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A family man, married to my wonderful wife Katie, with 3 boys and four Bulldogs, Cally, Indy, Libby and D.C. I consider myself enormously blessed to write on this page!

4 Week Old Bulldog Babies Weighing In!!





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Their First Photos

Over the coarse of a few days I managed to steal a few photos from our Miracle Bulldog puppies. Most of the time while shooting these photos the puppies were either sleeping, yawning or nodding back off into dreamland.

You’d think it might be easy to pose the puppies the way you want, but the second you place them in that perfect position they’re moving back to the way that they prefer to lay. I’ll definitely be capturing many more photos of these pups as they grow and I can’t wait to get some shots including their Labrador mommy!!

newborn-bulldog-puppies-7 newborn-bulldog-puppy newborn-bulldog-puppies newborn-bulldog-puppies-11 newborn-bulldog-puppies-10 newborn-bulldog-puppies-9 newborn-bulldog-puppies-8 newborn-bulldog-puppies-6 newborn-bulldog-puppies-5 newborn-bulldog-puppies-4 newborn-bulldog-puppies-3 newborn-bulldog-puppies-2

Indy delivered 7 healthy puppies in North Ridgeville, Ohio Saturday. Although she was slow to recover after her cesarean section the doctor cleared her to return home with her new puppies. Only minutes after arriving home, Indy stopped breathing. Efforts to resuscitate her had failed and just like that, our beautiful 3 year old girl was gone. Pumping her chest in the back of our speeding car, with the nearest veterinarian’s clinic still 8 minutes away, I reluctantly asked Katie to stop and take us back home.

Watch These Puppies Grow on Our Facebook Page!

No matter the stress and sadness inflicted on us by this tragedy, my wife Katie and I had 7 newborn Bulldog puppies to care for and they weren’t going to wait for us to cycle through the grieving process. The task of raising a litter of Bulldogs is a tough one even when the mother is present. In this case our puppies were orphaned. They would need to be hand fed every 2 hrs, 24/7. It became ever-clear to us just how much a newborn puppy depends on it’s Mother.

tube-feeding-bulldog-puppyOn the kitchen table, next to our basket full of now hungry and crying puppies, were bags of newborn puppy bottles, plastic syringes and milk replacer Katie had rushed to the store to pickup. Yes, we had backup supplies for an emergency occasion, but not one like this! Besides, a Walmart bag filled with supplies could never replace a Mother’s touch.

Thankfully, Indy did feed the puppies 3 times before her untimely death. These 3 feedings provided the immune system boosting colostrum that is vital to newborn pups for survival.

A Grueling Task Ahead

To receive their meals for the next 4 weeks, the  puppies would have to adjust from their natural, God-given care taker to our man-made bottles and syringes. They would have to put aside their instinct to draw close to their warm Mother. For warmth the new puppies would cling to each other – and a Pet Safe brand heating pad.

After a full 24hrs the puppies were excelling at their only job – eating and growing. Suckling, they were consuming 5ml of milk per feeding and slowly mending our hurting hearts. Funny how new life can heal where death had previously left it’s sting.

After hearing what had happened the day before with Indy, my Mother and Sister called to ask what they could do to help us. I simply said, “come visit.” We needed someone to help us think happier thoughts. Maybe a hot coffee in hand and a discussion over these beautiful new babies would help.

My Mother suggested, “Why don’t you go on Facebook and ask someone if they had a dog with milk-a dog that could feed and care for the puppies?” Of course, that was a great idea, but who would have such a dog? We even considered the idea of possibly finding a cat that could fill the Mother’s role. No, that wouldn’t work. Not a chance actually, but it was well worth the laughs.

We Just Did a Photo Shoot With The Pups! Check It Out! 

It was around that time we received an unexpected message to our Facebook page,

“Hey guys I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss. I want to throw an idea your way, it may or may not help.

I have a lab that gave birth yesterday and she lost her pups. She is grieving and producing milk like crazy. If you’re interested it might be worth a try. If we can help let’s us know.”Macy Grubbs

At first, I thought, “It’s a Christmas Miracle!”

I pictured the whole scenario played out in my mind like a Hallmark movie. I couldn’t imagine better news!

Then I realized there was just no way we could do this. How could we take this person’s offer seriously? Besides, we didn’t know this man and certainly couldn’t trust a stranger in our home. You hear so many stories of entire litters of Bulldog puppies being stolen from their homes and I didn’t want to put my family in jeopardy.

