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Ok, so I don’t know about you, but we here at RWB are constantly in search of cool new toys for our Bulldogs. We want toys that are New, Fun, Easy On The Wallet and Of Course, they’ve got to be Durable. It’s no simple task. A good dog toy for us Bulldog enthusiasts is not always easy to find. Everyone knows Bulldogs can be like wrecking balls and Bull-dozer would probably be a more fitting name for these fifty pound cannons! Don’t ya think? At least then people would have their fair warning.

We’ve compiled a list of the Best Toys For Bulldogs with the help of our very own bullies.

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best bulldog toyThe pet store always has thousands of dog toys showcased on their shelves. Obviously, we know every toy in the store is promoted with the words “Indestructible” and “Super Tough” written all over the tag, but before long, the truth (or stuffing) always comes out.

Yes, promptly after you’ve emptied your savings account giving that Giant, Super Ultra, Unbreakable, Dura-Toy a try at home, you realize those words don’t carry a lot of weight. Then you’ve got a real mess to clean up. Rubbing your chin and whispering in your professor like voice, you say to yourself, “Now, I’m not a Math Scientist….. but I Think Someone’s Lying!”

So many times I’ve shelled out like thirty bucks at Pet Dude’s on the coolest squeaker toys only to see the squeaky thing break off inside the toy. I thought to myself, “Well at least they (my doggies) can still salvage some fun from the toy even though the squeaker’s been dismantled.”

Too bad that’s not how it works. Ha ha, Nope! Suddenly your dogs identify the now broken toy as some sort of a weak link in the circle of life. I scold my Bulldogs, “Don’t you do it!”, but the dogs know Mother Nature demands they finish the poor toy off.

Well, I’ve had enough complaining and I’m sure your fed up with it too, so let me get down to business. In our effort to find the coolest new toys for Bulldogs, we recently commissioned our own Bullies with the responsibility of testing a few toys so that we could determine first hand which of them were the toughest and the most entertaining.

We knew also, that during our observation we might spot a few “duds” and that’s ok. As stated before, most dog toys don’t hold up to the heavy abuse brought on by a Bulldog’s jaws for long. If we said every toy in our tests were indestructible we’d be lying. Every toy does eventually break.

Our aim is to give fellow Bulldog owners an honest examination of these toys.

*** Please supervise your bully while he plays. No toy is 100% safe. 

Best Beginner Bulldog Toy!

The Hide-A-Squirrel is Way Awesome! First, let me say that the Puzzle Plush Hide-A-Squirrel was definitely the most entertaining and creative toy we’ve done a review for thus far! It claims to assist in teaching Eye-Paw coordination and Strengthen Problem Solving Skills, but does it?

We we’re a bit skeptical. I guess we never thought our Bulldogs would be able to figure it out, but sure enough, our doggies loved pulling the bushy tailed squirrels out of the log each time we placed them back in their home. Dog’s are natural hunters after all, right? It seemed our puppies, especially, were learning something! True, Libby, our 15 week old Bully, did get her head stuck in the tree trunk while in search of one of those pesky squirrels, but ya, I think she’s getting it.

The little squirrellies are remarkably durable, they’ve got squeekers in their bellies, life-like whiskers and they’re undeniably cute! They withstood quite a bit of continued abuse at our home over the last couple of weeks, especially from the puppies. The Hide-A-Squirrel can handle a lot of hide-and-seek, but if your Bulldog begins to gnaw and tear they won’t last long.

So far we’ve lost a couple of squirrel ears and one of the little patches of hair from the head. Luckily, we found they do sell the squirrels separately in packs of three. I think it’s a toy best given to your dog as a reward or as a distraction for about a half an hour at a time. We find that after that first half hour or so, our dogs sort of quit playing and begin mindlessly ripping toys to shreds.

Final Thoughts on The Squirrels

In short, the hide-a-squirrel toy kept all of it’s promises. This log full of squirrels is a real hoot and surprisingly durable, yet not indestructible. We laughed watching the dogs proudly gallop around with little squirrels(trophies) clamped between their teeth.

