Best English Bulldog Insurance

I’ve contacted a few of the leading Pet Health Insurance Providers and received quotes for one of our Bulldogs in an attempt to find the best insurance provider for English Bulldogs.

English bulldog insurance

Yep, I did all this for you! Finding a great insurance provider is tough and I was hoping to get the preliminary work done so my readers don’t have to.

Bulldog Specific Insurance is a Must

When tracking down the best candidates for pet health insurance provider, I had to consider a few important factors. First, Bulldogs are very specific creatures, so I knew going in, that an insurance provider would have to cover very specific ailments, especially hereditary conditions.

If they didn’t cover hereditary/congenital disorders I quickly moved on. Hip dysplasia, congestive heart failure, cherry eye, entropion and skin allergies are just a few of the hereditary/congenital conditions a Bulldog can suffer from that absolutely must be covered. Otherwise what’s the point in being insured, right?

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Below, you’ll see I’ve made a comparison grid so that the pros and cons of each Bulldog Insurance Provider can quickly be compared head to head. Keep in mind that these prices were given to me based on Cally’s(my bulldog) personal information so your quote may differ somewhat based on the age, sex and location of your Bulldog. When filling out the forms necessary to receive an insurance quote I entered the same info for each health insurance provider so the plans offered can be consistently contrasted against each other.

The information I gave is as follows:

  • English Bulldog
  • 3-12 Months of Age
  • Female
  • No Previous or Existing Medical Problems
  • From Ohio
  • TruPanion
  • $75per month
  • No Limits on Coverage
  • 90% Reimbusement
  • $250 Deductible/Occurrence
  • Hereditary Disorders Are Covered
  • $35 sign up fee
  • Accident coverage begins 5 days after sign up and illness coverage (including hereditary disorders) begins at 30 days.
  • Not Covered: Pre-Existing Conditions, Office Visit Fee, Applicable Taxes, Preventative Care
  • Embrace
  • $84per month
  • 10k Max. Annual Coverage
  • 80% Reimbursement
  • $200 Annual Deductible
  • Hereditary Disorders Are Covered
  • Free Online Vet. 24/7
  • Coverage begins 14 days after sign up.
  • Not Covered: Pre-existing conditions, Prosthetic limbs including mobility aids, Breeding, whelping, and pregnancy, Pet training sessions Cremation and burial, Cosmetic procedures such as tail docking, dental care
  • VPI
  • $23per month
  • 14k Max. Annual Coverage
  • Variable/See Benefit Schedule
  • $250 Annual Deductible
  • Some Hereditary Disorders Are Covered At 1 Year $250/$500
  • Free Online Vet. 24/7
  • Coverage begins 14 days after sign up. Coverage for cruciate ligament injuries and hereditary disorders begin after 12 months.
  • Not Covered: Pre-Existing Conditions, Read Note in This Article
  • Healthy Paws
  • $70per month
  • No Limits on Coverage
  • 80% Reimbursement
  • $250 Annual Deductible
  • Hereditary Disorders Covered/Hip Dysplasia At 1 Year
  • $25 sign up fee
  • Coverage begins 15 days after sign up(with a 12 month waiting period for hip dysplasia.
  • Not Covered: Pre-existing Conditions, Preventative or Routine Care, Spay/Neuter Procedures, Office Visit Fee

Top Two English Bulldog Health Insurance Providers

So what’s our pick for best Bulldog insurance? There may not be an easy answer to that question. However, I believe if I were to choose between the four health insurance providers above, I would go with either Tru Panion or Healthy Paws. Most of the differences are defined clearly in the chart above; however, there is one big difference I need to call attention to.

The deductibles for Tru Panion only have to be paid one time per illness/accident, while with Healthy Paws, there is one deductible of $250 once per year. Let me give an example to better explain: With Tru Panion my Bulldog might visit the veterinarian twice in 3 years for pneumonia. For these two visits, I would pay a total of $250 in deductibles. So you see, with Tru Panion, you pay the $250 deductible only once for each illness/accident over the life of your pet. With Healthy Paws you can only be charged a total of $250 per year for deductibles. If your English Bulldog has a repeat illness/accident in the same year, like the example mentioned above, you will be charged a $250 deductible for each occurrence, but you can only pay a total of $250.00 per year.

Give VPI the Cold Shoulder

So now that we’ve gone over a couple of what I consider to be the best health insurance providers for Bulldogs, let me warn you about one that I hope you’ll stay away from.