I paced back and forth staring at the blinking lights fade in and out on our newly decorated Christmas tree. “It couldn’t hurt to just call him, right?” My wife didn’t seem as worried about this man’s proposal as I was.

Macy, Daniel , Amanda and Pixie

Macy, Daniel , Amanda and Pixie

So, I called, Macy. I told myself I would play the part of a detective to decipher whether he was legit.

Right away, I noticed Macy’s warm, southern accent. “He said he was from Kentucky, so that much checks out,” I thought. He also mentioned he and his friend, Amanda breed Labradors.

Those next few moments on the phone Macy of CDK Retreivers told me he had a story too. He and Amanda co-owned a Labrador, Pixie, who gave birth to puppies the same Saturday Indy did. Pixie and her puppies were attacked by another dog and her puppies were killed. Pixie and the families that cared for her were mourning down in Kentucky much in the same way we were here in Ohio. Macy’s story instantly filled me with a spirit of solidarity. We truly did share a common bond.

“I believe in fate”

That’s what Macy told me as he began to explain his reasoning. He knew that sometimes terrible things happen to families and we just can’t control that. Macy wanted to help – nothing more. He put himself, his friend, Amanda and their dog Pixie in a vulnerable position to place another family on a better path.

Macy, Amanda and Pixie drove to our home in Ohio the next morning.  They explained that Pixie wasn’t quite herself since her puppies died. She had been panting and grieving non-stop. We weren’t sure how to proceed with introducing the puppies to Pixie, but just as we’d hoped, she took to them in no time. It couldn’t have been 5 minutes before Pixie was laying on our living room floor feeding and cleaning her new babies!

As I write, it’s 8:41 pm on a cold Ohio’s night.

Pixie has been given her babies back!


I have my Christmas Miracle!

See Live Video Updates on Pixie’s Bulldog Puppies!


Pixie + Pups Day 1

Pixie + Pups Day 3

Pixie + Pups Day 3

Pixie + Dylan

Pixie + Dylan

Why Won’t My Bulldog Eat?

The first, and usually most plausible reason a Bulldog has slowed his eating is because he’s getting older. You might think as a Bulldog ages he would want to eat more often because he’s gotten bigger, but around 6-12 months you should expect your puppy to take in fewer meals. Bulldog pups eat 2-3 meals a day in part because their stomachs are smaller than an adult dog’s and don’t allow as large a capacity for food. Also, a Bulldog pup’s nutritional needs can be more demanding due to their energetic life-styles and fast growing bodies.

So, if your maturing Bulldog has skipped a meal or two there might not be a real reason for alarm. As long as he appears healthy, is drinking water and playing as usual it’s safe to post pone any trips to your veterinarian. Avoid the temptation to add treats or dressings to his food. Adding treats to the food could cause your Bulldog to develop a very picky eating habit.

My Bulldog Stopped Eating Completely!

Unlike the example above, their are legitimate health concerns to consider and investigate when your Bulldog has stopped eating. To be honest, their are countless scenarios that could explain the lack of appetite. Lets do a quick investigation to help rule out any immediate health disorders.

Consider the last few days – this could be crucial. Has your Bulldog been defecating and urinating regularly? Diarrhea could be a sign of a bacterial or viral infection and a Bulldog with persistent diarrhea should be taken to a vet. Have you noticed any coughing, labored breathing or vomiting? Again, persistent vomiting is serious and should be investigated by a veterinarian if it happens continuously over the course of a couple of hours.

You’re His Best Physician!

Let your bully guide you. Examine his body language to determine whether he looks uncomfortable. Do a physical exam. Use a rectal thermometer and try to get a reading of 101 to 102.5. A reading above 103 is suspect and could be the reason your Bulldog won’t eat. Take your bully to a professional if the body temperature is above 103.

Gently push his tummy. It shouldn’t be bulging and hard, but soft. Rub all over his body. Slowly bend the joints on his legs and paws. Does he react with pain when any of these areas are touched? What about inside his mouth? Unless the gums have color, they should be pink and moist.

Still Won’t Eat.

Does he seem alright, but your just not sure? Try inviting your Bulldog to go for a walk, play with his favorite toy or give him a small treat you can be sure he wouldn’t pass up. If he declines all of your efforts to make him interact with you in a positive way, consider making him a vet appointment.

