good too.

If your bully doesn’t already have an infection in his folds you may try applying a small amount every 1-2 days to help ward off infection. The oil should act as a natural moisture barrier and the antimicrobial properties are a double whammy to invading bacteria.

Tell us what positive/negative experiences you’ve had with Coconut Oil below!!

112 Responses to Coconut Oil For Bulldogs

  • Bryan

    Only been a few days with the coconut oil but I am hoping between a food switch and the oil that he will start growing some hair back as on one side of my “butters” he has a black smooth (like rubber) loss of hair instead of brown hair.  Hoping for the best he’s my buddy!!

  • Big Dog

    My Bully Dogge has the same issues alot of yall speak of. Coconut oil just makes sense when you think about it. Gonna give it a try today.

  • Angelica DeLeon

    Hi I have an almost 4 yr old English Bulldog. He has NEVER had a skin condition before this past spring. Late spring he started itching and it got pretty bad. I took him to his vet and he was given a medicated shampoo, antibiotics, and steroids. I did everything as I was told by the vet, a couple weeks later he seem to be getting better. However, he is now in horrible condition!!!  I just recently changed his food to Blue Grain-Free Lamb about but we can a half ago. I feel like he’s not scratching as much however he is still scratching and he still looks pretty bad. He has lost a lot of hair on his backside back in his a but we can a half ago. I feel like he’s not scratching as much however he is still scratching and he still looks pretty bad. He has lost a lot of hair on his backside, The back of his front legs, and even his face when he rubbed it against his kennel. I don’t want to keep taking him back to the vet to keep getting more steroids and more antibiotics. What do you recommend? I put coconut all oil on him for the first time today but do you have any other suggestions that might help?  All I was told by the vet is that it was an allergy nothing specific so I don’t know what to do. Oh, and another thing my sister who lives across the street for me also has a French bulldog that is undergoing the exact same condition. Her dog is inside most of the time he is let go on the grass to potty. My d all I was told by the vet is that it was an allergy nothing specific so I don’t know what to do. Oh, and another thing my sister who lives across the street for me also has a French bulldog that is undergoing the exact same condition. Her dog is inside most of the time he is let go on the grass to potty. Our dogs are never together and my dog has no grass in our yard at all so what do you think it could be our dogs are never together and my dog has no grass in our yard at all so what do you think it could be?  Going back to the feeding, my sister and I were both feeding our dogs a Purina food 😕 Both are now on blue.

    • Etain

      Every so often our bully Bruiser would look like what we called homeless…his face all scratched up even though we never saw him itch. Turns out his was an allergic reaction. Vet put him on apoquel, and he hasn’t had a homeless day since. Also, he eats a tablespoon of coconut oil with his meals (and how we get him to take pills). He’s a million times better. You might ask about apoquel.

      • Mila MacQueen

        Depends on how far you want to go. I’ve had 2 EBDs with “the spots”. I was spending $400 a month at the vet for skin products that seemed to be treating symptoms rather than causes. So I did 3 things: raw diet, coconut oil, & turmeric (this stuff is awesome for EBDs). I make the food myself & add in the other 2. It costs about $15-20 per wk (per dog)—much cheaper in the long run. Also staying very regular on wormer is key.
        The recipe I got from my vet for my 40lb dog/per day is:
        1/2 cup raw turkey (a 4 pack of turkey burgers at Target is like $4- 4 days of meat)
        3/4 cup green beans (I add about 1/4 cup sweet potato in addition) (I buy big bags of frozen green beans)
        Add in at feeding time:
        1 tbs coconut oil (can get giant tubs of this at Costco for like $20)
        1/4 tsp turmeric (look up for appropriate dose by weight)
        I usually make about 2wks worth of food, freeze it in portion containers, & pull them out as I need them.

  • Nina Louise

    Do you have any experience using coconut oil on dogs with suspected alopecia x/black skin disease or hair loss? My 7 y.o. bulldog (neutered male) has a growing black pigment spot on his side which the vet cannot figure out what is. We’re suspecting alopecia x. He is not itching, but has other itches and skin issues I want to try coconut oil on.

    • Dan Weese

      I don’t believe anyone has reported back to me about fighting alopecia with coconut oil, but I know it wouldn’t hurt whether it’s ingested or topically applied. Definitely give it a try on all the other itchy places though. Does sound like the typical alopecia. Please do get back to me if you have any luck 🙂

    • Carmen

      I had a bulldog that would lose the hair on his sides, showing black skin underneath. It was seasonal though, only happened in early spring. Would usually last about 2 months. There was no itching or any kind of irritation, so the vet and I just attributed it to spring time allergies. We’re in Tennessee, and the pollen down here is horrendous!

