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A family man, married to my wonderful wife Katie, with 3 boys and four Bulldogs, Cally, Indy, Libby and D.C. I consider myself enormously blessed to write on this page!

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

It’s been 14 months since our last litter had arrived into the world and I figured it best to inform all of our followers that we have not gotten out of the business-or hobby- of breeding english bulldogs. So far, for this upcoming litter of puppies, the first four picks have been reserved. A typical litter of Bulldog puppies is 4-6, but Cally’s previous litter was 8 so we should need a couple more families. This will be a repeat breeding of Cally and Harrison. We just loved their pups from last year and even kept two of them for our home.

So what have we been doing in our spare time? Losing our minds!! We absolutely hate not having puppies to tend to. No, we don’t want puppies all year round- as I’ve stated before, this is not the Walmart of Bulldog puppies- but we love having puppies to raise at least 6 months out of the year if possible. Thankfully, my lawn care business, Rescue Lawn, has kept me busy up until this point. Katie has started homeschooling the kids and they’re really doing great with it.

Have you noticed? I’ve really been working hard at filling our site with helpful tips and tricks about everything bulldog. Let’s face it, this is a really tough breed to take care of in many ways and us Bulldog lovers need a lot of good information on various topics to keep us above water. I hope you’ve enjoyed such topics as, English Bulldog Care, Facebook Puppy Scams and Coconut Oil For Bulldogs.

Back to the main point of this short Post. Don’t forget about us! Mrs. Cally, though giving us a run for our money should be ready to have puppies soon. Right now we wait for her to come into season. Once that happens we’ll take her in to be bred and around 60 days later we’ll announce our new litter of Bulldog puppies for sale 2015 to all of our amazing fans. Until then, keep a close watch on our facebook page for updates! – Daniel

English Bulldog Thieves

English Bulldog Thieves of Related Story

Dec. 10th 2014

written by : Daniel Weese on Facebook ( ie. face-it you’re-addicted)

Angry Bulldog Mama Chases Down Kidnappers

Out of nowhere a man crept onto her lawn and continued quickly up the stairs of her front porch nabbing her Bulldog, Maximus. It was a “scary moment”, said Rosa Miller of Carlisle, PA.

“Scary moment..a guy just came up to my front porch grabbed Maximus. Ran and jumped into the bed of a waiting ford pickup. I screamed grabbed my keys and ran to follow. The guy dumped Maximus out before leaving the neighborhood. He’s fine, sleeping it off right now. Police said it’s the same scheme as following the ups or FedEx delivery trucks and stealing packages only this time it was an English bulldog. Please watch your babies closely this season!!”

- Rosa Miller

Bulldog Thefts Occurrences on The Rise

After hearing her incredible story, I had to contact Rosa. She couldn’t be reached for a comment, but later said,

“Maximus never saw the guy. I was walking to door to let him in from doing his business. He never left my sight. The man walked right up on my porch behind maximus and grabbed him. He had the nerve to look me in the eye and smile at me. That face will before ever etched in my mind .unfortunately he had no distinguishable features.”

- Rosa Miller

I was amazed to hear that after witnessing her beloved bully snatched by an unknown assailant Rosa, in only a split second, jumped into her vehicle and ran down her Bulldog’s captures. No doubt Rosa’s hands were trembling from fear! Her mind was likely filled with anger and confusion as she sped down the road in pursuit. Thankfully, her bold action made the thugs think twice before moving ahead with their rotten scheme. So far, the criminals have not been brought in by police. Who would do such a thing?! Why?

Looking at the response from the police, it would seem this sort of crime is nothing new and during the holidays, these atrocities are always on the rise. So who’s watching you and your Bulldog? Go ahead and google this topic. You’ll see theft of Bulldogs is a very real danger. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? How many slimeballs are cruising the neighborhood looking for high priced pets like ours. They probably figure there’s no reason to limit their “work” to just doorside packages, but to snatch up anything of value which they can carry into their vehicle and quickly trade for cash. Maybe it’s not the cash, but the most popular four-legged companion in america they want.

Take These Steps to Protect Your Bulldog

Stolen Bulldog Last Seen Mar 2014

Another Stolen Bulldog Last Seen Mar 2014

My advise to you, fellow Bulldog lovers is to take a few, long overdue steps to ensure your Bully stays home for the holidays. Where does your Bulldog do his business? Thinking back, we were sort of careless.

We used to let our Bulldogs out the front door of our home, but recently decided to only let them out the back door so passers by wouldn’t see our valuable family members. Lots of people have a plaque or sign with a picture of their Bulldog near the front porch or on the door. While these Bulldog themed signs and doormats are beautiful and fun, I think they convey a dangerous message should the wrong person see them.

Think of all the people coming to your door throughout any given month and consider whether it’s a good idea they know you own one of the most expensive and heavily desired pets in America.

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Oh and no offense to the pizza guy, but when you’ve ordered take out and the stranger carrying your food comes to the door, don’t let your bully greet him. Hide your Bulldog in the next room until he’s left. Maybe that last one comes off a little nutty, but if it saves your family from losing one of it’s most loved members to a dognapping, why not do it.

