Best Supplement for Bulldogs

english bulldog supplements and vitaminswritten by: Stefanie Kyak

English Bulldogs deserve everything wonderful.  They are our goofy companions with big personalities trapped in a short, stout, compact body – and our bullies make us literally laugh out loud all day long.  We want to give them every chance to live long, full and happy lives.

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However, sometimes their metabolic systems work against that mission.  Bullies can have sensitive tummies, skin, eyes and joints…  It can be a real uphill climb sometimes.

If you’re searching google for a supplement/vitamin for your bully I’ve no doubt, you already work hard to keep him happy and healthy.

All natural food sources.  Healthy treat options.  You exercise your stubborn, stout friend too…  One of the first things a Bulldog owner learns about excercising is that with Bulldogs, games like fetch are more like “keep away” (Because she just doesn’t understand that once she goes to fetch for the ball, it goes back to you…)

Despite all of the great care we take of our Bulldogs, many of us just want to be sure we’re doing all we can for them health-wise. Veteran bulldog lovers would tell you that’s where a great supplement should enter the stage.

How to Find a Good Supplement For a Bulldog

Getting the right food is usually tough enough and supplements can be overwhelming. For this reason, some Bulldog owners try to compensate by stockpiling one or two supplements they’re most familiar with – like glucosamine or Vitamin E – but are unaware of the correct ratio of nutrients dogs require. Exclusively using just one particular vitamin can actually be harmful-wasteful at best.

An unbalanced diet will put undue pressure on the cardiovascular system. It places unnecessary risks on a k-9 like obesity, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and worst of all, malnutrition.  It’s for these reasons I want to encourage you to consider only supplements that include the whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals unless you’ve been otherwise instructed by your vet.

A great supplement will source nutrients from whole and natural ingredients – like Cod oil for Omega fatty acids and Brewer’s Yeast for zinc and B-Complex vitamins.

Stay away from chemically sourced vitamins and minerals…   as most supplements on the market use industrial waste products like cobalt, cyanide, hydrogenated sugar, acetone, and Isobutyraldehyde with formaldehyde because the shelf life is long and those supplements are cheaper to produce.  Lastly, make sure there is no mention of corn and wheat in the ingredient list.

3 reasons The Missing Link Supplement is totally worth your while:

Portrait of English bulldog pup outdoor,selective focusFirst, the product line uses wholesome, natural, plant-based, and human-grade ingredients. I find it reassuring that the ingredients list doesn’t include chemically concocted serums with really, really long unpronounceable names.

What you’ll find are herbal and natural super-foods (foods packed with a ton of nutritional value) that will simply add amazing benefits to your bulldog’s diet.

  • For example, The Missing Link is loaded with excellent nutrients like taurine (cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal health, retinal health), Vitamins B complex including B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 (generalized metabolism and carbohydrates support) and yucca schidigera extract (reduces arthritis by restoring cartilage, reduces trans fat digestion and thus reduces cholesterol, reduces colitis and irritable bowel syndrome, and detoxifies the intestinal track) to name just a few.
  • Those nutrients are drawn from all natural ingredients included in The Missing Link like beef bone, beef liver, carrots, dried fish, broccoli (folic acid), lemon balm, organic cranberries, organic dried blueberries, oyster (freeze dried), and more.

Second, the company is transparent as to where the ingredients come from – US, Canada, New Zealand and Argentina.  Taken directly from The Missing Link’s website, “Our premium ingredients are chosen individually based on efficacy, purity, and safety to ensure that our fur kids only consume the best whole food nutrition”.

  • As a bulldog owner, I want great ingredients that support my Bulldog’s best chance at health and longevity. I also love the idea of supporting a 125-year-old company that has a long history of veterinarian approved, good ol’ American ingenuity.

Third, even if your bulldog’s digestive tract has been performing poorly, the natural dietary fibers, omega-3 fats, and pro-biotics will fill fight back vigorously.  Like in human nutrition, these components mightily support colon health by creating a healthy microbe environment and initiating “bulking” (or the creation of indigestible substances that scrape and clean the colon as well as absorb extra water to produce healthy stools).

  • The omega-3 fats in The Missing Link are not only great for skin and eyes, but help at the cellular level of a bulldog’s system to aid in fat-soluble nutrition absorption as well as efficient cellular processes for maximum bulldog energy.
  • Simply put, whole body nutrition will give our bully’s a fighting chance at whole body health.  The Missing Link provides all the answers to the missing links in a bulldog’s nutrient needs.  It is one of the best supplemental options out there because everything you need is in one convenient package.

For Bulldogs, The Missing Link does exactly what it’s name suggests – it fills in the “missing links”, or missing holes in a dog’s diet, that can be left by the commercialized dog food industry.  This supplement’s producer has literally jam-packed it’s product line!