    • Sandy

      I had the alepica, it was called flank alepica, the hair did come out and the skin underneath was black, If you look it up on the internet it will show you a picture, it is a lack of vitamin D, they suggested melotonin, I had also taken her to the vet, he said he had never seen this before, I even made a copy of the article, then he said you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, I thought this would help the vet. This right before spring and we weren’t getting a lot of sunshine. I started letting her get more sunshine and then as we got more sunshine and longer days. It did clear up and hair did come back. After the vet read my article, he suggested that I try the melatonin, I didnt, I just made sure she got lots of sunshine. Also the coconut oil is a good thing.

  • Deb woo

    My bulldog is nearly 5 . His tail has gone bald and I don’t know what to do !
    It’s not red or itchy or even flaky .
    Would coconut oil work ? And would I put it straight on ?

  • Desiree

    How often do you give the coconut oil? Thanks I’m a new bulldog owner.

    • Dan Weese

      You can apply as much and as often as you like topically, but most people do one serving per day as a treat or with food.

  • Joann

    My Bulldog is a male 3 yr old – he was neutered because he had an enlarged prostate and just within the past year he’s licking EVERYTHING – the carpet, the wood floors, the leather furniture – EVERYTHING!  I asked the vet and he said some bulldogs lick – but he didn’t do this for the first 2 years – HELP!!!  He also developed a corkscrew tail which now appears to be almost stuck to his butt – can barely get a washcloth underneath to clean it and I think this bothers him too.  The vet said amputation was a possibility but I have read horrific things about it – has anyone had to do this to their bullie?

    • Dan Weese
      • dawn

        get your digit with a wipe, you will be surprised how clean it is! My bully has No Tail, however, when I do go in, No Problem!

    • Mallory

      My 2 year old bully has the same issue. I wipe his tail pocket daily with a natural baby wipe, and using a glove, apply desitin diaper rash cream under his tail pocket. He used to have terrible infections but now it is completely maintained and clean. Life saver!

    • Victoria Parker

      We had to have our bulldog’s tail amputated.  He developed an abscess under his former tail which ultimately resulted in its amputation.  He’s just fine without it, probably more traumatic for us.  But do your best to clean there and perhaps you can avoid surgery.

    • Carol H.

      Yes, my English had to have the tip of his tail amputated as it was cork screwed deep into his behind creating yeast infections due to moisture and inability to get at it to clean. There is no cosmetic difference – he still has a tail, they just removed the part that was protruding into his skin. This was about a year ago and he has healed well with no complications and best of all, no more infections.

  • Rachel

    My bully gets cists between his paws that burst, I clean them everyday but they wont go, will coconut oil help?

    • dawn

      nope, Coconut cannot! But soak it in a bowl of epsome salt, dry, and treat with a lotrimine, or desitine…wait…Now put socks On, lol…natural dog thang to lick, socks stop it, promotes healing!

    • Jessica

      The cysts are sooo common. My bully had them alll the time, several st a time for months. Vet constantly gave him cortison Injections monthly to help them as he responds poorly to antibiotics.

      Consulted a nutritionist and discovered it was his diet. Been on raw food. Free of grain and red meat for 4 years now. Best decision I ever made. Not a single cyst since ! Unless he’s been boarded and ate kibble for more than 2-4 days.

      If you’re not into raw diets. It’s unfortunate. But hypoallergenic food exists that should remedy the cysts.

      • Jaz

        Just recently got a 3 year old bulldog for our boys and he has cyst on his paw. I was reading your comments and was interested in more information on what types of food do you feed your dog? Ours is allergic to yeast so his previous owners have him on grain free kibble but that is it.

        Thank you,

  • ER

    My 5 month old bullie has some dry patches on his skin. I had thought of coconut oil as a topical and as an oral but I wasn’t sure if he was too young for it. I have raw organic coconut oil that I’m going to use! Thanks for the information and the replies to questions.  I’m less fearful of adding this to his diet! Thanks for your help.:)

    • Dan Weese

      Go for it. We used it on our bullies when they were around that age too. It’s a pretty good moisturizer. Good on the nose too.

  • yankydoodle

    I posted before, (30 August) but our bulldogs are now fully healed.

    The change was brought about when we changed their food. The food we are using is a new product, called Hills Derm Defense. It’s for environmental allergies. They have no more pink spots, and their sores are gone, and they are happy as can be.

    It’s such a relief. We tried various things, cocnout oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, they had injections, pills etc.. None of those worked.

    Only thing that worked was the Hills Derm Defense. I’m so happy. They are their old selves now.

    Hope this helps for anyone struggling with itching and scratching bulldogs.