One last way to make sure your Bulldog stays with you this Christmas is to consider who you’re “friending” on facebook. These people see all the pictures you upload of your precious bully and we all know most crimes are linked to a family member or friend so be sure you choose your facebook friends wisely.


Coconut Oil For Bulldogs? YES!

You've Got to See This!

You’ve Got to See This!


Man Allows Bulldog to Play With Chain Saws + Climb Ladders!

Yikes! Makes you wonder what the man lets his Bulldog do that he hasn’t showed the public! I saw another one of these videos just today. Actually, it doesn’t involve anything as crazy as a gas powered chain saw and it’s a common activity among Bulldog owners; however, a number of Bulldog enthusiasts have shunned this practice. You’ve probably already tried it with your Bulldog.

bulldog on swingYou know the YouTube video that starts out with dad, strapping his Bulldog into a swing at the park? Mixed emotions quickly flood the comments section below a video like this. He begins to push. Back and forth, higher and higher. The swinging bully looks as though he’s on cloud nine and loving every minute! Your heart cries out, “what if he falls out of the swing or hurts his back in that meant for a child contraption?” What makes me cringe is the image in my mind of a Bulldog’s weighty body pushing too heavily on his tailbone at the base of the seat and hurting him in some way!

How do these types of videos make you feel? Many of us laugh almost uncontrollably at the irony of a Bulldog in a child’s swing not knowing the possible danger or pain the Bulldog may be facing. Some don’t see any real chance of harm in it. For others, they become instantly enraged at the apparent carelessness of the Bulldog’s owner claiming, “These people are so stupid! I hate lunatics like this!”

No doubt, it will surprise some who read this to know that we, just last year, filmed our own Bulldog, Lily, climbing up the thin, yellow rungs on our kids’ play set. The rungs are similar to that of a ladder and with the 8 of them combined, they reach around 5 foot high.

We didn’t train Lily to climb. Actually, when she hears the kids having a good time on the play set she loves to join in by getting as close to the action as possible. This sometimes means scaling the dangerous 5 foot ladder. Well, only somewhat dangerous in my opinion. My family and I have always been so proud of her climbing abilities and finally decided to film her routine and share it with our fans. Some kept silent, but more expressed a deep seated anger toward us for allowing Lily to climb. I’ll let the video speak for itself, but in short, Lily attempted to climb up the rungs eventually falling about 5 foot down. Thankfully she didn’t injure herself.

So how do we tell when we’ve crossed the line? When does harmless become harmful and outright irresponsible? Are some of us guilty of sacrificing our Bulldogs’ well being just to get a few laughs and likes on facebook? What’s the craziest thing you let your Bulldog do?

english bulldog shirt

English Bulldog T-Shirts

Got a Father in Law like mine who says, “why would anybody want a stupid Bulldog?” He’s always saying, “they stink, they’re lazy and they’re ugly!”

I’ve never been to quick with the come back and often have a terrible time recovering from such devastating words of wisdom, so instead of engaging in a heated conversation with the big oaf, I always get him one of these Cool Bulldog T-Shirts to try and persuade him into more polite behavior!

Better yet, one year we made his only Christmas present from us a very charming t-shirt that said, “This Guy Loves English Bulldogs.” My wife and I made him wear the tee and were sure to tell him how cute he looked in his brand-new t-shirt; minus the beer gut sticking out around the bottom. Hmm…. That reminds me. we’d better make a note to get him the XXXL next year.

T-Shirt Braggin

Share your obsession of English Bulldogs with everyone you meet; including those poor souls who still haven’t been enlightened as to why Bulldogs are so stinking awesome! For you who think declaring to the world your die-hard love of English Bulldogs sounds a little braggadocios, don’t be so humble.

C’mon, this is the shining new age of Facebook. Nowadays people can’t have a single thought run through their mind without flaunting it to the masses on social media! No matter how uneventful the status update, we tell everyone! For instance; You just had the most incredible tasting breakfast ever? Take a low quality, cell phone image of your meal and post to Facebook! Your midterm test is coming up this week? You’ll surely here, “Prayers coming!”

You agree, life is way more awesome with a Bulldog in it? This is much more awesome news worthy of sharing! Wear that message on your chest!!  Find a swag English Bulldog  T-Shirt and shout your message to the mountain tops!

I went ahead of you and listed the Coolest Bulldog T-Shirts available + a few of my personal favorites.

I Kissed a Bulldog and I liked It Shirt

Best English Bulldog Shirt

Funny English Bulldog T-ShirtBulldogs are a girl's best friendKeep Calm and Love Your Bulldog

girls love bulldogs t-shirtBulldog Drawing

Bulldog Love

Bulldog Hug

English Bulldogs T-Shirt

Girl Loves Her Bulldog

SF LAT Tee-red mens bulldog shirtI-Love-Bulldogs t shirt

Bulldog Rescue T-Shirt

I love bulldogs t-shirtBulldog-MamaI loveGood-Bad-PuglyBulldog Mom T-ShirtI-Kissed-a-Bulldog-n2pv English Bulldog Shirts bulldog tshirtIf-You-Want-A-Friend-For-Life-Get-A-Bulldog

Some Advice On How To Breed Your Bulldog…..

