Best Treats For Bulldogs

A good dog treat is so important for training young puppies and encouraging good behavior! With the recent addition of our new puppy, D.C., I was quickly reminded just how easy it is for a good treat to get a young pup’s attention.

Like with dog food, so many popular dog treats come to mind when you begin to consider which dog treat to purchase. You’ve probably heard of Beggin Strips which were a big hit with our bullies in the past! Remember the lady in the commercial imitating a dog’s reaction after laying eyes on the notorious Beggin Strips? She excitedly squealed, “Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon…’s BACON!”

It wasn’t bacon. Nope. Not even close! It was a smorgasbord of ground wheat, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, ground yellow corn, sugar, glycerin, soybean meal, salt, and bacon fat preserved with carcinogenic BHA. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!

I used to think, “Oh that’s nice, corn is included with the ingredients; that sounds healthy.” The logic behind my conclusion: Mom always said I couldn’t go outside and play until I finished all the corn on my plate. “So why wouldn’t it be good for a dog,” I thought. Boy, was I wrong! Corn can be a horrible allergen for any dog, especially Bulldogs!

In our Best Food For Bulldogs Page I discussed what ingredients every Bulldog owner should run from.

We made so many mistakes when we first started with our bullies. Poor Lily. It was her that we fed Pedigree brand dog food for the first 2 years of her life. We finally switched her to Blue Buffalo, then Diamond and now TOTW, but it was another year before it hit me. Standing in my kitchen I thought, “Why am I paying top dollar to give Lily some of the best dog foods available while still using treats that promptly “reward” her with itchy skin, excessive hair loss, upset stomach, gas and diarrhea?” Instantly, I walked straight over to the waste basket to toss those nasty sticks of poison, once and for all, where they belonged.

The Problem With Low Quality Bulldog Treats

Now, I talk with Bulldog owners every day who, despite their best efforts and big bucks spent purchasing five star foods, still find their bully struggling with what seem to be food allergens. After conversing with them further, it’s often discovered they too have been counteracting their Bulldog’s high quality diet with a surprisingly low-quality dog treat.

After the recent release of our article outlining the keys to finding the best food for your Bulldog, I’ve decided it’s time to set the record straight. We’ve been duped people! Why did we ever think, after so diligently searching out the healthiest of dog kibbles, we could walk into Walmart and grab the first bag of dog treats we laid our eyes on?

I just figured my Bulldogs’ treats were supposed to taste great for them and that’s all that mattered. Plus the treats were so small. I thought, even if there were some not-so-healthy ingredients in there, it didn’t matter because those ingredients would be dealt out in such small quantities.

I see now, that way of thinking was so flawed. If a Bulldog is allergic to corn, it doesn’t matter if they’ve eaten just a little bit or a bucket full; it’s going to cause problems. A little bit of a bad thing can be very harmful to our delicate Bulldogs.

The Change

We already know what it takes to formulate a great dog food. Let’s use that same science to discover which dog treats will prove most beneficial to our Bulldogs. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the best dog treats and am excited to share my findings!

I was surprised to learn a lot of the more-celebrated brands of dog treats were still falling short of what our Bulldogs deserve. Meat by-products, artificial colors, heavy sugars and other undesirables had found their way into many bags.

I did manage to find three treats I can honestly say I think are the best your Bulldog can get.

Top 3 Treats For Bulldogs

These Organix Dog Treats by Castor and Pollux! are certified organic, meaning they’re made without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, added growth hormones or antibiotics.

It’s truly rare to find a dog treat made wholly with organic ingredients!

The stamp on the bag of Organix dog treats boasts, “We didn’t go organic. We’ve always been.”

Couple these dog treats with a treat dispensing dog toy by American Dog Toy Creator, West Paw for hours of play ***We’ve already reviewed their popular treat toy, Tux. See the review here. 

For the last 10+ years, dog food producers have been in a rush to offer their consumers an organic option for food and treats. Some, no doubt, saw dollar signs within this supposed new craze, while others were just beginning to understand the importance of  finally providing healthy products to their consumers.

I like the fact that Organix was there producing healthy treats all along, towing the line.

The wafers are about the size of a quarter. There were no crumbs present in the bag we received and they held a very mild, somewhat-pleasant scent. The treats are not moist and they’ll snap under moderate pressure. Not too oily either.

Not one of our 4 Bulldogs have turned a cold shoulder to the treats by Organix. I’ve been keeping them in my pocket around the house to further train our newest boy, D.C., and they work well because of their small size.

There must be around 100 in the bag.

Best Treat For Bulldogs With Allergies

The Honest Kitchen Quickies

When it comes to meaty proteins, far less Bulldogs are found to be allergic to fish than meats like beef, chicken or lamb. A fatty marine fish, naturally high in protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids, haddock is loaded with essential oils dogs thrive on.

Omega 3s are great at diminishing the affects of allergies including those allergies from bugs like fleas, inhalant/contact allergies like mold spores and grass, and/or food allergies.

Icelandic haddock pieces are the only ingredients in this bag. This particular fish is so low in fat you won’t have to worry about your bully picking up extra pounds from eating them.

As with all of Honest Kitchen’s food, these treats are 100% human-grade meaning the quality is rated high enough that it’s considered acceptable for human consumption.

I like the light, somewhat-chewy feel of these treats! They come in dehydrated heart-shaped pieces which are a bit larger than a dime.

When I opened the bag there was a distinct aroma. Definitely fishy, but it didn’t exactly smack me in the face. The scent was more desirable than gross. They’re not greasy at all, but they’re not perfectly dry either. Three out of our four Bulldogs really like them. For some reason our youngest bully, D.C. who is under 2yrs didn’t approve.

Another Great Treat For Training

After examining so many of their treats and foods I feel like I can confidently recommend any of Orijen’s products with my eyes closed. This company claims all their meats are free-range, cage- free or wild-caught then promptly shipped in for packaging from Canada.

These Orijen Free-Run Duck Singles are as close to raw food as you can get from a traditional dog treat. Call them anything but traditional.

These freeze-dried c ubes are healthier than what many people consume on a daily basis, considering all the growth hormones and antibiotics being administered in today’s meat market. Orijen seems truly committed to shielding their food production process from the unnatural, industrial practices followed by most of our modern-day grocery stores.

These treats are sort of different from the average wafer or cookie. They’re slightly larger in size than a sugar cube and a bit more moist than the other treats we reviewed. They’ll break or crumble some if you desire, but ours arrived in the bag intact. Depending on how your Bulldog eats these treats, they can be a little messy on the floor. Don’t worry, your bully won’t leave these crumbs for the cats!

How to Use a Treat to Give Your Bulldog His Medication

For some Bulldog owners, administering medication is no walk in the park – or should I say, “snore by the couch?” I not going to recommend the popular Pill Pockets by Greenies because they contain many of the ingredients I warned you about earlier on this page.  I think the idea of administering meds to a sick or hurting Bulldog with a potentially harmful ingredient like corn seems a bit ironic, actually.

Forget the pill pockets. When you’ve just gotten home from the vet with a recently prescribed bottle of pills you don’t have time to order a bag anyway. Instead, just grab a pack of hot dogs from the grocery store. Get something organic and low in sodium that hasn’t been tainted by growth hormones. Applegate Farms brand is really great. They use Beef that’s Never been Administered Antibiotics, Added Growth Hormones or Animal By-Products.

Here’s a Short Video I Did to Show You How I Give My Bulldogs Their Pills


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