Our Bulldogs are our babies. Sometimes the slightest difference in behavior or circumstances can really get a person worked up. If your Bulldog skipped a meal, but otherwise looks healthy and happy he’s probably just fine. However, if you’ve gone through all the steps above, your bulldog hasn’t eaten a bite for more than 24hrs and he just doesn’t seem right, it may be better to schedule a visit with your vet!

Christmas Cookies for Bulldogs

As they sing: It’s the most… wonderful time…… of the year!! In our family, we love baking all the classic Christmas cookies even devouring some of them before they ever make it off the cookie tray!

It occurred to me this Christmas season that our Bulldogs probably haven’t been very pleased about their past roles in the kitchen. Our Bulldogs, meek and mild, bless their hearts, have never been given the opportunity to enjoy our holiday baking.

Our Bulldogs have been tormented each Christmas at the sight of us spreading cheer with each warm and gooey cookie we consume for ourselves. My wife, Kate and I figured it’s time we baked a few delicate treats especially for them.

We looked up some ever popular Christmas cookie recipes, tweaked them specifically for our sensitive Bulldogs and added a bit of Christmas cheer, just a pinch. Oh! Do our bullies love them!

These cookies and treats are safe for Bulldogs too! We’ve substituted all of the chocolate, sugar, salt and flours made with wheat.

Fresh Breath Firs

Like a dried up Christmas tree on the first day of January, these treats were designed to help you drag your bully’s bad breath to the curb for removal. They taste great too!

Grain Free Christmas Cookies

 Fresh Breath Fir Recipe:


  • 1 carrot
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup mint leaves, parsley or 1 Tbsp mint extract
  • 1/2 Tbs honey
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 2 cup almond or coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup water


Mix 4oz cream cheese, 1Tbsp plain greek yogurt, 1 Tbsp honey and spread.


  1. Finely chop mint leaves
  2. Combine all ingredients
  3. Bake for 8-10 min at 350

Lump of Coal Cookies

This lump’s for you! This is for the Bulldog who’s been very bad, all… year… long.

It’s for the Bulldog you wouldn’t touch with a 39 1/2′ pole! Baked fresh for the crooked, dirty bully that drives a crooked hoss! For the Bulldog that….my wife really hates my sense of humor (you might have guessed).

These are totally safe for Bulldogs! We’ve subbed out all the harmful ingredients like chocolate and flour and still managed to create a very fudgy and dense brownie-like treat our Bulldogs really enjoyed.

Lump of Coal Dog Treat

Lump of Coal Recipe:


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup carob chips + 1/2 cup carob powder
  • 2 Tbs honey
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a mini muffin tin (24-capacity) with cooking spray.
  2. In a large, microwave-safe bowl, heat the coconut oil and chocolate chips for 1-minute increments at half power, stirring in-between, until melted.
  3. Stir in the remaining ingredients mixing well.
  4. Fill the mini muffin cups 3/4 full.
  5. Bake 12-14 minutes until just barely cooked through. Poke through with a fork. If brownie sticks, cook for 1 minute more and re-check.

Pumpkin Pie Mini Cookies

Yum! These turned out great. Took a few tries to perfect them, but finally, we got that chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside texture with a great pumpkin taste. These cookies are perfect for a young bully in training.

Ask any veteran Bulldog owner and they’ll not hesitate to tell you a quarter cup of pumpkin can be a really great tool for alleviating your bully’s constipation. Pumpkin also contains powerful antioxidants, protein, iron, zinc and high levels of vitamin C and potassium. It’s a great source of fiber and is just jammed full of nutrients! Now you know why we couldn’t resist whipping these for our Bulldogs.

pumpkin cookies bulldogs

 Pumpkin Pie Mini Cookies Recipe:


  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 15oz can pumpkin


  1. Combine ingredients together
  2. Bake for 20 minutes at 350.  Required cook time may vary based on the size of your cookies. Ours were about the size of a quarter.

Christmas Ham

Christmas Cookies For Bulldogs

Christmas Ham Recipe:


  • 2 pieces of bacon
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 Tbs honey
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 2 cup almond flour
  • 1/2 cup water


  1. Combine all ingredients save almond flour
  2. Add almond flour
  3. Bake for 8-10 minutes at 350
  4. Required cook time may be longer based on how large your cookies are

Reindeer Droppings

Give them what they really want for Christmas this year! Of course, these aren’t real poo cookies, but your bullies won’t know it.