How To Breed Bulldogs

Pregnant Bulldog

With this post I wanted to address the fact that many of you are getting involved or hoping to one day be involved in breeding your English Bulldog. First off, let me assure you, I’m not writing with the intent to scare you off. I’m not going to simply tell you that breeding Bulldogs is too hard. In fact, I plan to do something very different….. I want to help you. The whole process of breeding and raising Bulldogs can be quite difficult at times and yes, even heart breaking, but it’s especially rewarding when you’re in it for all the right reasons.

By now you’ve probably been researching all over Google on the subject of Bulldog breeding and whelping just as my wife and I did before we officially got started. I can safely assume that while most of the information you’ve come across about breeding looks to be legit, you’ve been told that what you’re endeavoring to do is wrong. Get the impression  someone behind all these articles wants to see you run away with your tail between your legs? I know when we started out in our quest to own and breed bullies, that was completely the message we heard through all of our research. Over and over again we saw signs to “Turn Back Now!” We asked, “Why??” We pressed on!

After 8 years of experience breeding English Bulldogs, we’ve come to a better understanding of why there’s such a huge fuss. I believe all of the warnings are well founded. Maybe it’s all simply a way of weeding out those who may not be appropriate candidates for the hardships of breeding Bulldogs. This is a tough job and requires people who are dedicated to the humane treatment and overall improvement of the breed.  Did you know, each year in America, there are nearly 1 Million dogs euthanized? What’s worse, is to think of the countless number of dogs being horribly abused and neglected in pet stores and what we call “puppy mills”. To say the least, we have a big problem in America controlling the pet population! As a whole, we must be more loving and devoted to our pets. Still, amongst all of the bad, there is a great need for responsible Bulldog breeders who put their love for their animals ahead of their wallets. That may or may not be where you come in…Let’s Find Out!

Is Bulldog Breeding For You? Here’s a Quick Test!

Ask yourself, “what is motivating me to breed Bulldogs?”. Be honest about this! Did the first image that popped into your head sort of resemble a long, green, paper material with the words “In God we trust” inscribed on it?

Stop! What do you know about Bulldogs Right Now?? If you think you need to start from the beginning check out this book to your right Dummy!

Can I Make Money Breeding Bulldogs?

Maybe you’ve seen the lofty price tag on these dogs and thought to yourself, “oh ya baby, that’s where I want to be!”  To put it plainly, if you’ve been wholly persuaded by the opportunity of making big bucks you’re barking up the wrong tree. Don’t expect to get rich breeding English Bulldogs as the process demands lots of hard work many times ending with an insufficient payoff. It’s impossible to start breeding Bulldogs if you’re not financially stable in the first place.

Those who have, in their mind, constructed elaborate ways to “score big” off these animals are usually known as scam artists or  backyard breeders. You know, the guys who hope never to do any real work except collecting and running – don’t find yourself counted in this number. In short, yes you can make money breeding Bulldogs, but you won’t be upgrading the family car anytime soon.

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Is Breeding My Bulldog Dangerous?

“Hello! First off I love your website! Its chock full of great info. I’m writing to seek some advice and guidance. I currently have a female brindle and white English Bulldog. She’s the third bulldog I’ve owned over 20 years. I’m thinking of breeding her. She has a great pedigree full of champions on both sides. Of course she has some areas that could be improved a d I’m seeking a stud who compliments her.

My main question/concern is about my Bulldog’s safety. I saw that you recently and tragically lost your family member. Indy. I know that it was unexpected and sudden. Is death during pregnancy/caesarean/post-partum more common in English Bulldogs? Specifically HOW common (if you know.)

As far as the risk of anesthesia, I intend to spay her if I don’t breed her so anesthesia is a given. I will have her cleared for breeding and surgery by my vet prior to insemination but, as you know, even the best laid plans sometimes fail. I want to take every precaution possible to avoid unnecessary risk IF I do decide to breed her. Any knowledge and advice you can impart would be greatly appreciated.” – Kara Rouker Feb 28th 2017

Can My Bulldog Die Giving Birth to Puppies: My Answer.

“Hey, Kara. In our experience over the last ten years, we’ve produced 9 litters with three females. This last time was the only time we ever had a problem, but 1 in 9 isn’t exactly a welcomed statistic when it comes to the life of your beloved pet.

When we shared our experience on Facebook, I did hear from more than a few other families who said they lost their girl in the same way we did. I heard from thousands of people and I remember 4-5 families mentioning their Bulldog dying during or after giving birth via c-section.

Relatively often, I even hear of bulldogs dying from what were supposed to be out-patient surgeries like elongated soft palate or ACL operations.

It’s been tough deciding what to do. At first, we said never again. Indy was just 3 years old and she was our favorite. She was prized in our family and we took her on all of our vacations.

