Best Bed for Bulldogs

Bulldog Sleeping on BedWe learned the hard way! We spent hundreds of dollars on typical dog beds filled with cotton only to see them peed on and torn to shreds. It was so bad, I questioned whether we should set something up so that a replacement dog bed would ship new to us once a month!

It was horrible, but eventually, we started to think outside the Bulldog. Why do those enormous bags full of cotton cost so much anyway? Seriously, all they are is like a 6lb bag of cotton and the stores charge on average 30-40 dollars and more.

All this money for something my Bulldog would pee on the second it’s introduced?

I found myself mindlessly scrolling through forums one day and finally discovered what would be the last dog bed we would ever buy for our Bulldogs. The last dog bed! Not because we don’t love buying new things for our bullies, but because we were sick and tired of cleaning up the mess and wasting money!

Elevated Dog Beds Are Perfect For Bulldogs

Have you heard of those elevated dog beds? Just thinking of the first time we got our hands on one of these babies makes me feel wonderful! Let me explain why these elevated dog beds make me so giddy!

First, the mat is made of canvas and it’s woven together tightly to withstand constant impact. The mat fabric is water-proof and it’s perfectly fine to keep them outdoors. Of course you won’t always be sending your bully outside to sleep for the night, but this bed makes it possible if you decide to camp out with the family on a Summer’s eve.

The canvas material on a quality elevated bed can take all the abuse and desecration brought on by the most heavy-handed of bullies. There are just so many benefits of using a raised dog bed. The mat is difficult if not impossible to chew because of it’s flatness. The frame is tough pvc or steel, so they can’t chew it to bits either. If your dog pees on the mat, most of it goes right through and the rest can be easily sprayed off with tap water.

Sometimes our Bulldogs scratch their bedding before laying down(cats trapped in Bulldog bodies?), but I’ve seen them scratch the canvas on our elevated beds like mad and it doesn’t leave a mark.

Bulldog’s, because of their short snouts, don’t cool as easily as most other dogs. These beds are raised off the ground too, allowing air circulation and keeping your bully cooler during the Summer months. Due to it’s breath-able mesh, the canvas is resistant to mold and mildew also.

An Alternative Dog Bed

There is a similar product available which is sort of like the a fore mentioned raised bed. You may already own one. Can you guess? Time’s up. I’m talking about a standard, miniature trampoline. You know, the kind people buy to work out on.

It wasn’t long ago I discovered a new work out which was supposed to help a person lose some extra pounds with the help of these mini trampolines. I swore to Kate, my wife, that, “Once I get my trampoline I’ll be doing cardio every day to get back in shape!” In my mind, it had to work because when I was younger I spent hundreds of hours on the old trampoline my parents had gotten for us kids.

I honestly think the only calories that were burnt in the Weese house-hold after purchasing that trampoline were the ones I burned carrying it to the basement for storage. The kids sure liked it though.

Mini Trampolines Make a Great Dog Bed

Where was I? Oh ya. Why you can use the mini trampoline to bed your Bulldog down for the night. I’ll just lay a few of these reasons in a numbered list:

  1. The mat on the trampoline is made from a strong and durable polypropylene like the canvas found on most elevated dog beds, sometimes stronger. This mat can be easily cleaned outside with a hose and some dawn dish soap then hung out to dry.
  2. The steel or alumnium legs on trampolines are a thick gauge and last just as long as those on a traditional dog bed.
  3. The trampolines are heavy and can’t be moved or pushed around by a bully very easily.

I liked the idea of using the trampoline! Especially if you already have one available, it made me feel like I was sort of “cheating the system.” It’s cool putting something to good use that’s not technically designed for dogs and already rotting away in the basement anyway. I like to think of myself as innovative and DIY. I’m a Pintrest-ing man!

Decide between the two

Let me clue you in on some possible reasons an elevated bed made specifically for dogs can be better.

  1. The canvas can be washed and dried using your in home washer and dryer.
  2. The frame is often lighter and easier to move.
  3. The design and color is more complimentary to your home decor.
  4. These traditional elevated dog beds can be easily broken down and packed into a box or duffle bag for easy storage or travelling.
  5. Even though none of our Bulldogs weren’t hurt when using a trampoline, the absence of springs makes the traditional elevated bed a safer choice.

So, for those looking to get their hands on the best bed for their Bulldog, you’ve read my advice. Go ahead and comment below how weird(or awesome haha) you think I am for recommending a mini trampoline in place of a dog bed.

I like to be proactive in my writing which means anytime I think I can save my readers a few dollars, I’m all over it. I know someone, like me, has got to have one of these trampolines tucked away somewhere and they’re willing to give it a shot.

I just refuse to recommend a single cotton stuffed bag to anyone because I know what Bulldogs love to do with those over-sized chew toys 🙂

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