*** We regret to inform our readers that the Hide-A-Squirrels lost their stuffing 27 days after our Bulldogs began playing with them. Poor little Buggers! The stump; however, is still intact with only a couple of small tears. We will definitely be ordering more squirrel friends for our Bulldogs!  

Buck Bone Organic Elk Antler Dog Chew

The Buck Bone is a lot of fun! Love the packaging, there’s a very subtle and appealing scent and there’s zero mess. These are real antlers that once decorated the heads of wild Elk. Apparently, in the wild, Elk naturally shed pieces of their horns or antlers. These horns are then collected by hand each year in the USA.

I absolutely love this chew toy and so do our Bulldogs. It feels nice giving them something organic and healthy for once. The antler is full of calcium, phosphorus and protein. There are no preservatives, dyes or additives. The outer layer of the antler does wear down slightly with heavy chewing, but so far there have been no shards or pieces breaking off and I don’t anticipate any.

Our Favorite Chew Toy So Far

The internal, porous part of the antler is a bit softer than the outside and wears down faster too. After the bullies played with the buck bone for a while, I noticed this inner layer became much softer like a hard sponge. I can tell it won’t last as long as the Dura Chew Bacon Bone below, but the Buck Bone isn’t made of nylon either.

I feel good about giving our bullies a natural treat like the Buck Bone and can already say I see myself buying more for them in the near future.

*** Update: It’s been nearly a month since we first purchased our Buck Bone Antler. Still no shards or dangerous broken pieces of any kind, but the inner part of the bone is nearly gone. Given another 2 weeks I’ll probably toss this one and get another since it’s so popular.

Best Recyclable Bulldog Toy + Guaranteed

Tux, by West Paw Design definitely earned it’s place on our list of Best Bulldog Toys! This is a great toy created by a local company ( Bozeman, Mt ) who appears to be very clean earth minded.

Yep, most of West Paw’s Dog Toys are recyclable. Tux is a treat toy. It’s got an opening in the back allowing you to fill it with all kinds of goodies your dog loves. We chose to jam a couple of dog biscuits inside because it was too cold to go outside with a more messy treat like cream cheese. The toy’s design makes it quite bouncy, it’s buoyant and of course, non toxic. Possibly the coolest feature is that it’s guaranteed never to break or they’ll replace it with a new one free of charge. Of course, I’m betting Tux will eventually break in spite of that guarantee, but at least I know when it does, I’ve got a new one on deck waiting for me.

One Tough Bulldog Toy

This one’s toughness was actually quite surprising! We initially chose to include Tux in our review because of it’s fresh, cool looking design and our Bulldogs showed instant interest. Actually, we had to take Tux away from our Bulldogs a couple of times to give the other toys on our Best Toys For Bulldogs List a fair chance. 

We filled Tux with the goodies and our Bulldogs couldn’t resist! In comparison to the more popular Nylabone we tested, Tux doesn’t have much for flavoring to help instigate chewing, but he’s just as desirable. Even after hours of rigorous gnawing from our Bulldog Terror, Lily, we noted that Tux didn’t fray, dent or tear quite like most toys. Just a few small scratches. A stellar achievement for the West Paw Design team!

All in all, we thought Tux was visually appealing; we liked the ability throw a dog treat on board and we appreciate the creator’s devotion to providing high quality, non-toxic, recyclable dog toys made in the good old U. S. of A. Tux left us with no doubt he will be insanely popular with any Bulldog.

***Update… Tux is by far the most durable toy we’ve ever purchased for our Bulldogs although it seems after 2 months of play they don’t prefer to gnaw on it unless we’ve added a treat like peanut butter inside. Maybe we spoiled them?

Best Nylabone Toy For Bulldogs

When asked what was the best chew toy to give to their Bulldogs in terms of toughness, many of our Facebook Fans agreed Nylabones outlast most other toys they choose for their Bulldogs. It was then that we knew we had to find a good one and test it on our Bullys. The Bacon Flavored Dura Chew is claimed to keep any dog busy chewing for hours while removing tartar and cleaning the teeth.