We’re on the fence now, but feel like the loss of Indy was just rare enough to continue. However, if it happens again, I don’t see a future in breeding for us. I believe the odds for success are higher than those for failure, but as you stated, there’s always a chance of death or permanent injury with any procedure, especially those involving anesthesia.

That’s about as honest of an opinion I can give you. I hope it helps you decide.” – Daniel Weese

I’m In This For The Long Haul! Now What?

I trust you’ve counted the cost to everything involved in breeding your Bulldog.

Now that we know you’ve considered how difficult and serious a task you are about to embark upon, I want to prepare you.

Maybe we should form a list of things you’ll need, some steps you’ll be taking, and what you can expect:

  • After you’ve studied the breed a LOT, You’ll need a Female English Bulldog (bitch) that comes from a long healthy heritage and conforms to the AKC English Bulldog Standard.
  • This is your official starting point! Finally a chance to personally study the Bulldog. You’ll discover the good and the bad about your new bully.  Once you’ve proven you can love and provide for one bully, you’re ready to proceed in confidence.
  • While she is maturing you can continue to ready yourself and your home for puppies.

Get These Items For Raising Bulldog Puppies

I’ll just quickly go over a few of the tools you’ll need to successfully care for the new mother and raise her litter of puppies. From the cesarean section to age 8 wks of age, there are a few life-saving items every bulldog breeder must have. On your way to the vet’s office for the C-section you should have something to carry your new puppies home in like a clothes basket. Put a few soft blankets in the basket and bring along a hot water bottle to keep them warm in the car. Get a blanket for mom too. The blanket for mom should be one you don’t mind parting with as it will likely be bled and peed on. Mom will be bleeding from the vulva heavily for the first 3 days and lighter for at least a week more so you’ll have to be creative about saving your carpet from blood stains. Have a carpet scrubber handy.

Have a digital thermometer available so you can monitor the puppies’ temperatures. Use the thermometer rectally with Vaseline Paste added to the tip for ease of entry. The puppy will squirm and squeal at first unless he is sick. A healthy newborn pup’s temperature should be between 95 and 98 degrees. Anything below 94 is dangerous. Use the thermometer sparingly. If a puppy is not squirming and whining a bit when you pick him up he may be sick or cold. Warm him up if he’s cold by holding him under your shirt close to your skin.

Here’s some more info on how to achieve a healthy puppy temperature.

Take note as to whether the puppy is just as active as the other puppies or if he seems lethargic. Don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian if you don’t know what to do.

At home, we always have ready a Low Voltage heating pad that will not reach harmful temperatures for the puppies. We keep the puppies in a clothes basket, on a table with the heating pad under it away from mom except for feeding time. The pad I’m recommending is perfect because it’s small allowing the  puppies to crawl away from it, to a cooler side of the basket if they become too warm.

Get your hands on a few Sterile Bulb Syringes. Sometimes after feeding, the puppies expel milk from their noses that must be sucked out. Use very hot water after each use to clean the bulb syringe.

In case mom’s milk is a little slow coming in you should have some Esbilac Puppy Formula. We prefer the powder over the liquid because you can mix only the amount you need, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and you don’t have to use the microwave; just set the desired temperature from the faucet. Test the temperature on your wrist like you would a baby bottle. The formula should neither feel cold or hot on your wrist. If the temp is wrong, the puppies may not drink it.

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Use only bottles intended for puppies. No baby bottles! Proper bottle feeding should mimic feeding from the mother. With the puppy on his belly, place him on your palm with his head propped up slightly and let him drink for no more than 10 min. Remember the pups need to eat every 2 hours for the first 2 weeks. At 2 weeks of age feeding can be pushed back to every 3 hours. If a puppy is not eating, check his temperature and read his body language. A puppy under 10 days of age is very fragile and shouldn’t miss a feeding.

You must try to get the puppies to poop and pee before and after each feeding by rubbing their anus and genitals gently with a wet wipe or tissue. If you don’t do this, the puppies may die. Let mom do the cleaning when she’s available. The poop should be brown or green and it’s ok if it’s a bit runny at first. Lots of times, you’ll discover the puppies have been peeing and pooping while your away and the poop will get hard, blocking the anus. Any blockage you discover must be cleared with warm water and gentle rubbing. Be very careful not to rub the anus and genitals raw. Apply Vaseline gel if rubbing has caused the areas to become swollen and bleed.