  • Amanda

    I have a American pit bull terrier he is 14 weeks old and he scraches a lot I picked up from the store reg coconut oil I’m just asking if that’s the right kind and if I can give it to him with his food of if he’s to young or if anybody has any questions plz

    • Dan Weese

      The kind of coconut oil you need for your dog is “unrefined” or “virgin” coconut oil. The unrefined has not been bleached or deodorized like the refined version. Also, refined coconut oil often has additives to help prolong it’s shelf life in the store. Unrefined is definitely the better choice!

      • Mary

        Should you use coconut oil everyday

  • Bry P

    I love coconut oil for my one year old bully. But the last few days he’s broken out in what appears to be hives. Some of the spots look like they have dried blood. This happened about 6 months ago. I have him on “taste of the wild” dog food so I know it’s not his food.

    However he is a joker and I’ve caught him eating the cat food a few times. Could it be the cat food he’s gotten into too? Or seasonal allergies? I worry that Benadryl will make him drowsy during the day. Aside from the obvious vet, is there anything at home i could do ? I’m still learning about his breed and the constant work of his skin.

    • BluMoccs

      Bry P, Have you resolved your issue?  You mention that you have your bully on Taste of the Wild food and know that that’s not the problem.  We fed our English Mastiff Taste of the Wild and he did great on it for about 6 months, and then started to develop sensitivity to it. We ended up changing his diet to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient food and it made a huge difference for him. I attempted to change back to Taste of the Wild a couple times because it was cheaper and available at my grocery store, but he would go back to itchy, itchy, itchy, every time I did that.  I think every dog is different and there are no one-answer-fits-all dogs or all foods. You may be right about food not being the issue, but it might be worth trying him on a limited ingredient food and see if it makes a difference.

      • Jessica

        Natural balance LID is a great kibble for bullies. Especially with the pumpkin to help their sensitive tummies !! I believe they have 3 flavors.

    • Jessica

      Ahhh. Struggles of owning the best breed in the world. Your kibble is high quality. But sometimes it can still be the wrong kibble. I have one bully who is I tolerant to red meat. Before switching to raw food, he was on origin or acana.  However., the read meat doesn’t settle with him. I would suggest switching flavors if you are convinced to stay on the same food. See if they have a fish flavor. And be careful for grain fed chickens.
      Finally, the allergies can be environmental too. Seasonal etc. You can always get a cortisone shot at your vet to jump start the healing process. Very affordable. And then starting an elimination diet.

    • Jessica

      Ps.  Benadryl will not harm your pup. You can get the tablets and administer half dosages if you are more comfortable.
      Always suggest adding pumpkin or probiotics when detoxing, or administering medication like Benadryl or other

  • yankydoodle

    Our bulldog female pup is just over 1 year. She’s had terrible itching for a few weeks now. I’m not sure what brought it on, although we suspect the food might be the problem. We have been to the vet many times now.

    What can you recommend as a good diet for our pup, because it seems the food is a contributing factor. We would like to use coconut oil as part of their diet.

    • Dan Weese

      This is a huge topic so let me start by referring you to our article: Best Bulldog Food. If after reading through this page you still have questions please comment on that page and I’ll help you out as best I can.

    • dawn

      We Walk our babies in these parks, they spray for insects , etc..that’s the problem!

  • Jean

    My pup just got spayed. Can I use the virgin coconut oil on her stitches to help quicken the healing process? I just want to help her in any way possible.

    • Dan Weese

      Go right ahead. I dont believe the coconut oil will help the incision to heal faster, but it could definitely help fight against infection.  Sorry for the late reply.

  • Meley

    Help! I have a 1 year and 2 months old English bulldog. I took her to the vet roughly 6 months ago and her infection between her face skin folds indicated bacterial and yeast presence and hence, she was given at antibiotic and fluconazole(anti fungal) topical cream. I had a lot come up since then and unfortunately never took her back to the vet. The infection has progressed so much, her skin is black between her folds with hair loss and redness. Please help! I feel so bad for her as I can see her trying to rub her face on the couch. I will be taking her to the vet this week but reading this forum about applying coconut oil sounds good to soothe until her appointment. Any suggestions? Thankyou

    • Dan Weese

      Glad to hear you have an appointment with the vet. Until your appointment you need to clean the folds twice per day. Lather up some baby shampoo in your hands and gently apply to the folds. Let the suds sit for 3 minutes and rinse. Dry thoroughly, but gently. Remember the skin is raw and painful to touch. Go ahead and apply some coconut oil to the folds to soothe and disinfect. It would be great to start giving her something with probiotics considering all the antibiotics she’s been given. Get her some plain yogurt with probiotics in it or kefir milk. I hope things get better for you both soon. Keep me informed on her progress.

