Top Veterinarian Says Bacon Grease Good For Dogs

Woodlands University of Veterinarian Medicine, TX-Yes, you read that right. The school’s top Dr. of Veterinarian Medicine is not just saying that it’s good, but in Dr. Farkely’s own study, he was quoted as saying, “Bacon grease will soon be added to all commercial dog foods.”

When asked if he was serious about his prediction, Farkely said, “Serious as a heart-attack! “Start sprinkling left over bacon grease on your doggie’s kibble!”

This, because of the many healthy benefits those dogs that consistently ingested bacon grease displayed during his trials. Dr. Farkely says that super omega 6 fatty acids have been given a bad rap by the FDA for years. “Bacon grease must finally be seen as the super food it truly is, specifically in the lives of k-9s,” said the Dr. 

According to the study, the greasy sludge outsmarts harmful cells by attacking them from behind when they’re not looking or expecting it. The study calls these sudden raids, “sneak attacks.” These raids overwhelm life-threatening cells with bacon’s incredible flavor and saltiness, thus leaving the cells unable, even unwilling to go on doing what they do best-destroying hopes and dreams. 

“These new bacon grease studies are revolutionary,” said Dr. Farkely in a New York Times article published in February. Dr. Michael Thomas, director of epidemiological research academy and the American Cancer Group, calls Dr Farkely’s findings on bacon grease, “the Rolls-Royce of studies.” 

Farkley’s Diagram

“Bacon grease has improved the physical and mental health of humans for millennia, plus it just tastes great” says Dr Farkely, “it’s time for us to share those same benefits with our four-legged counterparts.”

As these findings have begun to pick up steam in news feeds across the country, they’ve also been met with some very critical thoughts from the community of veterinarians and scientists in animal research.

After reading these claims, one, Dr. Leroy Ferris of Cambridge Veterinarian University, fed by a surge of outrage, said the studies conducted by Dr Farkely were, “grossly exaggerated and dangerous.” Leroy suggested that feeding your dog bacon grease, even small amounts, is sure to, “disrupt the health of your dog in more ways than you can count.”

He went on to tell us, “This is outrageous! The only thing ‘revolutionary’ about this study is the fact that a ton of money was apparently spent and absolutely nothing new was learned about providing dogs with a healthy, low-fat diet,” said Dr. Leroy. “I’m pretty sure bacon grease kills, but not with ‘sneak attacks’ in the way this ridiculous study claims!” 

When we last attempted to speak with Dr. Farkely, the man behind the controversial studies, he could not be reached. His receptionist did tell us all of the animals used for the Dr.’s testing, as well as the Dr. himself, have come down with “mysterious” illnesses related to heart health. 

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  • Tom

    I am not amused. april fools was nearly a week ago. can we stop this now.

  • Jordan

    Bacon grease…c’mere frodo, mommy has a new treat for you hahaha.

  • Chrissy

    Ok, now I’m just confused. First it says bacon grease is good for your dog then it totally says the opposite at the end.

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