Reindeer Poop Cookie Recipe

 Reindeer Droppings Recipe:


  • 1/3 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup mashed banana
  • 1 Tbs honey
  • 1 cup almond or coconut flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup flaxseed. Flaxseed is rich in omega 3s which can be great at fighting off itchy skin among other things, but the flax is only beneficial if it’s first been crushed. We forgot to crush our flaxseed as you can see. Whoops 🙂 Your turn…..crush away!


  1. Combine all ingredients
  2. Bake 30 minutes at 350.


Everyone’s Favorite New Bully Is So Entertaining!

She’s at it again! Surely you recall the fabulous YouTube video capturing Shelby’s first time in the rain from outside her home in San Francisco! That video was beyond adorable and it’s still getting thousands of views each day.

Most people have found themselves watching the video over and over just out of shear delight! Alex Hobbs at Woman’s Day magazine couldn’t resist doing a write up on everyone’s new favorite English Bulldog!

It’s now clear Bulldogs are capable of dazzling us entertainment hungry Americans anytime they want, so I don’t blame Shelby’s owner for keeping the camera rolling at all times! Here’s more video gold you can’t help but replay half a dozen times.

Watch below. Then, Quickly Go Hide Your Go-Pro Camera!!

Bulldog Puppy eats Go-Pro


Dylan and Winnie The Bulldog

Have you ever dressed your pet up as a fictional character? I know that for lots of us crazy Bulldog lovers, it’s nearly every day experience. Well, I’ve wanted to do this Winnie The Pooh thing for a while and I’m excited it’s finally done. Dylan always enjoys spending time with our puppies and he’s especially good at being in my photos.



IMG_4190 11846461_10206178297129423_1761246351_n

Behind the Scenes

IMG_5329I had my brother helping with the shots. It was funny, before snapping the one of Dylan and Tuffy laying down in the grass, I asked my brother to hold Tuffy in position until I get focused in on them. Once I got focused my brother was to quickly get his hand out of the photo.

I counted to 3 and said, “get out!” Instantly, as I snapped the shot, Dylan jumped out of the scene with a flash. My brother and I died laughing so hard. Dylan laughed too, although he had no idea why.

Look at Tuffy’s face! She’s like um….Dylan, where you goin?

I thought it was so special to hear that after seeing these pictures for the first time, Tuffy’s new family changed her name to, J.R.’s Winnie The Pooh.

Hope you enjoyed. Go home to dress up your Bully.




Best English Bulldog Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan pages can be huge in helping you and your Bulldog live an abundant life together. Knowledge is power, we’ve heard it said, but never before has such an abundance of knowledge been so easily accessible. Using the information you learn and share with other facebookers, you’ll no doubt fortify a wealth of beneficial friendships with people who live life similar to the way in which you and your beloved Bulldog/s do. This sort of knowledge is not just powerful, it’s priceless.

Here’s the one English Bulldog Facebook Fan Page you should definitely join NOW!

#1 Baggy Bulldogs

Best Bulldog Facebook Fan PageThe dedicated crew over at Baggy Bulldogs have created this super awesome fan page for all of us Bulldog enthusiasts! They’ve outdone themselves founding a place you can connect to share photos, goofy videos and even get answers to those tough questions every Bulldog owner will inevitably encounter.

With 22 thousand visitors and climbing, Baggy Bulldogs has formed quite an impressive following! Sure, there are much larger fan pages out there, but the fan participation on those other pages has been found wanting at best, even non-existent. When it comes to shear power, the Baggy Bulldogs page is a lock and won’t leave you disappointed!

Baggy Bulldogs is a great facebook fan page that is essential! Imagine a moment when your vet is closed and you find yourself at 1am needing to know what that red oozing bump thingy is between your bully’s toes. Limit those sleepless nights of worrying as much as possible. Join up and ask the willing fans for help!

Whatever your question may be, post it to the fan page and sometimes even instantaneously you can get helpful responses from hundreds of other Bulldog lovers all around the world. These are people who have already experienced what you and your Bulldog are going through at that very moment. Why pay your vet to tell you what other people already know? Dr Greenfield, Sir, no offense to you if you’re reading lol.

Baggy’s On Top. More Reasons Why:

Thanks to the group’s closed status, not just any spammer can get in.  You won’t be bombarded with annoying T-Shirt ads. The admins work hard to see that all of their members have a safe and fun place to share their experiences without being hounded by salesmen or bullies(the two legged ones). It’s just real Bulldog owners joining to form a helpful community, benefiting the Bulldog breed and their owners.

