Halloween Costumes for Bulldogs

English Bulldog Halloween Costumes

Remi, Annie, and Marie @Laissez Faire Bulldogs

Bulldog Convict Costume

Nancy Cruz’s Bulldog, Bruno in His Bad Dog Costume

Prison Break Bulldog Costume

Can’t imagine a more fitting costume for an English Bulldog considering they’re little escaped convicts by nature!

It would be really cool to make a ball and chain to go with the whole outfit.

You could even take a black permanent marker and write your Bulldog his own prisoner identification number in the white line at chest level. Found  a similar costume here.

Ferocious Lion Costume

Bulldog Lion Halloween Costume

Vonny’s Maverick & Xena

These Bulldogs make convincing lions! The neighbor-hood children will find comfort in knowing these prowlers are officially classified as “non-sporting” and have absolutely zero desire to give chase to catch their prey.

No, lions of this kind find it insulting they should have to work for a meal. They prefer to be served lunch by their two-legged companions/slaves.

Talk about an easy costume! Slap this lion mane over your Bully’s head and you’re off to devour some serious candy!

Get this Lion Mane Costume.

These Lions are Celebrities With Over 100k Followers on Instagram!! Follow them!


 Eeek!! More Biting Bulldogs!

Bulldog Puppy Shark Costume

Vonny’s Bulldog Puppy, Shelby


This is one of our last pups! She lives in San Francisco with the lions above. I guess that makes her famous too. These dogs practically have their own clothing line!

This little girl was such a biter, her new family couldn’t see her in any other costume this Halloween.

Not So Graceful Butterfly

Got this Butterfly Costume on Amazon. I was actually quite surprised to see how easily it straps on and stays on.

The head piece velcros on. Cally does a mean head shake and she still couldn’t slip off.

The wings have a foam material inside making them firm and realistic looking. Just slip the two front legs through the elastic straps and it stays on pretty snug.

Butterfly Costume For Bulldogs

 Bulldog Butterfly Costume

Woody + Buzz

Love the idea of dressing a bully and his best friend up to match each other!

Bulldog Buzz Lightyear Costume




No Problem Mon!

All I can think of is the Disney movie, Cool Runnings. If you’ve seen the movie you remember the quote, “Hey Sanka, you dead, mon?”

Jamaican Bulldog Costume

Jodi Waskosky’s Bulldog, Waldo.

$1 Costume

Never thought a one piece costume could look so convincing! Jodi picked this mask up from the Dollar Store!

Cheap Dog Costume Dollar Store


Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice!

Here’s a little bit of a throw back. Or a huge throw back depending on how old you are I guess. Some of you younger ones might have to Google it. Dawn says she found the costume on Amazon, but for added touch, she made the eye covers herself.

Beatle Juice Costume For Dogs

Dawn Curran’s bully, Khaleesi

Everyone’s Favorite Superhero

This is classic! At times, Bulldogs can certainly be faster than a speeding bullet and stronger than a locomotive.

Not a pretty sight when they get super excited and bring all that weight barreling by. They’ll take your legs right out from under you I tell ya!

Superman costume bulldog

Michele Weathers’ Bully, Super Pawl

Big Wooly Mammoth Bulldog Costume

This one speaks for itself. Another super cool costume from the Animal Planet line-up. Now you see why we included more of their costumes than any other brand.  Get the Mammoth Costume Here.

The mammoth’s humps are pretty stiff and don’t fall over. Pretty much a really great and durable design all around. Stays on well too. I just love the originality more than anything else.

Wooly Mammoth Bulldog Costume

Bulldog and Clown are Synonymous

Wait. You’re not scared of clowns are you? Don’t worry, it’s only a sweet Bulldog in a too-too. Find a happy place and you’ll be fine. Some of us don’t mind a little clowning around.

Bulldog Clown Costume

Nancy Sanders’ Bulldog , Zoe


Darth Vader

Star Wars is always popular and especially with all the recent hype being spun around the new movie coming out. Something about a Bulldog in a Darth Vader Costume makes me want to start humming the opening theme song.

Just don’t get the Luke Sky-walker costume for your other bully. Nothing worse than a couple of Bullies fighting with sabres and one of them eventually getting their hand cut off by their supposed father. Who cuts their kid’s hand off?!

Darth Vader Bulldog Costume

April Roundtree’s Bulldog, Dozer!

Desert Tortoise Costume

Yet another quality halloween outfit that won’t be torn to shreds after just one evening at the monster mash. Oh! Oh! I have a joke! Tortoise jokes are all the rage lol!

Here goes… What was the Tortoise doing on the highway?? Give up(don’t care)? He was doing about 100 millimeters per hour!! That was honestly the best Tortoise joke on all of Google so don’t blame me.

Find this super slow turtle costume here.

Tortoise Costume For Bulldogs

Winnie The Bulldog

Oh… Bother! Could there be an easier costume? This is DIY Pooh Bear right here. If you’re Bully is still a pup you could even steal the actual shirt off of your kid’s Winnie The Pooh stuffed bear. Smear some honey on on your bully’s jowls and yer done. Super easy, but really fun and cute!

There’s more to this Bulldog puppy’s transformation to Winnie The Pooh. See the whole story here!

English Bulldog Winnie The Pooh

J.R.’s Winnie The Pooh(yes, that’s her real name)




9 Responses to Bulldog Costumes

  • Trudy

    Where can I buy a Winnie the Pooh bulldog outfit please ?

    • Dan Weese

      Not sure. We just took the outfit off of our stuffed pooh bear.

  • Marsha A

    Aaaw, was the clown costume homemade? I want my Boba to have a tutu!!

    • NANCY

      Yes, I made it.  I always get a childs t shirt and cut it and I make her tutu

  • Becky Landman

    My bully passed in June, these pictures help keep my biker bulldogs memory alive. Thanks for the cute pictures

  • Sammy Riley

    Too bad the mammoth costume seems to be only available in small. My bulldog is 6 months old but he’s a bit big and probably needs at least a medium.

  • Buldog Lover

    Love this site. Always something fun going on! When’s you’re next litter of puppies??

    • Dan Weese

      Thanks. Hopefully we’ll have another litter this Winter! Watch the facebook page for updates.

  • Jenny C.

    I love the Butterfly costume and the winnie the pooh bear at the bottom! Very sweet!

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