Veterinarian Pet Insurance (VPI) may indeed be the most popular among Bulldog owners, but it gets my vote for most deceptive insurance provider available. Through all my research, the VPI plan was by far the hardest to understand. The question of, “what’s not covered”, was especially hard find an answer for. It seems I was constantly being referred to their “benefit schedule list”. On the list their were lots and lots of illnesses/accidents listed with differing payout amounts, but many of the dollar amounts seemed insufficient. For instance, Congestive Heart Failure shows a Primary Allowance of $0 and Secondary Allowance of $230.

Here’s a look at the VPI Benefit Schedule.

VPI 250/500 Payout For Hereditary Disorders

Coconut Oil For Bulldogs....You've Got to See This!

Coconut Oil For Bulldogs….You’ve Got to See This!

I searched and searched for cherry eye coverage details on their benefit schedule, but could find no mention of this common Bulldog ailment. So I personally called VPI to ask whether it was covered. The person I spoke with once again referred me to the infamous benefit schedule list. I insisted the information is not clear on their benefit list and asked her to retrieve that information personally.

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After a few minutes of talking with the representative, she finally gave me some numbers. Numbers that you won’t find on their web page. I was informed that for every hereditary disorder for which there was no payout listed on the benefit schedule, the payout was $250 for the first allowance and $500 for the second. This is to say that if your Bulldog needs an appointment for a cherry eye, you will be reimbursed $250 for your first veterinarian consultation and $500 for treatment plan.

Some people may feel comfortable with VPI, but I’m not sure they can be trusted. Their “benefit schedule list” is to me, at the very least, troubling. The terms are much more clearly defined with health insurance providers like Healthy Paws and Tru Panion.

11 Responses to Best English Bulldog Insurance

  • Julie O'Donoghue

    Trupanion is charging me $180.00 a month for my 5 year old bulldog. He does have pre existing conditions that they don’t cover but this is a lot. What can I do?

    • Dan Weese

      That does sound super pricey especially when they won’t cover his presence existings. I’m always paranoid about getting charged more just because we have expensive dogs.  I would definitely encourage you to shop around. It’s possible you could find a cheaper health insurance that even covers those pretty existing conditions.

  • Tracy Villarreal

    Nationwide offers a pretty good plan 76.00 for bulldog puppy, includes wellness, as well as major medical. Has anyone gad any exoerience with them?

    • Lisa

      I would like to know if anyone has experience with them as well – we are looking at Nationwide too…

      • Lisa

        In looking more at this article, the “benefits schedule” connected to the link for VPI was 2008.  Since then, VPI is no more and Nationwide has a 90% flat reimbursement Whole Pet with wellness plan that covers hip dysplasia, cherry eye, etc.  Trupanion would charge me just about double ($122) what Nationwide is quoting me ($65) for my 6 month old female bully…

  • Rob

    I did it a different way. I have VPI’s pretty much baseline coverage for my 4 month old male. That costs about 30 bucks and coverage the major issues that could come up. But, I also have a pretty nice coverage through my vet’s office, Banfield Pet Hospital, here in South Florida. That’s about 30 bucks as well. Hopefully these two work well in tandem.

  • Alexander Russo

    Great post! I believe it is hard to find articles that answer the hard questions like this. You took the work out substantially on the owners part. You deserve the number you earn!

  • Brock

    I really appreciated your time and dedication to the research of the insurance issue. This has been a continuing headache for me. My bulldog has constant skin related issues and I have wanted to purchase insurance for some time now but have had difficulty finding any insurance specifically for the care of bulldogs until reading your article. Which of these insurance companies do you recommend for skin issues? My boy seems to be well built and has not displayed any issues with his hips, heart or other major common bulldog problems. His skin however continues to be an ongoing problem. Thanks in advance for the recommendation.

    • Dan Weese

      Brock, I think considering your Bully has recurring problems with skin you might want to choose TruPanion so that way you only have to pay the deductible one time for the skin problem. Make sure that before signing your Bulldog up for any health insurance you consult with the company about your Bulldogs skin problems to make sure they will cover it. TruPanion though seems to be the best of the best in pet health insurance.

  • Katy Sherman

    This article is spot on! Watch out for VPI! We had them for the first year of our Bulldog puppy’s life and after we claimed a third visit to the vet on our insurance for hip problems they dropped us. They did pay for our services, but how could they just leave us high and dry? We’ve been with Tru-Panion for the last 3 years and have probably been to the vet with-you guessed it- hip problems and other issues at least 6 times and they’ve covered every dime.

    • Linda

      Oh nooooo! We just signed up for VPI. I wish I had read this before we made our decision. I don’t anticipate our english bulldog having a whole lot of health problems like yours did, but then again if she does we might be screwed.

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