First impressions? The bone is rock solid to touch and instantly gave us the impression it could be aggressively chewed on for months before failing. It’s hallowed out so you can put a treat like peanut butter inside to entice more chewing.

Bulldogs love nothing more than gnawing on sticks, so we thought this nylabone which has the appearance and feel of a real branch or twig was perfect! When it arrived by FedEx, I definitely noticed the bacon scent straight away and after 2 weeks of rough housin’ the wonderful scent of bacon is still present and accounted for!

Fetch The Bacon Boy!

dura chew bacon

Grandma Lily and The Dura Chew

Something about this nylabone certainly is drawing attention from my Bulldogs because they keep going back to it. We didn’t even need to add a treat to the center of the bone. They must still smell the bacon. Our Bulldogs, young and old, chewed, and chewed, and chewed!

Visually, it’s sort of boring if you ask me. It’s not very appealing in comparison to some of the other toys we’ve tested, but this nylabone does bring home the bacon (my geeky bacon joke).

I’d say this is one for the real tough chewers. You know, the dogs that are more like machines. See Reviews On This Stick O’ Bacon.

***Update: After 2 months of moderate chewing our Bulldogs have made this nylabone quite rough around the edges. Good news is we see no sign of any dangerous shards threads hanging from it so it’s still safe. Will this thing ever break?

Why not smear some coconut oil inside that bacon stick!

BeneBone Review

So the girls loved the Dura Chew(above) so much, I decided to try our luck on another bacon flavored nylabone. I’m actually super excited to say I hated this next toy lol. Finally, a toy I can give a bad review on! Ya, this one was sort of a let down.

It says in the toy’s description, “Real Bacon Flavor means its yummy.” Like any red-blooded male, I can sense bacon from a mile away. After smelling and licking the Benebone I wanted to call my Governor and ask who was placed in charge of injecting the bacon to the Benebones that day! Sure, the bullies do play with it, but they’re just so easy going and lighthearted-I couldn’t bring myself to tell poor Indy she had been duped by the dog toy companies again! Benebone get’s a failing grade from me and my bullies.

Best Soft Dog Toy

Tuffie’s Larry Lobster gets our vote for the Best Soft Toy for Bulldogs! Around here, we call him “Lobby.” Don’t worry, he doesn’t pinch, not even a bit. Much to his dismay, someone’s gone and exchanged this poor lobster’s already lacking defenses for a pair of squeekers! We wondered how Larry would ever be able to stand up to the merciless chomping power of our four Bulldogs!

How “Tuff” is Larry?

Larry Lobster Review

Lobster For Breakfast

Larry Lobster’s been uniquely designed! He’s constructed with two layers of industrial grade luggage material, one plastic layer, and a soft layer of fleece on the outside. Can you imagine chewing on the corner of your carry-on!? This dog toy’s creator boasts Larry is “The World’s Tuff’est Soft Toy.” 

Ready or not, we threw ol’ Larry into the lion’s den. After hours of gnawing and more than a few games of four-way tug o’ war, he proved to be pretty dog-gone rugged!

It’s been over two weeks and the only damage is to one of his walking legs. We knew those legs would be the first target as they’re easiest to fit in the mouth. We liked that although that leg was destroyed, there was no cotton inside to fall out. Other than that, the fleece layer is intact, but pretty frayed.

Larry’s somehow managed to prevail even a midst a ton of continued abuse, making it clear to us why he ranks an 8 on the “tuff” scale. Makes us wonder how a 10 would fare! Did we mention he floats in water. Probably makes for a cool beach toy! Tuffy also manufactures a ton of Other Tuff Soft Toys including a Toucan, an Elephant, an Octopus, a Pig and a T-RexNo doubt there’s a perfect Tuff Toy for every breed and size.