  • Get to know other breeders in the area and strive to find a few that are trustworthy and are willing to help you when you need advice.
  • If you haven’t added a Male English Bulldog to your family (Stud) you’ll need to find a breeder who has an exceptional Male to fill this role for your Female. Make sure to get a copy of the stud’s health certificate. Meet this breeder in person. Do a background check on them. Search their name on Google for any complaints or red flags. The last thing you want is to be associated or do business with a crook.
  • You need to find a Veterinarian that specializes in English Bulldogs and reproductive services. This is a must! Your Veterinarian should be no more than a couple of hours away from your home. A vet that is open all through the night is preferable in case of an emergency. Look into their business history. The most important thing is not how much they charge for services, but how they treat their clients and their capability of servicing your Bulldog. We have been a client of Animal Clinic Northview for years. They specialize in Bulldogs as well as other animals and they’re second to none in reproductive services!
  • Once your Bulldog has reached the age of at least 1.5 years, she has had no major health issues in her life, is currently healthy and is cleared by your veterinarian to become pregnant, she may be bred.
  • Be sure you’re financially stable and have at least $4,000-$5,000 in savings to be used for expenses you incur. Typically, you’ll spend around $3,000 for progesterone testing, stud service, x-rays and the C-section, but you have to be ready for unplanned trips to the vet before and after delivery. It’s common to get a sick puppy or two that needs to be seen by your vet at 3am.

No Doubt You’ve Got More Questions About Breeding Bulldogs

Bulldogs and Bulldog Breeding

Bulldogs and Bulldog Breeding

Don’t worry, we knew we couldn’t possibly answer all of your questions in just one article! We’ve just gone over a few points on How To Breed English Bulldogs and I know there is a load of information that still needs to be covered.  At Left, I’ve placed a great read all about breeding bulldogs written by John Cooper. This guy set the conerstone when it comes to breeding bulldogs and anyone stands to learn a lot from his huge cache of experiences. Click on the picture to the left for more info about John Cooper and his work with bulldogs.

There are a lot of questions you’ll encounter most of which come when your bitch has gone into heat and the first week after the puppies have been born. Please forward your questions on Breeding or Whelping English Bulldogs, or Raising Bulldog puppies, to the comments section below. 

Bulldog Puppies Available For Sale Now

Bulldog Puppies For Sale

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Hey everyone………In case you haven’t heard, we recently made our new litter of Bulldog puppies available for sale. Cally gave us 7 babies on Oct 23rd and what a surprise that was! Looking at her belly a few days before going in for the c-section at Animal Clinic Northview we expected around 4-6 puppies so we were definitely thrown for a loop this time. Look at our handsome little guy Smokey posing for the camera on the left. Let me tell you these puppies are turning out amazing!!

Take a Look at Our English Bulldog Puppies For Sale 

Puppies For Sale – Well Worth The Wait

Following the link above you’ll get a quick look at the remaining Bulldog puppies we have for sale and some more info on this current litter. I say “remaining puppies” because right after we placed the puppies for sale a couple of families who had been waiting on this litter snatched two of our puppies up quickly. We’re always pleased to provide such wonderful families with a puppy  especially after they’ve been patiently waiting for as long as 6 months. I’m sure it can seem so much easier to just go out to find a breeder who has puppies 365 days out of the year and possibly lower standards for his breeding program, but these families trusted and waited patiently with us. Their patience will soon pay off as these families are about to be transformed with the addition of a beautiful new Bulldog puppy.

About Purchasing One Of Our Bulldog Puppies For Sale

All of our puppies for sale come with a 2 year health guarantee. Each puppy, when received by you, comes up to date on all vaccinations and is health certified by our Veterinarian. Let me go on and brag a minute about our guarantee. First of all, you’ll notice most other breeders only offer a 1 year guarantee. Most incredible I think is that in 7 years we’ve never had to honor our guarantee. Our puppies are notoriously healthy and we plan to keep it this way. However, we are always prepared to make good on our promise in the unfortunate event a puppy should die.

More About Our Health Guarantee Applicable To All English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Bulldog Puppies For Sale On Facebook 

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page(I guess it’s the cool thing to do these days) for updates about our bulldog puppies for sale! We love taking pictures and video of our puppies for the short time we have them in our home! If we get some good ones you’ll definitely see them on Facebook first and then on our website. It’s so much easier to add pics of our puppies to Facebook than our website, so you might see that updated a bit more frequently. Hey, thanks so much for catching up with me about our English Bulldog Puppies For Sale!  

Call or Message Us and Of Course You Can Come See The Puppies!

If you think you might want more info about our available puppies just Contact Me. I prefer phone calls, but I have no problem if you would like to message me on Facebook.

Can I Trust This Bulldog Breeder?

By the way…… a lot of people ask, ” can we come and see the puppies before we make a deposit?” Of course you can see the puppy first! We would never encourage anyone to buy a puppy without first meeting him/her. More importantly though is the need for you to meet us, to make sure you can trust us, and that you’re comfortable with our breeding program. Google search: RedWhiteandBulldogs.Com and Our Name: Dan and Katie Weese! Heck, do a background check on us. Make sure you are buying your puppy from decent people who love and respect their pets. These steps are crucial in protecting your investment as well as in doing right by the puppies your considering purchasing.

See You Soon!