  • Margaret

    Hi. My English bullie has allergies which we are able to control with a pure diet. However he has started getting very bad skin yeast infection every spring and this year it is really severe over a large portion of his body.  We have been doing medicated baths and apple cider vinegar rinses.  Will coconut oil help?  Should we put it in his food and on his skin? And how often?


    • Dan Weese

      It should definitely help. The lauric acid and caprylic acid found in coconut oil kill yeast, viruses and bacteria. I would start by melting the coconut oil down to a liquid and rubbing it all over the skin twice a day. If you like, it won’t hurt to give him some off the spoon as well.

    • dawn

      you need a medicated shampoo, Duoxo….

  • Sonja

    My 7 year old American English bull dog mix Lucy has had these boils on her belly for about 3 years. The vet gives her antibotics and after 2 weeks she been off them they come back she has done a skin scrape not bacterial so we did a autopsy on 2 boils one on her stomach and the other on top of her back. Well the autopsy came back unknown. So I was wondering if anyone else had this problem with there bull dog. I don’t want to put her on steroids. I have tried virgin coconut oil but after 3 weeks she refused to take it I have changed her dog food around as well wish I knew what is causing this boils

    • Dan Weese

      Boy, Sonja, that sounds terrible. Have you examined your bully’s food to see if there might be something in there she’s allergic to? This could be the result of so many things. Let me know about the food please and I’ll see if I can offer any advice at all.

  • Bianca

    My English Bulldog is about to be 5 on feb 8th. We moved from nj to ga and she has had really bad allergies. She scoots a lot. Doesn’t have fleas, but when I wipe under her tail above her anus it seems like that is what is itchy. Yet when I look there is nothing there. She has been chewing on her feet more. Has been on antibiotics and some expensive allergy medicine but it doesn’t do much. I feed her Orijen Adult grain free. I feel like the vet doesn’t know what to do. I have been looking for maybe a diy way to fix it. I feel bad bc she is really itchy and growls when she itches. I know it bothers her a lot but I don’t know what else to do. The back of her legs look bad as well. Also, I am going back and forth between mating and spading her. Is it too late for either? What is the latest for both?


    • Dan Weese

      You’re not too late to spay her. Depending on her physical condition, she may or may not be too late to have a litter of pups. We’ve never bred a bully any later than 6yrs of age. You said her tail seems clean, but it itches. Have you checked the tail pocket? You know, the hidden area under/left/right of the tail. Maybe it looks like she’s itching from the tail, but in reality it’s the hind leges and the rubbing is just the best way she knows how to scratch that area? Since you’re new to the area, I would say it’s likely an environmental cause. Something like grass or weed pollen. If the anitbiotics aren’t working maybe they can get you a medicated shampoo like the one we recommend on our care page? If you go with a medicated shampoo, just remember it is strong and shouldn’t be used too often. I would try the shampoo to alleviate the itching first. Then, try and keep her off the grass if possible for a few days to see if the itching goes away. That would at least pin-point your problem causer if it turns out to be that. Please do get back with me soon to keep me updated on her progress. – Daniel Weese

    • Diane Gibson

      If I was you I surly wouldn’t breed her with her problems. What if they’re passed on to the puppies.Have you had her anal glands checked? It’s just a thought.I had my bully spaded a couple weeks ago. And also she will growl out at those itchy things. Loud to and just fuss. And I will growl with her at those itchy spots. But they don’t go away!  I have a 7 month old English bully. She was my Christmas present from my husband.( after me wanting one for 8 yrs) She has spots all over her where she has scratched. My vet has her on antibiotics and allergy meds. I don’t like giving her meds at all. I have her on Blue dog food. I have tried Science and tons of others. Does no good. There’s some kind of Dermatologist Vet a few hours from us and I checked to see what the cost would be to see her the first time, I was told 6 or 7 hundred dollars! I already don’t like her. She’s not in this to help animals . She’s in it to screw humans and make all the money off the sick animals that she can! That really makes me mad! My Bully’s name is “Zesus Honey Bee” and she’s snow white and has freckles on both her ears and a quarter size brown spot on her right temple. She’s so beautiful and has been itching every since she was about 4 months old. I have virgin Coconut oil here and I just put it on her a little while ago. I hope it helps..! I cry all the time for her. Please can anyone help me. I love her so much and all I want is for her to live a happy normal puppy life! Without itching and pills !!! Please Help!PLEASE!

      • Salli

        Diane, I have a 2 year old Bully with allergies and our vet is strongly adverse to using Blue for food. Try of course coconut oil, fresh baked chicken breast, brown rice and add a veg to find what she likes. At her age it sounds like diet! Just like a sensitive small child, mine is forever our toddler. No perfumed soaps, no raw hides all natural everything and allergies are at bay, med free. Hope all is well soon!

