Mini Bulldogs For Sale

Miniature Bulldogs have become quite popular in recent years among those actively searching for a pet. Our website alone entertains hundreds of visitors each week looking for a Mini Bulldog for sale. English Bulldog breeders everywhere are jumping on the Mini Bulldog band wagon in hopes of being a part of this new craze. Make Sure you Google anyone who claims to have Mini Bulldog puppies for sale! Generally, if a breeder has had a history of unfair business practice or animal abuse, you will find complaints after searching their name online. So what makes the idea of a Mini Bulldog so popular you ask? Well, I say it’s obviously all in the name, would you agree? Think about it; you’ve got mini pizzas, mini bikes, mini skirts and mini horses. It only makes sense that every home in America should have a Mini Bulldog right? If you’re looking to purchase a Mini Bulldog, there are some things you absolutely must know. Read On about Mini Bulldogs For Sale…..

All Kidding Aside


Mini Bulldogs For SaleA Miniature Bulldog is a hybrid of a Pug and an English Bulldog. Actually, depending on who you’re talking to this breed comes into existence by cross breeding a few different combinations of dogs together. Some breeders claim they have the one and only recipe for the Mini Bulldog and they won’t share it with anyone. Others say they get a Mini by simply breeding only the Bulldogs that are smaller than a typical size Bully. Sadly, some of the more dishonest breeders are still taking advantage of the situation and simply listing their Jack Russel Terrier/Pug as a Mini Bulldog for sale in the local newspaper. In the picture shown, you see what looks like everything you would hope to find in a quality Minature Bulldog. If you’re looking for Mini Bulldogs for sale, take a closer by following the link.

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The most common method in creating Minis is finding two smaller than average Bulldogs and then breeding them. It’s then hoped that those “small genes” which seem to be present in the parents carry on to the puppies. Voila; you’ve got Minis! Some breeders can supply registration papers for their Mini Bulldogs, but if they do, it’s important to understand that the papers will actually have “English Bulldog” listed as the breed. The Miniature Bulldog cannot be recognized by the AKC and therefore doesn’t have a list of acceptable, physical attributes that have been “set in stone” for the breeder to consider.

More About The Mini Bulldog For Sale

A typical Mini Bulldog is said to be a small, compact dog about the size of a Pug with a snout that slightly protrudes away from the face. They usually weigh around 20 lbs. Miniature Bulldogs are thought of as quite friendly and supposedly make good family pets. As previously mentioned, because Mini Bulldogs cannot be AKC registered and there is no AKC Standard to follow, it’s really up to each individual breeder to define the acceptable physical traits and temperament of a Mini. As you would with any puppy purchase; you should always request to see the parents, get a health certificate and ask the breeder what it is exactly that makes the particular puppy a “Mini” Bulldog.

One day the AKC may choose to recognize this new breed, but for now please be cautious in your search. Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a “Mini” Bulldog, but because people are so avidly searching for them, I thought I would write this short post to help explain some of the details about the Mini Bulldog for sale in Ohio.