Dan @ RedWhiteandBulldogs.Com



Mini Bulldogs For Sale

Miniature Bulldogs have become quite popular in recent years among those actively searching for a pet. Our website alone entertains hundreds of visitors each week looking for a Mini Bulldog for sale. English Bulldog breeders everywhere are jumping on the Mini Bulldog band wagon in hopes of being a part of this new craze. Make Sure you Google anyone who claims to have Mini Bulldog puppies for sale! Generally, if a breeder has had a history of unfair business practice or animal abuse, you will find complaints after searching their name online. So what makes the idea of a Mini Bulldog so popular you ask? Well, I say it’s obviously all in the name, would you agree? Think about it; you’ve got mini pizzas, mini bikes, mini skirts and mini horses. It only makes sense that every home in America should have a Mini Bulldog right? If you’re looking to purchase a Mini Bulldog, there are some things you absolutely must know. Read On about Mini Bulldogs For Sale…..

All Kidding Aside


Mini Bulldogs For SaleA Miniature Bulldog is a hybrid of a Pug and an English Bulldog. Actually, depending on who you’re talking to this breed comes into existence by cross breeding a few different combinations of dogs together. Some breeders claim they have the one and only recipe for the Mini Bulldog and they won’t share it with anyone. Others say they get a Mini by simply breeding only the Bulldogs that are smaller than a typical size Bully. Sadly, some of the more dishonest breeders are still taking advantage of the situation and simply listing their Jack Russel Terrier/Pug as a Mini Bulldog for sale in the local newspaper. In the picture shown, you see what looks like everything you would hope to find in a quality Minature Bulldog. If you’re looking for Mini Bulldogs for sale, take a closer by following the link.

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The most common method in creating Minis is finding two smaller than average Bulldogs and then breeding them. It’s then hoped that those “small genes” which seem to be present in the parents carry on to the puppies. Voila; you’ve got Minis! Some breeders can supply registration papers for their Mini Bulldogs, but if they do, it’s important to understand that the papers will actually have “English Bulldog” listed as the breed. The Miniature Bulldog cannot be recognized by the AKC and therefore doesn’t have a list of acceptable, physical attributes that have been “set in stone” for the breeder to consider.

More About The Mini Bulldog For Sale

A typical Mini Bulldog is said to be a small, compact dog about the size of a Pug with a snout that slightly protrudes away from the face. They usually weigh around 20 lbs. Miniature Bulldogs are thought of as quite friendly and supposedly make good family pets. As previously mentioned, because Mini Bulldogs cannot be AKC registered and there is no AKC Standard to follow, it’s really up to each individual breeder to define the acceptable physical traits and temperament of a Mini. As you would with any puppy purchase; you should always request to see the parents, get a health certificate and ask the breeder what it is exactly that makes the particular puppy a “Mini” Bulldog.

One day the AKC may choose to recognize this new breed, but for now please be cautious in your search. Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a “Mini” Bulldog, but because people are so avidly searching for them, I thought I would write this short post to help explain some of the details about the Mini Bulldog for sale in Ohio.

Celebrities Love Their Bulldogs!

Today, the English Bulldog is certainly one of the most sought after pets in the United bulldogStates. In fact, the American Kennel Club has reported a continual rise in the amount of registrations being completed of this breed for the last 50 years. English Bulldog Registration ranking has gone from 21st in the year 2000, 16th in 2003, all the way up to 5th in 2013! What an astounding increase in popularity! But, why? Well, there’s no scientific method for determining the answer, but we think it’s simple.

From Our Clothes To Our Pets…We Want To Be Like The Stars!

Yes, we would bet the Bulldog’s climb to fame can be attributed to a simple change in the culture. Think about it, an overwhelming amount of Celebrities, Music Artists and Professional Athletes prefer the Bulldog over any other breed. Acutally, a combination of French and English Bulldogs, are ranked the #1 most popular dog in Los Angeles, California according to the AKC. Sports Stars and Celebrities can have anything they desire at the snap of a finger. They demand the best and they obviously consider the Bulldog to be the perfect fit for their “best friend.” Which celebs own Bulldogs? Leonardo DiCaprio, Reese Witherspoon, David Beckham, Ashley Olsen, Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Martha Stewart and Adam Sandler to name just a few.

    Bulldog Popularity: More Explanations.

bulldog popularForget the Movie Stars for a minute. I couldn’t believe my ears the first time I heard the Bulldog is the 3rd most popular team mascot for schools in America in all time!? It’s incredible! 39 colleges and nearly a thousand high schools consider the Bulldog as their choice representative on the field! It makes perfect since really. Bulldogs posses so much of the raw character and pride sports teams all over the country have always wanted to be associated with.

Can You Think Of  a Few TV Commercials With a Bulldog In It? I Can!

Successful marketing firms everywhere have also entrusted a Bulldog to the significant duty of campaigning on television, magazines and the internet on behalf of their products! From dog food to car insurance you undoubtedly have seen more than a few ads featuring a short and stalky, big headed, Bulldog scouring the airways. There’s a clear reason these companies are so often using Bullies in their advertising campaigns. It’s simply because of that undeniably cute “face only a mother could love.”

Bulldogs Fit So Nicely Into Our Busy Lives.

