Must Have English Bulldog Harness

We all know Bulldogs require specially designed items to meet their specific needs. There’s no “one size fits all” with an English Bulldog. They’re the only dogs with such large heads and short legs all squeezed into one child-like personality. Or should I have said, “dog-ality?”

Best Harness For English Bulldogs

Best English Bulldog Harness/Collar

I usually recommend Bulldog owners invest in a harness, not a collar. Why? Has this happened to you? Getting ready for a walk, you slapped on a brand new, beautiful diamond studded collar on your girl.

One step onto the road and she decides she doesn’t want to go any further with you. Suddenly she realizes, “wait a minute, I practically have no neck. If I hold my head low and do a little shake I can get this collar to shimmy right off the same way it went on.” Smart dog!

I know how embarrassing that is; it’s happened to me. It’s not only embarrassing, but dangerous. I’m not going to spend any time discussing the many Bulldogs that have been hurt or even died after being strangled by their own collar.

So over the years we’ve tried our fair share of Bulldog harnesses. We’ve tried them from Target, Petco, and Amazon. They come in every material and color and with just about any design you can fathom.

For us, the most important factor to consider is craftsmanship and durability, then design and originality. We like our Bulldogs to look good when we go out in public, but we also want a harness that’s easy to use and won’t need replacing for at least a few years.

We named the Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness #1 Harness for Bulldogs! See Why Below!

No Pull Harness For Bulldogs

Julius K-9 Harness For Bulldogs

Our top pick for a Bulldog harness is one we use here at home. The Julius K-9 Power Harness is light-years ahead of other harnesses in terms of functionality, design and toughness.

Do I need to mention how incredibly cool they look on our Bulldogs? I think they speak for themselves, but just in case, I’ll brag on them a bit.

These harnesses are actually designed all over the world for working dogs. They’re made with a high quality, tactical grade buckle, nylon straps and a steel d-ring. The stitches are triple stitched and will not come apart should your bully decides to thrash through a field of brush.

The Power Harness is available in a ton of cool colors and even camouflage. They come with a loop on top for a mini flashlight, great for those nighttime walks. A huge priority for most of us is ease of use. This thing slides right on! Check out the video below to see it in use.

The Velcro name-tag is customize-able and glows in the dark! 

Get the Personalized Velcro Name-TagThe 2 inch x 6 inch tags fit perfect on the harness and you can pick any name or phrase you like.

Hands down, the most note-worthy attribute on the Power Harness is it’s rugged, but stylish design and ease of use. Once you’ve slid the harness over your Bulldog’s head there’s literally one buckle; click it and get walking!

Here’s a sizing Chart For the Four Most Common Sizes Used For Bulldog Puppies + Adults.

Julius K-9 Harness Sizing Chart

Puppia Harness for Bulldog Puppies

Have you heard of this one? Without a doubt you’ve seen knock-offs of the Puppia Rite Fit Harness because of it’s thoughtful and economical design. The Puppia Harness is made of a super soft, but strong, breathable, mesh material which proves comfortable and attractive on any Bulldog that’s just learning to walk with their human(that’d be you).

Bulldog Puppy HarnessBulldogs can be stubborn, everyone knows, especially when first learning to walk on a guided leash. Check out the picture at right. That’s our Indy’s first time on a leash and collar. She was still being trained -or was she training me? Either way, we just don’t use collars anymore. I’m not going to say collars are evil or something, they have their use, but for us and our pups, it’s this Puppia Harness.

This one’s great because it’ll get your Bulldog through puppy-hood and on to adult-hood without breaking the bank. It’s like 20 bucks.

The Puppia Harness, I believe, creates an enjoyable and welcoming experience to Bulldog puppies while not discouraging them from the exciting experience of taking a stroll down the road with their best friend(you again). I mentioned you twice now. Bet you never dreamed you’d read an article that mentions you specifically!

Seriously, is your Bulldog a “puller?” Pulling is a problem of incomplete, improper or insufficient training, and we’ll get that fixed, but in the meantime, this harness will prevent your little bully from restricting his breathing. Oh and they look swell too! Click Here to read Reviews on The Puppia Harness. 

An article on Leash Training for Bulldogs is in the works!

30 Responses to Best English Bulldog Harness

  • Lucio Torres

    I have 2 bulldogs. My boy is 60 lbs and my girl is 40 lbs. Eat sizes would they use?

  • Mark

    We just got the IDC Power Harness for our 1year old English bulldog who weighs 55lbs. The chest straps seems to ride high around his neck. Is that normal?  We have watched the videos but we can’t seem to get to ride lower. We bought size one his chest messaged 28. Do you think we have the wrong size?

    • Jennifer

      Hi there.  Did you ever receive a response or decide on a size?  My English bulldog is around the same size and age, and I have the same question on sizing.

