Don’t Get Taken By Impostors!

bulldog scamsWith the English Bulldog being one of the most desired dog breeds in America it has also become a breed that is constantly being used to take advantage of unsuspecting families. I have seen hundreds of ads that scream “SCAM” on newspapers and online advertisements. There’s a good chance that if you open your Sunday paper there will be some lousy scammer running his usual ad in hopes of making some unearned cash(stealing). It’s extremely easy to spot a scam if you know what to look for.

*** Update- In the new age of everything Facebook, we’ve noticed that most Bulldog Scam Artists have now taken their “work” to the social network in search of fresh victims. That’s right, when this post on Bulldog Puppy Scams was originally written only two years ago most of the false ads were found in newspapers, but that’s obviously not so anymore. So much for the good ol’ days. There’s so many reasons scammers are flocking to social media to push their schemes. It doesn’t cost a dime to post your ad on facebook and within 5 -10 minutes you can have a full page of cute puppy pictures listed with a price and your fake phone number. The most encouraging reason; however, that bulldog puppy scammers are using facebook are the enormous Bulldog Fan Pages they can post to where millions of bulldog lovers will see their ad! Yep, puppy scamming is so much easier on facebook now than it ever was by placing an ad in the local paper.

Facebook Puppy Scammers HATE this Article on Facebook Puppy Scams we just wrote!

Here’s an Example of an English Bulldog Scam

Take a look in your local news paper and you will see at least one of these sour deals a month. The other day while reading I noticed an ad in the paper that read “Bulldog puppies for sale,”Champion blood lines”. The ad also mentioned that the puppy had AKC papers and the seller wanted $600. According to this ad  “Mr X” had everything in a new puppy you could ever want and for a steal of a deal.

There were two sure signs this ad was a scam. One, the price of this puppy was supposedly only $600.00. This means the pup could NOT have had a “Champion Bloodline” or been “AKC”. No responsible breeder can afford to sell one of their puppies for such a low price. Two, the ad had an email address, but no contact phone number. “Mr X” never wants to talk to you on the phone for fear of being discovered. “Mr X” may even post another person’s phone number in order to seem more legitimate.

If you call this number it is likely you will reach someone else or no one at all. You will undoubtedly get some crazy story from this scam artist and he will require you to pay him with a wire transfer, money order, or western union without you even meeting him or this puppy. Remember that even if “Mr X” has beautiful pictures of Bulldog puppies or sends you a copy of his I.D. it doesn’t mean he is legit. These Bulldog “scam artists” go to great lengths to make themselves believable.

The Final Analysis

Sometimes it can be hard for someone to turn down what may seem like such a good deal, but going this route and just hoping it turns out ok is recipe for disaster. If this scammer catches you by the tail you won’t escape til you’ve paid every penny. Please make sure that when searching for your new pet you are able to talk to the seller on the phone or most preferably in person. There are many ways you can be conned into a bad deal from one of these “scam artists” so please be careful and take your time when searching for a pet. One faithful saying comes to mind,”If it’s sounds to good to be true it probably is”.

If you ever feel you may have run into one of these “jokers” please report them to the police and the advertising agency that was used. Lastly, if at any point you don’t feel confident in the seller or their claims DON’T give them your money! Contact a reputable seller and save yourself the heartache of being left out in the cold. A lot of good people get taken for a ride by these types of “scam artists” & we hope you don’t run into one them.

– Dan Weese

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