One more reason Bulldogs are climbing the charts in popularity may be the fact that we live in such a “hurry up” time period. The English Bulldog is a very low maintenance animal making him fit right in with our fast paced new world. Think about it; people often microwave food for their meals now rather than cooking in a conventional oven; they text while driving(sorry to say); and there are upwards of $41,000,000 in speeding tickets paid in America each year! Good Grief! We are in a hurry people! Pet seekers are often turned off to the idea of walking their dog two to three times per day. They just don’t have time for it. Plus, a Bulldog just has so much character. Who can resist that wrinkly face and enormous head?

We’ve designed this site to provide all sorts of helpful information concerning issues on this incredibly popular dog like; health and medical issues bulldogs face, general information about the breed and many other in-depth topics. Our website even comes equipped with an excellent Bulldog Q&A that is sure to help you better understand the amazing Bulldog breed. Our most favorite thing about the Bulldog Q&A is that you get to stick your nose in other people’s conversations. Just kidding. I’m not talking about being nosey. I just mean it’s a great opportunity as a perspective new Bulldog owner, or as a current Bulldog owner to get an inside look at the many exciting things as well as some challenges surrounding the life of real bulldog owners everywhere. We’re constantly adding useful info to our website and I believe there is something here for everyone who has ever owned or who may be thinking about bringing an English Bulldog into their lives.

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In Search of Cheap Bulldog Pup.

Recently, English Bulldogs have become one of the most desired dog breeds in the nation! Still, the Bulldog, is not the most common pet you’ll see in homes across America. This due in part because of the high sticker price breeders place on their puppies. Nonetheless, because of the English Bulldog’s skyrocketing popularity in the pet world, people continue searching newspaper ads and the internet for a “cheap english bulldog puppy for sale”. Let me tell you, that phrase is an incredibly common one used on Yahoo and Google search engines by people just like you looking for an awesome Bulldog at a “low price”.

Scam Artists Target Those in Search of Cheap Bulldogs

Where to Find a “Cheap English Bulldog.” 

Cheap Bulldog Puppy For Sale

Who You Callin’ Cheap!

You’ve probably heard the saying “you get what you pay for” right? Go looking for a cheap Bulldog and that’s exactly what you’ll find. Take it from me; I meet new people nearly every week who purchased their first Bulldog for around $500 from some website like puppy find.com or hoobly. Sadly, some even go into Amish Country or into a known puppy mill in hopes of saving some cash.

F.Y.I Our Bulldog Puppies start at $2,500 which you’ll find is the mean price among reputable breeders. Near the end of this article we’ll reveal your best bet at finding a low priced Bulldog.

- -Daniel Weese

The breeder or pet store always makes the claim,  “our puppies have champion blood lines”(don’t they all) and is AKC registered. Those words may be reassuring at first, but when you see the poor animal in person, you’ll very likely begin to question whether you’re looking at a common Beagle or an actual English Bulldog. By this point you’ve no doubt already emptied your wallet for this puppy and there’s no turning back. It’s sad that half the people I meet who have a “cheap Bulldog” don’t even know what they’re missing. The differences in the animal’s build, weight, conformation and temperament are extremely evident. Ears that don’t set right on the head, long legs and a protruding snout are just a few undesirable characteristics that you might see on the cheap bulldog. 

Please don’t think it’s all about the low price. This can all happen even if you’ve shelled out up to $4,000. To learn more about what a Bulldog should look like and how to avoid the pitfalls of a cheap bulldog read: English Bulldog AKC Standard

Low Cost Bulldogs Cost Much More

We mustn’t glorify a low price to be more important than the puppy’s health. Often times these lower priced Bulldogs don’t come from the healthiest of gene pools. In fact, most come from a breeder who simply doesn’t care about the health of his puppies. Ever heard the term, “backyard breeder?” The guy advertising his “cheap bulldogs” will breed even the most sickly of dogs. His top priority is fattening his bank account. These backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet stores mean only to make the sale while throwing the welfare of the puppy and the buyer to the wayside. You may not be able to spot any health problems on the outside of your “cheap English bulldog”, but it’s likely you’ll pay every penny to keep up with all the health problems on the inside. Common ailments associated with low cost Bulldog Puppies are heart murmurs, skin problems, hip dysplasia, allergies etc. Trust me, you won’t be saving yourself any money going with a “cheap” Bulldog.

Have I made my point about Cheap Bulldogs yet?

Think about why you fell in love with the English Bulldog in the first place. The first time you ever laid eyes on the Bulldog, he was probably strutting his stuff in a popular kids movie or on a bag of dog food. Point is, the Bulldogs you’ve seen were considered some of the best in quality and were picked to play their part in advertisements and movies because of their incredible conformation. These Bulldogs don’t come cheap. Somewhere, some responsible breeder poured their love and time into that Bulldog and he could never afford to let his puppy go for such a low price. That’s the Bulldog you love and want as your next pet, but unfortunately you just won’t find him for $500 or even $1,000 anywhere. What you’ll end up with is an often times unhealthy and very poor looking (more of a “mut”) pet. Sitting in obedience class with all the other Bulldogs your dog just won’t belong. It’s then that you’ll finally see where you’ve gone wrong.