    • Elizabeth


      I just bought the K-9 Harness for my bulldog as well and I was wondering the same thing about the chest straps riding high. I’ve had little luck finding a picture/video of a bulldog in this type of harness except for the photo on this website. It looks as if the harness rides high on him as well. Any comments?

  • Luke S

    Hello, I have a 1 year old english bulldog who weighs 80 lbs.  His chest is 26 inches currently so I am wondering if I should get the size 1 or 2 harness?  He could be growing more so I am not sure which one I should get for him so I do not have to re-purchase another harness.

    • Dan Weese

      Tough call considering your bullogs weight suggests a size 2 and his chest size says size 1. Really though, the weight can be disregarded because it’s actually only an estimate of weight based on a dog with that chest size. I say definitely go with size 1. That will leave him approximately 7 inches to grow into his harness and because he’s already a year old it might be a stretch for him to grow more than that over the last few months of his growing.

  • Jenna Steven

    Can these be customized with the dogs name?

    • Dan Weese

      Yes there is a link in the story for a customized tag.

  • Jim Welch

    will this harness work on a 3 legged English Bull 48-50 pounds right front lego missing. She is 7 years old and it’s a little harder for her to go up and down stairs. I need a harness I can use or will work to if not pick her up at least help her up and down from porch.

    • Dan Weese

      My only worry with this or any harness is that it would slip off on the right side because there’s no arm to hold it back. That’s a tough question. I’m sure though that the handle and anchor on top would hold up to you lifting your bullog up the stairs.

  • Janet R

    I have an English bulldog and he’s about 13 pounds will the mini be a good size or will it be too small? just the name of the size throws me off a little.

    • Dan Weese

      It might be a big loose on him, but it would probably work and leave him room to grow too.

  • Barbara stewart

    I got the harness today and love it. You mentioned that you didn’t like collars. If so do they wear the harness all day? What do you do about a name tag?

    • Dan Weese

      Some people hook it on the stainless steel ring on top. Since our dogs never leave the yard or the home without us we don’t keep a collar on them. They only wear their harnesses when going out.

  • Jesse Poscablo

    i have a Victorian bulldog how do I know this harness is right for him

    • Dale Hoskins

      Victorian are the same as old english right? We have an old engy bully and got him this harness a month or so ago. It fits him just as well as any regular bulldog I suppose. We love that it slides on so easily compared to past harnesses. No complaints so far and it is very sturdy. Our son says it makes our bully look “sick” which I take to be a very good thing haha. We just picked ordered the seat belt adapter for our upcoming trip 🙂

      • Morley

        I have a 8 month olde olde English bulldogge how much is the Julius k9 with camo

        • Dan Weese

          The prices fluctuate, but here’s a link.

          At 8months I would think a size 0 would fit him well.

  • Sandee

    Does this harness keep the bulldog from pulling.  Our girl is so excited about walks, she pulls so much for the first 5-10 minutes.

    • Dan Weese

      I don’t believe this harness is technically labeled as a “no pull harness.” Some harnesses like the Halti harness claim to stop dogs from pulling by making pulling uncomfortable, but in my experience those harnesses don’t always work as advertised. I think it would be awesome to strap on a special harness and never have a problem with pulling again, but I feel like pulling is usually the product of an unruly or untrained dog. It can be hard to train a dog not to pull, especially a Bulldog. I don’t blame anyone or say their a bad owner, I just think the best way to stop pulling is by proper training. Maybe you’ll try your luck on an anti-pulling harness, but I want to try and give you a few tips to stop pulling that you may not have tried. When walking your bully, keep him at your waist. Don’t allow him to pass. Hold the leash tight so that even if she pulls she can’t go ahead of you. If she does begin to pull ahead, you need to tell her no and draw her back. Lifting up on the harness to take her front end off the ground a bit can help slow her and get her back in line with your pace. When you notice her keeping at your pace you need to praise her, tell her to stop, sit and give her a treat. This can be difficult at first, but with much practice she’ll learn quick. Again, for all I know you’ve already worn yourself out with these techniques but this is the most effective practice I know of for stopping a Bulldog from pulling. Good luck, Sandee 🙂

  • Hilary

    Hi. Have you tried or looked into the Sleepypod Clickit Sport harness?  It’s passed by the Center for Pet Safety for car crashes. Just wondering if it would fit a bulldog just as well as the Julius K9 harness. Thanks!

    • Dan Weese

      You know, Hilary, we have not tested the Sleeepypod harness, but after researching it a bit, I just might have to try one. From what I’m seeing, the sleepydog harness’ safety belt design definitely appears to be superior to the ones you can get with the Julius. The two seat belt adapters for the Julius harness aren’t as highly rated for crashes and they don’t work in conjunction with the car’s safety belt like the Sleepydog does. I still think the Julius is a better pick for every day use for it’s ease of use and high-quality build, but for trips in the car, the sleepydog harness is a safer choice. After further looking around, I can’t find another harness that provides as much protection to the dog while traveling.