***Update: Here’s the 2 month update on Larry. About a week ago we discovered a tear near Larry Lobster’s mid section. This made it easy for our bullies to pull his stuffing out. To avoid a headache we decided to pull the stuffing out and throw it in the garbage. We’re left with a somewhat less exciting, rather flat Lobster. Our Bulldogs don’t play with him much anymore 🙁

Best Christmas Toys

So, we did some checking around and were surprised to find some pretty cool Christmas themed Bulldog toys available this year. Toys like this Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snowball and Lump of Coal. These things are Mint Flavored and bouncy!

First impressions? Well, aside from the obvious differences in color, both balls are exactly the same. We figured that, but sometimes we have a couple of naughty Bulldogs lounging around. Love their curiously minty scent!

To my shame, after opening the package and noticing the wonderful smell, I just had to get a little taste. Yep, I licked it. There was like zero taste of mint! How is that possible?! My wife licked it after I did and I treated her like she was crazy for it lol. Oh and the dogs love it too!

The Snowball and Lump of Coal by Planet Dog also have a small hole on both ends so you can insert a treat. The ball is hollowed out so the treats bounce around nicely and it drives our bullies nuts!

I noticed that a portion of all Planet Dog Orbee sales go for the benefit of working dogs. See more here: planet dog charity

See our bullies playing with the Lump of Coal by Planet Dog.

*** 8 months later the Orbee balls are still completely intact with only surface scratches and the mint smell is nearly as strong as it was the day we bought it. Love these balls by Planet Dog!

 Baby Toys Great For Bulldog Puppies Too

Some day you may find yourself in a pinch with a new puppy and three kids hanging off your hips. Bby teethers and rattles make awesome toys for your new pup so don’t be so quick throw them out to the garbage. Teething toys like these are just what a growing puppy needs to help him sooth his aching gums and to discourage chewing on things like mom and dad’s furniture. Many of the teething toys for children are very well built and made specifically for chewing, but don’t assume every baby toy is ok for your puppy. As you would with any toy, make sure you check for safety and monitor your pups playing.

Best Free Bulldog Toy

Here’s another one Bulldog enthusiasts agreed was among their dog’s most loved toys. Yep, it’s totally free too, except for the initial cost of course. Wait, that’s not free at all….. Fine, it’s $2.95. Sue Me! lol. I’m talking about those empty milk jugs, water bottles, and enormous Hawaiian Punch bottles! Something about an empty jug puts every bulldog into a tizzy! It crackles just right when they bite down and dogs love the feel of a toy that’s large, but light enough to carry around. Next time your kids are done guzzling that milk from the jug, let your Bulldog have a go at it. Don’t forget to remove the lid from the bottle though and monitor their play for safety’s sake.

bulldog with 2-liter bottle

Jamie Salcido’s Bulldog Buddkiss With His 2-Liter

37 Responses to Best Toys For Bulldogs

  • Lila

    Thank you so much! We’re preparing to bring our puppy home soon, and this helps us to prepare!

  • alex


    great article loads of info
    i found the best toy for my frenchie to be are plush toys because she doesnt destroy them wich is number 1 in my book.
    good luck

  • Cindy Sauder

    Please throw away any kong toys u have. My dog after being sick for 3 weeks just had emergency surgery where a piece of a kong was lodged in her small intestine and lacerated her small intestine in two spots! She is in critical condition now recovering from this surgery!

    • Phil

      Same Happened To me. Kong and those “Fetch It” outdoor balls.

  • Lyndsay

    There was a lot of good info about toys but my bulldog doesn’t seem to like playing. Is it normal for an older bull dog to refuse toys or am I just using the wrong ones? He also has a little trouble with the harder chew toys because his gums are very exposed and become sensitive. Any ideas?

    • Dan Weese

      Well, that makes sense he doesn’t prefer to play with toys anymore just considering his sore gums. Maybe he would enjoy some monitored play with a baby teether. You know, the ones that you can freeze? Might help to make him feel better and allow him to enjoy some much needed play?

      • Patricia

        I would suggest freezing a wet facecloth which might give his gums some relief.  Some “human” baby teethers have an antifreeze gel in them that could be dangerous if punctured.