Skin and Coat Supplement for Bulldogs

This Skin and Coat formula is great for a Bulldog that experiences excessive shedding, dry and brittle fur, hot spots, tearing, inter-digital cysts, acne, sensitive pads and dry nose, as well as general skin irritations like flaky and itchy skin.

This is also a great supplement for Bulldogs with alopecia and bald spots caused by allergies.  It supplements using natural oils like cod oil, vegetable oil, and olive oil (for a healthy production of skin protecting oils).

While this formula specifically targets skin and coat, it’s rich and vibrant nutrient sources, such as Omega 3 & 6, enhance metabolism, strengthen the musculo-skeletal system, immune system and digestive tract.

This formula is also wonderful for eye heath and, thus, will help support and aid in easing discomfort due to conditions like cherry eye, conjunctivitis and dry eye.

More on Bulldog Eye Care in This Article.

Hip and Joint Supplement for Bulldogs

The Hip and Joint formula is absolutely recommended for Bulldog suffering from or who are more prone to bone and joint abnormalities.

This product will noticeably help ease pain caused by arthritis. This thanks to the inclusion of a huge concentration of Omega fatty acids.  These Omegas are awesome for muscle, tendon and ligament function and help control the deterioration of muscle and bone mass. 

This formula from The Missing Link  is specifically intended to target disorders common to bulldogs like hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, shoulder luxation, and spinal problems.  Although none of these conditions can be reversed, this supplement is proven to work at soothing pain and discomfort.

The addition of Glucosamine (an amino sugar that aids in cartilage reconstruction and alleviation of arthritis to encourage mobility and fluidity in joints) handles all of this.  It will also assist with generalized inflammation and difficulty in movement due to joint pain.

…”aging dogs may also have arthritis in their knees, elbows, and shoulders and cartilage loss or damage that respond to glucosamine and chondroitin.” –

This is the best supplement for Bulldogs that have become slow to rise to a standing position after sitting or laying, avoid physical activities that were previously enjoyed or appear to have lost muscle tone in the legs. 

Bulldog Puppy Supplement

bulldog supplementThis formula will be a great beginning to your new baby bulldog’s life!  The omega 3 and 6 will help with brain development and immune system support, but also aid in the health of eye, ears, teeth, and gums.

Omega fatty acids are also thought to promote healthy and thriving heart function as well as decreasing inflammation.

As mentioned earlier, the wrong balance of even the best vitamins and minerals can be harmful and wasteful. The Missing Link is so cool because in partnership with a great dog kibble, it ensures your Bulldog puppy is receiving the best of nutrition.

The Missing Link’s ability to help a young pup’s growing body to function correctly and govern everything from digestion to bone and muscle growth pretty much makes it a must have.

Simply said – This formula will give your puppy a jump start on a healthy life!

Senior Dog Care Supplement

senior english bulldog supplement Like the a fore mentioned Hip and Joint formula, The Senior Health Formula is also great for bone and muscle health, but focuses on a wider range of healthy nutrition like overall metabolic support(metabolism) and skin and eye health.

Still, added super-foods like Green Lipped Mussels will support pain relief and joint support – again, excellent for Hip Dysplasia and spine issues.

*If your Bulldog is 6 years or older and doesn’t show continuous signs of pain or weakness in his bones, joints or muscles, this supplement would be most fitting for him.

The Omega 3 & 6 nutrients will help with irritable bowel syndrome (reduce colitis and cleansing of colon) and eye sight support (encourages retinal health).  The Senior Health Formula will give your senior bulldog more comfort and ease in stool production (better poo), inter-cellular energy production(more energy), and an immune system boost (less prone to illnesses).

Plain and simple, this supplement option will help your senior bulldog age with grace.

Supplement Dosage

Each of the formulas listed suggest 1 teaspoon per day for dogs up to 25lbs and 2 teaspoons per day for dogs weighing 25lbs-50lbs.

As with anything you give your bully, be sure to follow the dosage suggestions on the label for safety’s sake. I also encourage you to slowly introduce into your Bulldog’s diet any new supplement you decide to use. This final suggestion is standard with any new change in diet and will help ensure your Bulldog’s tummy doesn’t become overwhelmed.

Final Word on Bulldog Supplements

These four formulas target their own specific area of a Bulldog’s body, but each of the products has a few things in common:

Each of these supplements has been especially known to fortify urinary tracts creating a reduction of uric acid, providing better defense against injury due to stronger bones and ligaments (due to oils and fat absorption). Also, Bulldog owners typically report their bullies inherit slimmer figures due to a more speedy and efficient digestive tract and less bloating thanks to pre-biotic and pro-biotic support.