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Facebook fan pages can be huge in helping you and your Bulldog live an abundant life together. Knowledge is power, we’ve heard it said, but never before has such an abundance of knowledge been so easily accessible. Using the information you learn and share with other facebookers, you’ll no doubt fortify a wealth of beneficial friendships with people who live life similar to the way in which you and your beloved Bulldog/s do. This sort of knowledge is not just powerful, it’s priceless.

Here’s the one English Bulldog Facebook Fan Page you should definitely join NOW!

#1 Baggy Bulldogs

Best Bulldog Facebook Fan PageThe dedicated crew over at Baggy Bulldogs have created this super awesome fan page for all of us Bulldog enthusiasts! They’ve outdone themselves founding a place you can connect to share photos, goofy videos and even get answers to those tough questions every Bulldog owner will inevitably encounter.

With 22 thousand visitors and climbing, Baggy Bulldogs has formed quite an impressive following! Sure, there are much larger fan pages out there, but the fan participation on those other pages has been found wanting at best, even non-existent. When it comes to shear power, the Baggy Bulldogs page is a lock and won’t leave you disappointed!

Baggy Bulldogs is a great facebook fan page that is essential! Imagine a moment when your vet is closed and you find yourself at 1am needing to know what that red oozing bump thingy is between your bully’s toes. Limit those sleepless nights of worrying as much as possible. Join up and ask the willing fans for help!

Whatever your question may be, post it to the fan page and sometimes even instantaneously you can get helpful responses from hundreds of other Bulldog lovers all around the world. These are people who have already experienced what you and your Bulldog are going through at that very moment. Why pay your vet to tell you what other people already know? Dr Greenfield, Sir, no offense to you if you’re reading lol.

Baggy’s On Top. More Reasons Why:

Thanks to the group’s closed status, not just any spammer can get in.  You won’t be bombarded with annoying T-Shirt ads. The admins work hard to see that all of their members have a safe and fun place to share their experiences without being hounded by salesmen or bullies(the two legged ones). It’s just real Bulldog owners joining to form a helpful community, benefiting the Bulldog breed and their owners.

Compared to many of the larger hangouts for Bulldog lovers, Baggy fans quickly become friends you can count on. The member participation is simply outstanding! A person would be crazy not to join this incredibly helpful, fun and loyal group right now!

I’ve been a member for about a year now and I absolutely love the positive interaction I’ve had with other Bulldog lovers. I love the game, Find My Bulldog(below). This is when someone posts a regular picture of something like their backyard. It always looks like just a bunch of bushes and trees, but there, snoring, somewhere hidden among the landscape, there’s always a Bulldog to be found. It’s a fun way to pass time and get to know other members.  

Find my bulldog game

Find Angela Rosson’s Bulldog, Molly. (I haven’t found Molly yet lol)


The Baggy Bulldogs group is loaded with a large number of seasoned Bulldog owners who, through countless hours of good and bad times, have become very experienced with the Bulldog breed! Why not tap into the enormous cache of knowledge and camaraderie there is to be found on the Baggy Bulldogs Fan Page!


Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs is a Rescue Organization devoted to the English Bulldog. In today’s world, the immense popularity of the Bulldog has in many ways encouraged the abuse and neglect of these wonderful animals.

A man’s greed truly has no end and Bulldogs are used every single day by crooks, scammers and thieves in America and abroad to line their pockets full of cash.

Another primary cause of abandoned, abused and neglected Bulldogs might be our society’s increasingly wasteful lifestyles. It’s so very sad to hear of a Bulldog that was purchased as a Christmas gift for the kids only to be given up on because of a lack of love, discipline and understanding for the pet by it’s family. No matter the reason, this organization’s effort to ease the suffering of helpless Bulldogs is outstanding!

Founded in 2011, Rescue Ohio is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization established to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome English Bulldogs in Ohio, and its surrounding states.

​ROEB has committed itself to finding loving, responsible homes and to the philosophy that there is no such thing as a perfect dog or a perfect person, but rather the right dog for the right person.

They’re truly a miracle foundation in the eyes of every English Bulldog in need! Won’t you visit their page or find an English Bulldog Rescue network in your area?

Hope to see you’ve become a member of the coolest English Bulldog Fan Page, Baggy Bulldogs, very soon!

See you there!

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