      • Patty

        Hello Diane,
        I have just got a Frenchie. She was itching all the time. I kept seeing anal glands on the internet so I took her to the beauty shop to have them cleaned only to have it not work. I took her to the vet today and low and behold it has been found that my baby has a yeast infection in her tail pocket and the creases on her mouth. I got some medicated wipes to apply once a day for two weeks. Good Luck!

      • Pauline

        Hi Diane,

        I have a French Bulldog, Sophie and she has suffered severe skin allergies for years.  Just over a year ago, our vet put her on a daily allergy medication called Apoquel and it has changed our lives.  Sophie used to itch and scratch constantly and lick her paws until they were raw and infected.  Since taking the Apoquel, she no longer scratches that way…she scratches like a normal, healthy dog.  Apoquel is the safest and most powerful of allergy meds on the market for dogs who suffer this variety of severe skin allergies.  I also bathe her once a week with a chemical-free shampoo (Earthbath, Hypo-allergenic formula).  Additionally, I keep her away from known allergens such as wool, fabric softener, grass, grains, and poultry.  I have her on a limited-ingredient, grain-free dog food formula by Natural Balance (Sweet Potato and Venison formula). I wipe her paws with sensitive formula wipes after every walk and keep her facial folds and ears clean.  When she drags her butt, I first check her genitalia and gently clean it if it’s dirty and add a soothing ointment or coconut oil.  It’s common in female french bulldogs, especially as they age for the skin around their genitalia to sag, which locks in dirt, debris and splashing from urination.  If that appears not to be the problem, then I know it’s time for her anal glands to be expressed, which I take her to the vet to get done.  Keeping Sophie happy and healthy is really a combination of all of those things…pure food, safe & daily allergy meds, keeping her clean and doing it all with a big dose of love and compassion.  She is thriving now at the age of almost 8, and I expect her to live a very long, healthy, and joyful life with us.  I hope this advise helps you and your pup…it’s not easy when our friends with paws can’t tell us what is hurting them.  I feel for you and wish you all the luck with finding the right healing methods for your Bulldog.

  • Cortney

    We used coconut oil on our Charlie’s nose but if we skip a day, it’s dry again. We will just have to be more on top of it. I use coconut oil for everything myself including a face moisturizer and cooking so I alway havevit around. One thing I want to warn everyone about is to not buy the Crisco brand of coconut oil. I saw it at our local grocery store and was skeptical because of the brand and that it was $5. I checked out the jar and it said pure coconut oil, but the color looks a little off like more yellow than white plus it was in a plastic jar not a glass one like I’ve seen in most cases. I decided to give it a shot. I got home and opened it and it smells like bacon grease. I return it to the store and told them that they probably should not be selling this. I love my local grocery store and I don’t want them to get a bad reputation because of that product.

  • Amanda Peterson

    My bully knows what the coconut oil container looks like and she goes insane! Its like crack for dogs. She immediately starts licking her nose before I even put it on there. If I forget to put it on her food she will go over and nudge the container to remind me.

  • shawna

    I just came across this website and am fascinated by this!! I try to do as much holistic things as possible. I have a golden retriever with flaky skin, should I put the oil in her food everyday?

    • Dan Weese

      You could definitely start a daily regiment of coconut oil for a week or two to see if this helps. One thing though. Consider the added calorie intake and your dog’s activity level to determine a healthy dosage. Lots of people are balancing the added calories with 5 -10 minutes more exercise/play. Good luck!

  • Morgan

    My 6 month English Bulldog has been itching ans scratching fits for sometime now. Hes gone to the vet twice and been checked , i was told just give benadryl 2x a day and bathe him 2x a week at least,, But hes still scratching all the time and whimpering while doing it, it just breaks my heart. Should i give him coconut oil orally or apply it to the skin and coat?

    • Dan Weese

      Morgan, sorry to hear how badly your boy is struggling. You can give the coconut oil as directed both orally and topically. I think that would help him for sure. Now, as far as bathing goes, I would encourage you to cut back to bathing once a month at the most. I understand someone may have instructed more, but that amount of bathing is just torture for a dog’s skin washing away important oils and drying it out. I would imagine you began bathing more in an effort to alleviate the itching. Have you analyzed his food to make sure there are no harmful ingredients that might be adding to the itch?

      • Morgan

        Yes I was told by the vet about the bathing. But I think I will cut back and see that in conjunction with the oil helps. The food he is on Ive already inspected and found a good one that’s corn free , grain free and nothing artificial. Thank you for your help I went today and got him coconut oil!!! I’ll let you know the results !

        • Dan Weese

          Yes, please do keep me informed and good luck to you and your bully!