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Please understand, I’m not blaming anyone for looking for a deal and shopping around. I applause you for looking for the best price, but please be careful about who and what you are supporting. You don’t want to be a contributor to the harm of this breed. The Bulldog and animals of all kinds need our help in the fight against abuse.

Your Best Chance For a Cheap Bulldog

Don’t forget to check the following Rescue Centers for Bulldogs: Ohio Rescue Centers For Bulldogs, Illinois Bulldog Rescue, Indiana Bulldog Rescue! Search online and on Facebook for a Bulldog rescue nearest you. These Non-Profit Rescue Centers can’t give their Bulldogs out for free because of the cost incurred for rehabilitation, but most times the price is $500 or lower. Please consider adopting a needy Bulldog from a Rescue Center near you. I hope this post was informative in explaining a little more about the complex English Bulldog breed. Please don’t cheat yourself and your family by settling for second best. In doing so you will not only hurt yourself, but on a much larger scale you will encourage the harm of these beautiful creatures we know as the English Bulldog. For more information about this awesome breed follow this link. http://www.akc.org/breeds/bulldog/index.cfm

 English Bulldog Rescue Success Story



Annete Kraljev tells us she has successfully adopted a beautiful 2yr old English Bulldog from the No More Tears Rescue in Staten Island, New York! This is a wonderful rescue center started by Laura Flynn Amato to aid in helping all dogs who have suffered abuse in puppy mills. The goal of this center is to help these poor animals to become rehabilitated and find a forever home . Annete named her Rescue Bulldog Daisey and reports to us that she is a very loving Bully. Congratulations Annete and thank you for opening your home and heart to a needy Bulldog 🙂

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written by Daniel Weese @ Red White and Bulldogs

 Don’t Get Taken By Impostors!

bulldog scamsWith the English Bulldog being one of the most desired dog breeds in America it has also become a breed that is constantly being used to take advantage of unsuspecting families. I have seen hundreds of ads that scream “SCAM” on newspapers and online advertisements. There’s a good chance that if you open your Sunday paper there will be some lousy scammer running his usual ad in hopes of making some unearned cash(stealing). It’s extremely easy to spot a scam if you know what to look for.

*** Update- In the new age of everything Facebook, we’ve noticed that most Bulldog Scam Artists have now taken their “work” to the social network in search of fresh victims. That’s right, when this post on Bulldog Puppy Scams was originally written only two years ago most of the false ads were found in newspapers, but that’s obviously not so anymore. So much for the good ol’ days. There’s so many reasons scammers are flocking to social media to push their schemes. It doesn’t cost a dime to post your ad on facebook and within 5 -10 minutes you can have a full page of cute puppy pictures listed with a price and your fake phone number. The most encouraging reason; however, that bulldog puppy scammers are using facebook are the enormous Bulldog Fan Pages they can post to where millions of bulldog lovers will see their ad! Yep, puppy scamming is so much easier on facebook now than it ever was by placing an ad in the local paper.

Facebook Puppy Scammers HATE this Article on Facebook Puppy Scams we just wrote!

Here’s an Example of an English Bulldog Scam

Take a look in your local news paper and you will see at least one of these sour deals a month. The other day while reading I noticed an ad in the paper that read “Bulldog puppies for sale,”Champion blood lines”. The ad also mentioned that the puppy had AKC papers and the seller wanted $600. According to this ad  “Mr X” had everything in a new puppy you could ever want and for a steal of a deal.

There were two sure signs this ad was a scam. One, the price of this puppy was supposedly only $600.00. This means the pup could NOT have had a “Champion Bloodline” or been “AKC”. No responsible breeder can afford to sell one of their puppies for such a low price. Two, the ad had an email address, but no contact phone number. “Mr X” never wants to talk to you on the phone for fear of being discovered. “Mr X” may even post another person’s phone number in order to seem more legitimate.

If you call this number it is likely you will reach someone else or no one at all. You will undoubtedly get some crazy story from this scam artist and he will require you to pay him with a wire transfer, money order, or western union without you even meeting him or this puppy. Remember that even if “Mr X” has beautiful pictures of Bulldog puppies or sends you a copy of his I.D. it doesn’t mean he is legit. These Bulldog “scam artists” go to great lengths to make themselves believable.

The Final Analysis

Sometimes it can be hard for someone to turn down what may seem like such a good deal, but going this route and just hoping it turns out ok is recipe for disaster. If this scammer catches you by the tail you won’t escape til you’ve paid every penny. Please make sure that when searching for your new pet you are able to talk to the seller on the phone or most preferably in person. There are many ways you can be conned into a bad deal from one of these “scam artists” so please be careful and take your time when searching for a pet. One faithful saying comes to mind,”If it’s sounds to good to be true it probably is”.

If you ever feel you may have run into one of these “jokers” please report them to the police and the advertising agency that was used. Lastly, if at any point you don’t feel confident in the seller or their claims DON’T give them your money! Contact a reputable seller and save yourself the heartache of being left out in the cold. A lot of good people get taken for a ride by these types of “scam artists” & we hope you don’t run into one them.

– Dan Weese

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