Brody, Strangled on Easter Sunday

written by: Daniel Weese on Facebook

On Easter Sunday, Kahla Ellis, a married woman of Prescott, Arizona decided to celebrate the holiday at the home of a nearby family member. Her holiday began with Easter egg hunts, honey-baked ham and a horrifying call from the neighbors telling her she had better get home quick!

The neighbors rang in the middle of her meal. They told her the police were all over the place and Kahla’s home was the center of their attention. Kahla immediately left family and friends, fearing what she might find when she arrived home.

Getting out of her car, a police officer suddenly approached Kahla with only three words, “Your dog’s dead.” Police then led her to the lifeless body of her beloved Bulldog, Brody. He was given to Kahla as a Birthday present from her Grandpa and known as “Brody Bear” to those who cared most deeply for him. So what happened?

How Could This Happen?

Believe me, after reading the details to Brody’s death, you’re most pressing question will be: how could this happen? Police were busy questioning the neighbor boy about the incident. His family, like Kahla’s, was celebrating Easter and were outside. The 12 year-old boy claimed he shot his nerf gun over Kahla’s fence and promptly decided to retrieve his missing ammunition.

The boy, peering over the fence, saw three Bulldogs. He said he waited until the dogs moved away from the area before he entered Kahla’s yard. Once the dogs moved to a spot closer to their house he jumped over. According to the boy, after jumping over the fence, the three dogs approached him. He claims Brody became aggressive and attacked. The thought of Brody running up to the boy to play was no stretch of the imagination for Kahla, but to attack the boy? “That’s not Brody”, Kahla said.

Every detail of this occurrence is not yet clear, but the boy reportedly “grabbed Brody’s collar and twisted it.” The twisted collar then began to constrict Brody’s airway, soon leading to death. “Brody was left for dead”, Kahla sadly stated.

Like I said earlier in the story, you’re probably now asking yourself how in the world such a thing could happen?! I mean physically, how does a 12 year-old boy twist a 70lb Bulldog’s collar so tightly, with such force, that it causes suffocation?! Wouldn’t this dog put up a literal fight for his life? I am a quite healthy, some would say “strapping”, 30 year old man. I have three Bulldogs myself, and I honestly don’t know if I could muster the strength to bring death upon a 70lb dog in this way.

By the way, when I asked Kahla to describe the boy in stature she stated that he was actually sort of small, more like the size of a nine year-old. The boy suffered some scratches to his legs, but if Brody really was an aggressive Bulldog why were there no bite marks? Even through the pains of death, poor Brody wouldn’t bite the child. 

There’s one other fact about the incident that can’t be linked to Brody’s death, but I thought is worth mentioning. Police found a knife in the small alley between Kahla’s and the boy’s house. There were no lacerations found on Brody.

Brody + The Family Cat

Brody + The Family Cat

Something Doesn’t Add Up.

According to Kahla, the young man involved has been officially charged with trespassing. Yep that’s it. A misdemeanor. A transgression of this kind usually brings about a swift slap to the wrist from those wielding the force of justice.

Is there more to this story? Is it possible someone else played a part in Brody’s untimely death? Could it be someone larger and more capable hopped that fence and strangled Brody? Kahla and I both agreed, something just doesn’t seem to add up.

What are your thoughts on the boy’s punishment?

I hope that when considering the events in this story my readers remember the boy is a minor and he may even be reading this article. I for one believe it’s possible the punishment that’s so far been ascribed to this boy may not be sufficient. At the end of the day, that boy trespassed onto his neighbor’s property and killed their pet.

Some, finding the way in which Brody was killed to be quite disturbing, have said the 12 year-old may even need professional help. However, this story is not meant to create a witch hunt. No name-calling please.

Looking Forward

I don’t put much stock in the popular phrase, “time heals all wounds.” No, it doesn’t. A loss like this, the loss of a loved one, stays with a family. Kahla agrees no amount of time, money, or even the addition of another dog could ever replace Brody. The wounds her family’s received run deep. This was, “Brody Bear”, a Bulldog who, like all English Bulldogs, “loved hard” as Kahla put it. Brody loved hard and his family loved him back.

Kahla and her Husband have opened a Go Fund Me campaign in hopes of bringing closure to their tragedy.

I asked Kahla what her main goal was when starting the Go Fund Me campaign.

Well I set the goal to raise awareness for animal cruelty and also to pay for legal funds. My husband and I want to donate any extra funds to an organization for animal abuse/cruelty. All in all we want people to be aware that your dog isn’t always safe in your own backyard. These individuals took a member of our family and we will never fully heal unless we know for sure they get the proper punishment.

- Kahla Ellis

To those who would consider donating to this family in memory of Brody, you may visit the Justice For Brody GoFundMe page.

7 Responses to Bulldog Strangled by 12 Year Old Boy

  • John Shutz

    I say BS to the kid’s story, period.

  • Marsha

    This story is very disturbing and leaves many questions unanswered. Serial killer was my immediate thought. The kid should have never trespassed. That’s just poor parental training. On another note, as a longtime dog owner, let’s also be realistic. An animal is an animal and all dogs are capable of being aggressive no matter what breed and size. Training and leadership are important, but never a guarantee. Animal or human.

  • Crista

    yes he could’ve done it alone. All he had to do was slip his toy gun or a strong stick under the dogs collar and twist. Bulldogs can’t breath well anyway so it probably didn’t take very long to chock him out. Do not underestimate a child. I have 3 Bulldogs, they are NOT an aggressive type of dog.

  • cy

    Sounds like the work of a scared parent. I’ve been a pi in animal abuse crimes before. I have one thing to ask where was the parents of this kid

  • Denise

    First of all am so very for your loss.. My bully is my baby,he plays,& loves everyone but threaten him & am not sure what he would do.. I child couldn’t kill him..I hope the child will get help & I think he should do Community service & work at an animal shelter.

  • annmarie amato

    Well he will be our next serial killer.
    I have an English Bulldog and they are NO way aggressive dogs.
    They love humans. …he probably just wanted to play with him.
    I hope some kind of action is taken. The boy obviously needs mental help.

  • kathie

    I also find it hard to believe that a 12 year old would be able to do this to Brody. I am a strong full grown woman and I can’t hold my 80 lb bulldog still if he doesn’t want me to, just try to walk a bully and hold them back if they want to chase after something. It’s not gonna happen! Someone else had to play a part in this maybe more than one person.i think the kid probably did climb the fence and the dog or dogs knocked him down to be playful and got scared and screamed and an adult came to rescue him and things got out of hand.i hope they find out the truth and punish accordingly for the murder of the dog as well as the lies for the cover-up.

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