        • Diane Gibson

          I stopped bathing my Bully completely and it helped a lot. Her natural body oils started helping her. Some of the spots left and the ones on her doesn’t look as bad. It’s not good to bathe them to much at all. I only bathe my dogs if they need a bath. And only if they need one! I don’t understand why vets tell people to bathe dogs so much knowing it isn’t good for them. I don’t understand it at all! My vet has always told me not to because it takes their natural oils out of their skin. And that’s what I’m giving my baby is benadryl and a antibiotic too.
          I”m trying the coconut oil for the first time today too. I hope and pray it works for your baby and for my baby too!

  • Sin

    Hi Dan,
    I just started giving my 12 week Olde English Bulldogge puppy coconut oil with her dinner.  I noticed that her nose on both ends is starting to get a little crusty – would it be ok to apply coconut oil DIRECTLY onto her nose?  Wasn’t sure if that was alright or not.  My vet doesn’t really seem to believe in natural or holistic healing, but i’m a big fan of it!  I know 1st hand the benefits of coconut oil, so i’d really like to pass it along to my baby!  Thank you!

    • Alice

      I have a four year old bully, and I put coconut oil on her nose whenever it seems dry and rough. Aside from the incessant licking, it is amazing!

    • Cortney

      I use it directly on my Charlie’s nose and it works. I’m goingbto start feeding it to her as a treat. I bet you’re that does not believe in holistic treatments because they would rather you buy products from them haha

  • Joanna

    My girl has had a lot of small bumps come up on her back I can only see them because it raises the fur and from running my hands on her feeling them. she’s also itchy but they are not on her belly she’s brindle in colour so very hard to see the actual bump not crusty as far as I can tell. She’s been on medicated wash and antibiotics they seemed to go but two weeks in they are back. Has anyone seen this before and no what it could be?

    • Joanna

      She has also lost a lot of fur but it’s also just started summer here in NZ so figured it could just be a seasonal loss?

      • Dan Weese

        Yes, she could be shedding her winter coat for the warmer months.

      • Carla

        My baby Benoit is 3 Y/O and we are starting summer here in Miami, same his back got this little pimples and the hair started falling off, when you see him from a distance you can see the little holes of hair missing, I put yesterday coconut oil on his fur,,, I made a mess… after 45 minutes I showered him… Im going to start feeding him the coconut oil tonight

    • Sin

      Hey Joanna,
      My baby girl had the same thing (she is going on 14 weeks).  Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Demodex (puppy mange mites) that she got from her mama’s milk.  At first I thought it was a food allergy so we switched her food from Nutro Max (breeder had her on that), to Orijen Puppy (but she got the runs), so we switched her back to Nutro Max to let her tummy rest & now she is on Acana Pacifica which she is doing GREAT on!  She also gets yogurt & coconut oil with her meals.  I believe the coconut oil does WONDERS for her!  Her coat is looking shiny (even tho she has some small patches missing from the demodex) & her bulldog “smell” is gone!  Seriously, amazing!  She is currently on oral liquid ivermectin & Clavamox antibiotics for the bumps/demodex.  Vet thinks the treatment should be about 1-2 months depending on her 2nd skin scrape.  Maybe you should get your dog checked for that… they strictly get it from their mom’s milk.  My girl is looking better & better each day!  We give her a bath 1x a week with a medicated shampoo.  At first she was kinda spotted (her fur) then I noticed that she had small bumps on her back & top of her face.  I hope this helps!

  • Bri

    Hi. I have a 2 1/2 year old brindle English bulldog. He has been losing his hair for over a year now. I’ve had him to the vet several times. The vet said its common in this breed. All the material I’ve read suggests the same. We’ve started giving the oil by mouth and applying to skin. Has anyone else had this same trouble? What helps?? Thanks so much!

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Bri. No offense to your vet, but it seems like their response to the problem might have been a bit uninformed or even careless. It’s not common for Bulldogs to constantly be shedding year round. Twice a year is normal. The coconut oil definitely won’t hurt, but we need to get to the source. Since it’s been a consistent problem I would look for a consistent cause. The first thing that comes into question is the food he’s getting. Let me refer you to our Best Bulldog Food page. Take a look to find out if your bully’s food may be the problem.

    • Kalina

      I’ve started to give fruits and vegetables to my bully when he was 4 months old. Now he is 2y4m, never had skin problems, and he surpises all my friends with his addiction to bananas and carrots. My brindle Brandon also enjoys the massages with appricot or coconut oil … that I use to put on my face.
      So we both eat healthy and look great 🙂

      • Natasha

        Hi Kalina, aside from bananas and carrots are there any others that would be good for them? I’m going to try out some carrots and coconut oil this week. Thanks!

        • BetsyeM

          My EB loves blueberries, strawberries and tangerines.