  • Adam Gibbs

    I’m just curious at what age does an English Bulldog stop growing? My boy Frank is 7 months now his birthday is May 20th and I just weighed him yesterday at 44 pounds he is a good healthy boy I get him exercise he is just thick and his mom and dad were around 50-55 pounds.

    I just wanted to know when he’ll be fully grown so I know what size of harness to get him. Or are these harnesses adjustable? I can get his chest and neck measurements. Right now when we go on walks I’m using a collar and I know it’s bad for him.


    • Dan Weese

      Well I wouldn’t be surprised if he matches his father’s weight and stature. Usually the body is just about done growing at 1-1.5 years and the head might grow in girth until 2 years. I would imagine a size 1 would fit him a bit loose now and allow room for when he’s fully grown. Here’s sizing info on the Julius Harness:

      Size Baby 1 (the flashlight mounting is not available for this size). Chest measurement: 11.4 – 14.15 inches Weight: 1.75 – 6.6lbs
      size Baby 2 (the flashlight mounting is not available for this size). Chest measurement: 13 – 18 inches Weight: 4.4 – 11lbs
      Size mini-mini (the flashlight mounting is not available for this size). Chest measurement: 15.75 – 21 inches Weight: 8.8 – 15.5lbs
      Size mini (the flashlight mounting is not available for this size). Chest measurement: 20 – 26.4 inches Weight: 15.5 – 33lbs
      Size 0 Chest measurement: 22.8 – 30 inches Weight: 30 – 55lbs
      Size 1 Chest measurement: 26 – 33.5 inches Weight: 50 – 66lbs
      Size 2 Chest measurement: 28 – 38 inches Weight: 61 – 88lbs
      Size 3 Chest measurement: 32.3 – 46.5 inches Weight: 88 – 176lbs
      Size 4 Chest measurement: over 43 inches

      • Suzy Moren

        These sizes are making me crazy! You say go by chest measurement and weights are “approximate”. With all the overlapping measurements, My girl with a 30″ chest could wear a zero, a one, or a two! Even if I then consider her weight (50 lbs).. she still could wear a zero or a one… so what the heck do I buy?  BTW, she’s a senior, so won’t be growing, but might lose some weight…she’s on a diet, LOL.

  • David Salsinger

    Aewesome picture of your Bulldog wearing his julius harness! I’m pretty set on getting this harness for our bully(old english) but I want to be able to personalize the name on the harness and I’m not too sure where to buy that velcro with the name on it. Can anyone point me to it on amazon or somewhere else? Thanks

    • Dan Weese

      Hey David. You can get the labels on Amazon. Here’s a direct link to the Personalized Labels for the Julius K-9 Harness.

      • David Salsinger

        Thanks, Dan! Just got the harness in the mail yesterday. I’m very pleased with it so far. I was sort of surprised how nice it was, actually. I have the perfect flashlight for the harness and we do use it now with it getting dark sooner plus I work most days til the evening. Took me a minute to figure out what size to get, but I scrolled down and found the measurement system they provide.

  • Sunshine

    I’m interested in the puppia harness, I’m flying from Houston, TX to Findlay, OH to pick up my English Bulldog puppy at the end of August. He will be 12 weeks old when I get him, and he’s flying back with me in the cabin. I would like to purchase the harness in advance because I will need it for the airport and the one day I’m in Ohio, and of course for our walks once we get home.I haven’t had an English Bulldog since my first childhood dog…I agree that collars are not practical or truly safe for these unique and special dogs, what size do you think would be the most practical to order to get me through most of his puppyhood, until we graduate to the Julius K9 harness in adulthood? Your website has been so helpful, I’m delighted to see all the new products for those adorable yet sometimes troublesome wrinkles, the cracking noses, and paw pads! I remember dealing with all these growing up. I’m doing my research and I’m just thrilled to see these products. Your website has been bookmarked! This bulldog will be my 4 1/2 year old daughters first experience with a family dog, I want so badly for her to experience this amazing breed, just as I did as a child. I also want to keep him as healthy and happy for many years to come. Our daughter has already set her heart on naming him “Captain Hook” lol after her favorite Disney character….I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time looking through all your great information!

    • Dan Weese

      Hook! Hook! Give us the Hook! lol That’s what my 3 yr. old boy yells after watching Hook, the movie with Robin Williams. Oh, he loves that! Glad you like the site. I think over the years we’re finally learning how to take care of these Bullies and so naturally, all of the great, new products have followed. I’m guessing your puppy will have a neck size of about 14-16 inches so you’ll probably need a size medium. Just to be sure though, it would probably be best if you could call the breeder just before you order to get an exact measurement because really, lots of puppies vary in size even from the same litter.

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