  • Wensen

    Great site, thank you for sharing your reviews. My 7 month American Bulldog is going through toys like crazy! Konga braids last minutes, and I’m talking the ones as thick as my arm. He loves to chew on a log but I’m worried about that being bad for him. I’m running out of options, I’ve purchased pretty much every type of “indestructible” toy in the store! ‘ll look into Tac and hope they offer the ability to buy direct and that the ship to Canada’

  • Mark Audet

    This may be a silly question but what is the proper way to measure my bulldogs chest to get the right size for this harness? He is one years old and weighs 55 lbs. thanks

    • Dan Weese

      Not a silly question at all. According to those at Julius K-9, the best way to measure your Bulldog’s chest for a harness is to:”Using a flexible measuring tape, measure your dog’s girth behind his front legs, approximately 4 fingers away from them.”

      Watch the video below closely. You’ll see the instructor place 4 fingers just past the dog’s front legs showing you how to measure. That should give you a better idea.

  • Cherrie Johnston

    I so appreciate this site and all your comments about dog toys for English Bulldogs. This is definitely a struggle to find one that will hold up.  Tks so much for the information about Elk Buck Bone Organics. I’ve wanted to try but was worried that they would crack or shard, getting one each for my two.  And also picking up the Larry Lobster, that was another one I worried they would destroy in 5 minutes.  So far balls and a heavy duty rope with a ball have been the # one toys that’s held up.  Purchased the medium size Kong Ball that has a handle on it, they’ve had for over a year now, the handle has since been cut off, due to chewing but otherwise they still love it.  I also purchased a couple of balls from Pet Smart, larger than a baseball, rubber with nubbies all over it, lights up when it bounces.  They love, we play with it every nite, and have had for probably 8 months, no damage at all.  It’s their favorite nite time play toy.

    Tks again for all the information you provided.

  • Jackie

    Hi! We are so thrilled that your bullies loved our Buck Bones. Thank you so much for posting such an awesome review and video about our product! We would love to get in touch with you, I left my email below. Thanks again and can’t wait to hear from you!

  • Victoria

    I have an 11 month old female bulldog and I worry about her ingesting any of the fabric.

    • Dan Weese

      Out of all the toys tested on this page I would say the ones most likely to come apart and be ingested are the squirrels. Honestly, though if you are in the room and watch what’s going on there isn’t much of a danger. There are very few toys, if any, that are actually safe to give to your bulldog while she’s alone so supervision is always important.

  • Tracie Parker

    We adopted Daisy Bell, a 6 year old female English Bulldog, in April and she destroyed almost everything we tried. She absolutely LOVES a ball, so I finally discovered the Chuck It Ultra XXL ball.  She can squish and squeeze it but it takes her about a month to actually puncture it. I highly recommend EB owners give this toy a try.

    • Laura L

      Our 1 year old bulldog loves this ball and it’s lasted more than 4 months now which is a real record for Max.

  • Julie

    Lulu our “old”English bulldog loves plastic bottles!!!! Every time I tried to fill my husband’s water bottle she thinks I’m going to give the bottle to her. She likes to take the top off and the ring then spit them out!!!! She is so fun to watch.

  • Scott

    Our 5 year old male bully could destroy any ball within a matter of minutes, until……we discovered racquet balls. He’s been playing and chewing on the same one for days now and has yet to even puncture it!!! Who would’ve thought this would be the indestructible ball we’ve been looking for. Hope this helps anyone with the same problem we had in finding the perfect ball.

    • Dan Weese

      Great idea, Scott! There are definitely some good options out there that deviate from the whole idea of going to the pet isle. Sounds better than tennis balls which I know are a lot of people’s go to dog toy. Are they large enough though that you don’t have to worry about choking because I seem to remember them being a little smaller than a tennis ball.

  • GLORIANA J Laskowski-Cohen

    The squirrel toy was ingested so quickly by our 6 month old puppy we didn’t even get a chance to stop him. He is now dead after two surgeries.  It takes no time at all for english bullies to tear these apart. We only purchased them because they were listed on this blog. Do not give these to your bullies.