    • TJ

      Hi Bri. Im no vet, but my bulldog had the same issue for about 6 months. In addition, he was very lethargic and didn’t eat on a regular basis like usual.  After the vet checked his thyroid, the vet said he had an under active thyroid. He now takes a pill twice a day and is back to normal.

    • Pauline

      Hi Bri,

      I’ve copied below the same reply I posted to another user on this site, which I hope you’ll find useful….my French Bulldog had the same issues before I did a huge overall of everything, including keeping an allergen-free home, using Apoquel allergy meds, and going grain-free and poultry-free.  i hope some of this will help you with your bulldog:

      “I have a French Bulldog, Sophie and she has suffered severe skin allergies for years.  Just over a year ago, our vet put her on a daily allergy medication called Apoquel and it has changed our lives.  Sophie used to itch and scratch constantly and lick her paws until they were raw and infected.  Since taking the Apoquel, she no longer scratches that way…she scratches like a normal, healthy dog.  Apoquel is the safest and most powerful of allergy meds on the market for dogs who suffer this variety of severe skin allergies.  I also bathe her once a week with a chemical-free shampoo (Earthbath, Hypo-allergenic formula).  Additionally, I keep her away from known allergens such as wool, fabric softener, grass, grains, and poultry.  I have her on a limited-ingredient, grain-free dog food formula by Natural Balance (Sweet Potato and Venison formula). I wipe her paws with sensitive formula wipes after every walk and keep her facial folds and ears clean.  When she drags her butt, I first check her genitalia and gently clean it if it’s dirty and add a soothing ointment or coconut oil.  It’s common in female french bulldogs, especially as they age for the skin around their genitalia to sag, which locks in dirt, debris and splashing from urination.  If that appears not to be the problem, then I know it’s time for her anal glands to be expressed, which I take her to the vet to get done.  Keeping Sophie happy and healthy is really a combination of all of those things…pure food, safe & daily allergy meds, keeping her clean and doing it all with a big dose of love and compassion.  She is thriving now at the age of almost 8, and I expect her to live a very long, healthy, and joyful life with us.  I hope this advise helps you and your pup…it’s not easy when our friends with paws can’t tell us what is hurting them.  I feel for you and wish you all the luck with finding the right healing methods for your Bulldog.”

  • Sin

    When can we start giving coconut oil to our bullies?  Our Olde English Bulldogge puppy is just little over 6 weeks old.  We use coconut oil in our household but never thought it was ok to give it to dogs!  Now that I read it here, I’m more interested in the health benefits that’ll help my puppy as she grows 🙂

    • Dan Weese

      You can start now. There aren’t any set amounts to give, but we’ve had no problem with half a tablespoon a day for a dog that age. Coconut oil is one of those supplements I truly believe in even though results aren’t always obvious.

  • Zaida Dean

    Hi Everyone, my bully Roxy is 7 yrs old and love her to death. But my poor baby is now suffering from her 5th UTI:(. Yes I said 5th. We take her to the vet eveytime and they just keep giving her rounds of antibiotics. It takes it away until the next one. I do everything I can to keep her clean so I am super excited about trying coconut oil on her. Has anyone had to deal with this with there bulldog. I will take any advice I can to help her.. I also give her a cranberry pill everday and I just started giving her a probiotic pill a day.

    • Dan Weese

      UTIs are something we’ve had very little experience with, but from time to time we’ve used monistat to clear them up. We also use them after one of our girls has puppies just to help keep them from infection. I’m curious to see what others are doing…

    • Kristin

      My American bulldog has this problem because of her anatomy and I was told it would help if she would lose weight, she would be able to clean herself better. She lost about ten pounds and can reach herself now to clean but still gets a fishy smell. I give her coconut oil everyday but only a tablespoon. I haven’t tried the cranberry or probiotic pills yet. Did it work for your dog?

  • Dalana

    We have started using coconut oil in our bully’s diet and his skin care.  It is inexpensive and really helps any yeast or bacterial infections.  It is natural with antibacterial and antifungal properties.  He loves to eat it, he seems to find it to be a tasty treat!!  I can see his coat is getting shiny and brilliant again like when he was a pup.  I recommend it for all dog owners but especially bully owners b/c of their skin issues…..

  • anabel

    hi, i have a 4 year old English bull dog, he’s been getting some skin problems lately. I was wondering if you need to use organic cooking coconut oil, or just coconut oil that you can find at a drug store? 🙂

    • Dan Weese

      Hi. The coconut oil from the store is fine. Look for organic, extra virgin, also known as un-refined.

  • Janine

    Our bulldog puppy is getting pimples on his chin would coconut oil help

    • Dan Weese

      Good question. I’ve learned nothing that would lead me to believe the coconut oil will get rid of acne. I did complete an article on the subject of bulldog acne not long ago that might help.

