Bulldog Acne

written by Daniel Weese

english bulldog acne

moderate acne formation on the lower chin

Alright, this is not fair! We dealt with pimples all over our faces as teenagers and now our beloved Bullies have to go through the same horror? Yes, sometimes just below that wrinkly face can be discovered raised, red bumps. Often, when describing them someone might tell me, “they look just like acne.” It doesn’t take a microscope to see, that’s just what it is.

There’s a certain feeling of surprise Bulldog enthusiasts feel when learning their dog has pimples. Actually, Bulldogs are prone to suffering from pimples around the chin and face, chest and genital region.

Depending on your English Bulldog, there may not be any real cure, but on the bright side, many owners do report acne to be a short lived occurrence dying out sometimes only a month after it’s first contracted.

Many Causes For Acne in Bulldogs

Just like us humans, Bulldogs might develop acne-more commonly called pimples-as a routine part of entering adolescents. At this still early stage in life your bully’s hormones are rapidly working and changing. Every teenager will eventually wake up one morning to find a few blemishes protruding away from their face and Bulldogs aren’t much different.

Once you’ve spotted a pimple or two on that beautiful Bulldog chin don’t freak out. Often times there’s nothing you can do to prevent them. There are; however, a few avenues you can travel to keep acne from manifesting. Pimples can overrun your Bulldog’s body when his hygienic needs are not being met or by a direct allergic reaction to his food or treats. Perhaps an aggressive bacteria has declared war on your precious English Bulldog.

How to Cure Bulldog Acne

Hygiene is key! Bath your Bulldog around 1-2 times per month. Use an oatmeal based shampoo enriched with aloe and specifically designed for dogs. Shampoo that’s meant for us humans is much too harsh for a Bulldog’s delicate skin. If you’ve found your Bulldog is already at odds with pimples and blemishes you need to choose a more direct method of treatment like Malseb shampoo and Douxo Pads.

Malaseb is super effective against acne. Just follow these steps:

  1. Apply Malseb and water to your hands + lather.
  2. Dab the now sudsy Malaseb onto the effected areas taking care to avoid inside the mouth and eyes.
  3. Allow the Malaseb suds to work for 3-5 minutes before rising.
  4. Repeat this step a total of two times per day for no more than 1 week or until symptoms cease.

Veterinarian Strength Douxo Cleansing Pads are the most commonly prescribed tool for eradicating breakouts on the English Bulldog face, lips, chest and genital area.  The shampoo and wipes are specially made to remove not only acne, but also fungi, bacteria, yeast, infections etc. They may be used together, but they’re each powerful enough to destroy acne on their own. Most people, including myself, stick to the more convenient Douxo Cleansing Pads as they’re a bit easier on the skin after prolonged use.

Dirty Feeding Bowls + Living Areas Promote Acne

The first thing you ought to consider is his living quarters and food and water dishes. Is your Bulldog living in a clean environment? Try and wash his bedding at least once a month. Often times your dog’s bedding may look clean, while in fact it is rather dirty. Many people never realize how extremely nasty their dog’s water bowl can become in just a short time. Talk about germ ridden! There’s no more fitting a place for germs and fungi to take refuge than the warm, wet, habitat that is your English Bulldog’s water bowl. If not kept clean, there are germs and debris on the bowl that will taxi on and quickly disrupt any healthy skin.

Are you using plastic bowls? Plastics have been known to bring on allergic reactions leading to acne on the face and chin. Scratches on a plastic bowl make convenient hiding places for germs and bacteria too. Someone who’s found pimples on their Bully’s chin or face might begin to seek out a cure to the acne by cleaning the dog’s bowls with dawn soap and hot water at least once a week.

The CuBowl is a Must Have For Bulldog Owners!

We’re done recommending stainless steel water dishes to our readers! The CuBowl is a new Copper Plated bowl with naturally anti-microbial properties and the power to eliminate those slimey, gooey bio-films. This bowl is awesome because of it’s reported ability to stop acne from forming, but it’s effectiveness at preventing bacteria, fungi and viruses in your dog’s water bowl make it a must have for every Bulldog enthusiast! You don’t want to miss this article on the CuBowl!

How Does a Dirty Mouth Cause Acne

Brushing your Bulldog’s teeth just might be the most plausible form of action to help you stop his face and chin acne in it’s tracks. Leaving the mouth and teeth uncared for means more germs and bacteria in your Bulldog’s saliva. That saliva then drips down his face and into his drinking water while he’s drinking.

This bacteria is not beneficial to any Bully’s skin and you can bet before long it will leave his face full of red bumps . There are a few pastes and dental wipes available to dog owners, but we’ve found dentacetic wipes to be among the most useful. Try wiping them on your Bulldog’s teeth 3 times per week for a month and then only 1 – 2 times per week after the acne on his face and chin has cleared up.

Allergic Reactions to Food Cause Acne

While you’re cleaning his food and water bowls, try and remember if you’ve made any recent changes to his food or if you’ve given him some sort of new treats. It’s possible your Bully might be having a slight allergic reaction to his food. Some known allergens typically found in dog foods are wheat, soy and corn, but it could be something less obvious. If you suspect your Bulldog’s food may be causing his acne, you can see a complete list of it’s ingredients at dogfoodadvisor.com See our list for the best and worst foods for your Bulldog.

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