    • Dan Weese

      Gloriana, I am so very, very sorry to hear this! Horrible news! I wish there was some way I could alleviate some of the pain your family must be feeling now. If you wouldn’t mind, please swing by our facebook page. Drop me a line including your home address. I’d like to send you something to express my condolences. – Daniel Weese

  • Teresa

    Nylabones are great, our bulldog, Macy has a crooked jaw and makes one poke, then its over for most all toys.  Jolly Pet toys are wonderful, they sell tug a ball and ball within a ball and they have taken so much…the tug ball doesn’t deflate, doesn’t matter how much it’s punctured and relatively inexpensive, also guaranteed!!  Love the Jolly Pet Company!

    • Teresa

      Update on the Jolly Pet Jolly ball toys….still going!! the same ones are intact! Macy goes for them every time she’s outside…definitely worth the money!  Still buying Nylabones as well, but with 2 other smaller dogs also chewing them, we find that that bulldog loosens smaller pieces that the little dogs want to eat, so we just cleaned out a bunch of them that looked “iffy”, but plan to buy more…JW brand toys also make toys similar to the Nylabone and do well also.

  • Sherry

    We have two bullies, a six year old male and two year old female. They love playing with an empty five gallon water bottle.  They get so excited when it’s time to change the water bottle.  They roll on them, carry them around by the end piece, run, tumble…it’s a riot and they just play until they are worn out.  Of course, you need a big yard for this!

    • Brennie

      My Bull Dog loves the water bottle.  I brought one home the other day at first he was scared now he carries it everywhere with him!!

  • Dustin Biddle

    I have 30 lb French Bulldog and my secret advice is regular tennis balls. They last forever! Why I have no idea, my little guy will tear up a “dog tennis ball” in 5 minutes, but a regular tennis ball will last months!!! – Just my experience 🙂

  • Mary

    I remember when had our Dozer that the one toy he would go crazy over was this red fire hose squeaky toy. Being made of the fire hose our dad said he was certain it would last. Even after it’s squeaker had died Dozer kept going after that thing like there was no tomorrow. The only reason we ended up replacing it was after a few years of constant use and getting lost several times in the backyard it started to reek with quite a stink. So we ended u getting a new one and it was heaven all over again for our boy. Another one was a red devil looking squeaky ball with feet. I think it was a kong toy…. But anyways he had several of them in different colors and loved them to bits. We only replaced them after several years because they had fadded in color and looked pretty grimy.

  • Tracy and Glenn

    Like most bully owners we buy Nylabones for our five year old english bulldog Daphne. Although they do hold up great she is a power chewer and they splinter quickly so I have been looking for an alternative. Thank you for your in-depth testing! Now I can order and array of toys for her!!

  • Jenna

    You forgot every Bulldog’s favorite toy!! Kong Tennis Balls. These bad boys are less than a buck a piece, last forever and we keep a few on hand at all times for our two bullies.

  • Jill Pogoloff Meyerson

    Gunny’s favorite toy is his big brother Jayke (a 7 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

  • Deanna Durbian

    Kong Jumbler ball is the best! Lots of noise, extremely loud squeaker, and very durable! Its a ball within a ball with a BIG squeaker!

  • Jean Comstock

    Try the Kong Mega Wubba which is covered in a very durable fabric and has about 4 tails on it, and a squeaker.  Our bullies have tried their darnedest to destroy it, but it has lasted now about a year and a half!  Very durable for Bulldogs and they love flinging it and playing tug of war with it.

  • Jennifer Grimaldi Toohey

    Pebbles is Insane over these kong tennis balls that squeak! Certifiable

  • Braden Walter

    Bluto has 4 of these and will not leave the house without one.  I think he believes a cat burglar will steal it.

  • Jennifer Grimaldi Toohey

    And LOVES plastic bottles!!

    • Katherine

      We col’duve done with that insight early on.

  • Actually, we need some new toys to review! Any cool new toys out there?

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