  • andrew norgrove

    I just learned of this product through a different vet as i was so tired of worrying about my brit bully and watching her suffer even though we kept her happy with other chem products ( ordered cold pressed and off to the shop to get another product just why we wait for other, thanks so much i’ll keep you informed with progress .

  • Brittany

    I also purchase coconut oil for my english bulldog. Amazon sells trader joes organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil for 10$ plus 5$ shipping cheapest one I’ve seen so far.

  • Sherry

    Thanks for all the great information. Regarding the coconut oil, my bulldog is 90+ pounds – 3 tablespoons everyday correct? 
    Also is there something other than Benedryl, the last few times I gave to Tank, he acted fidgety and started panting as if it made him anxious/hyper.  He has always taken it but here recently this fidgety thing has happened. 

    • Cecilia Zapien

      Ck w ur vet about hydroyxazine

  • Terri peters

    My English bulldog Luca developed clusters of skin tags on his neck about 5 years ago , my vet was perplexed , I took him to tufts derm clinic and they had never seen it but confirmed skin tags it literally looks like there is a tag growing out of each hair gicle has anyone ever experienced or seen anything like this , now at times these tags proliferate one atop the other then the area gets hard and literally a chunk of skin falls off to expose red raw skin looks similar to a 3rd degree burn again my vet and tufts de perplexed I would live to prevent this but at this point can only treat when it occurs . Anybody????? I feel terrible for him

    • Kirsty

      Have you tried the coconut oil yet Terri? My bulldog suffers the exact same problem

    • Michelle

      Hi terry I’m having the exact same issues with my female bully who is 6
      Do you have any advice !

  • Frank

    I am so glad that I ran across your website. There is some great info on here, and I appreciate you putting it out there for us. I am picking up my puppy this weekend and couldn’t be more excited. He is 10 weeks old, and was wondering at what age I should start mixing it in his food.

    • Dan Weese

      Go ahead and add it in right away if you like, Frank. Just in case his stomach doesn’t agree with the coconut oil you might start with just a tea spoon the first day.

  • ginger lancaster

    I had just purchased a large can and could use it on our bully we rescued.  Thanks for help.

    • Dan Weese

      I believe coconut cream is everything the oil is, but with added thickness and pulp. The cream is typically used in smoothies. So you can use it, but the oil is probably more practical.

  • Ada

    I have some exact same issues with my Lexi (Shih Tzu).  Think it would help her?

  • alejandrina

    My bully has dermatitis, do I have to put the oil in his skin or he just needs to eat it?

    • Dan Weese

      Actually, it would be good to do both, but the dermatitis can be more effectively treated by applying the coconut oil directly to his skin.

      • Gabby

        My frenchie has sever skin allergies, Would it be over doing it if I put it on her skin and in her food?

        • Dan Weese

          I would start by applying the oil to the skin as shown in the video at bottom of this page. Once a day for a week should be sufficient to test whether it will work for your bully. You can add it to the food at the same time if you like as directed. Get back to me with your results and good luck!

  • Jaime Jorgenson

    Our girl started getting itchy and losing hair about a month ago. I already love coconut oil for all the other great uses, so gave it a try. I give her about a tsp on her food morning and night and also use it topically on the itchy spot. Her hair had almost completely come back in!

  • Cathy Zieroff Switzer

    I just received mine from amazon (read and seen the benefits on your website and clicked where to get it at) I have only given it to Bella a few times, but she loves it and am also using it on her nose…so funny to watch her reach her tongue out trying to lick it off her nose LOL She hasn’t been getting it long enough to notice anything, but I think just in the few days I have been using it on her nose, it seems to be more black and shiny 🙂

  • Debbie Kratz

    We gave it to our bully when she was younger to stop the head tremors. She loved it then and still loves it today.

  • Ericka Sparber

    My bulldogs love the stuff!!

  • Jill Pogoloff Meyerson

    Jaclyn Holtzman looks like we’ll be getting some of this in our house too for the new baby in the house ;).

  • Mary King

    Thanks for sharing your article. I hope to own a Bullie someday. I have been using coconut oil on one of my shih tzus off and on and you’ve reminded me that I need to get more consistent with her in order to get better results.

  • Lisa M. Stirling TerMeer

    Sarge eats it right from spoon

  • Yes, i give it to my bully everyday, she loves it and she is super healthy!

  • Teresa Costanzo

    How adorable.  We use coconut oil in our recipe too.

  • Awesome Stephanie Roberts. oil pulling. Ill have to look that up.

  • Stephanie Roberts

    omgosh, I’ve obsessed with coconut oil “oil pulling.” for my mouth. Been doing it for the last month, but for bulldogs?! I gotta check this out bulldog!

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