Compared to many of the larger hangouts for Bulldog lovers, Baggy fans quickly become friends you can count on. The member participation is simply outstanding! A person would be crazy not to join this incredibly helpful, fun and loyal group right now!

I’ve been a member for about a year now and I absolutely love the positive interaction I’ve had with other Bulldog lovers. I love the game, Find My Bulldog(below). This is when someone posts a regular picture of something like their backyard. It always looks like just a bunch of bushes and trees, but there, snoring, somewhere hidden among the landscape, there’s always a Bulldog to be found. It’s a fun way to pass time and get to know other members.  

Find my bulldog game

Find Angela Rosson’s Bulldog, Molly. (I haven’t found Molly yet lol)


The Baggy Bulldogs group is loaded with a large number of seasoned Bulldog owners who, through countless hours of good and bad times, have become very experienced with the Bulldog breed! Why not tap into the enormous cache of knowledge and camaraderie there is to be found on the Baggy Bulldogs Fan Page!


Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs is a Rescue Organization devoted to the English Bulldog. In today’s world, the immense popularity of the Bulldog has in many ways encouraged the abuse and neglect of these wonderful animals.

A man’s greed truly has no end and Bulldogs are used every single day by crooks, scammers and thieves in America and abroad to line their pockets full of cash.

Another primary cause of abandoned, abused and neglected Bulldogs might be our society’s increasingly wasteful lifestyles. It’s so very sad to hear of a Bulldog that was purchased as a Christmas gift for the kids only to be given up on because of a lack of love, discipline and understanding for the pet by it’s family. No matter the reason, this organization’s effort to ease the suffering of helpless Bulldogs is outstanding!

Founded in 2011, Rescue Ohio is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization established to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome English Bulldogs in Ohio, and its surrounding states.

​ROEB has committed itself to finding loving, responsible homes and to the philosophy that there is no such thing as a perfect dog or a perfect person, but rather the right dog for the right person.

They’re truly a miracle foundation in the eyes of every English Bulldog in need! Won’t you visit their page or find an English Bulldog Rescue network in your area?

Hope to see you’ve become a member of the coolest English Bulldog Fan Page, Baggy Bulldogs, very soon!

See you there!



Brody, Strangled on Easter Sunday

written by: Daniel Weese on Facebook

On Easter Sunday, Kahla Ellis, a married woman of Prescott, Arizona decided to celebrate the holiday at the home of a nearby family member. Her holiday began with Easter egg hunts, honey-baked ham and a horrifying call from the neighbors telling her she had better get home quick!

The neighbors rang in the middle of her meal. They told her the police were all over the place and Kahla’s home was the center of their attention. Kahla immediately left family and friends, fearing what she might find when she arrived home.

Getting out of her car, a police officer suddenly approached Kahla with only three words, “Your dog’s dead.” Police then led her to the lifeless body of her beloved Bulldog, Brody. He was given to Kahla as a Birthday present from her Grandpa and known as “Brody Bear” to those who cared most deeply for him. So what happened?

How Could This Happen?

Believe me, after reading the details to Brody’s death, you’re most pressing question will be: how could this happen? Police were busy questioning the neighbor boy about the incident. His family, like Kahla’s, was celebrating Easter and were outside. The 12 year-old boy claimed he shot his nerf gun over Kahla’s fence and promptly decided to retrieve his missing ammunition.

The boy, peering over the fence, saw three Bulldogs. He said he waited until the dogs moved away from the area before he entered Kahla’s yard. Once the dogs moved to a spot closer to their house he jumped over. According to the boy, after jumping over the fence, the three dogs approached him. He claims Brody became aggressive and attacked. The thought of Brody running up to the boy to play was no stretch of the imagination for Kahla, but to attack the boy? “That’s not Brody”, Kahla said.

Every detail of this occurrence is not yet clear, but the boy reportedly “grabbed Brody’s collar and twisted it.” The twisted collar then began to constrict Brody’s airway, soon leading to death. “Brody was left for dead”, Kahla sadly stated.

Like I said earlier in the story, you’re probably now asking yourself how in the world such a thing could happen?! I mean physically, how does a 12 year-old boy twist a 70lb Bulldog’s collar so tightly, with such force, that it causes suffocation?! Wouldn’t this dog put up a literal fight for his life? I am a quite healthy, some would say “strapping”, 30 year old man. I have three Bulldogs myself, and I honestly don’t know if I could muster the strength to bring death upon a 70lb dog in this way.

By the way, when I asked Kahla to describe the boy in stature she stated that he was actually sort of small, more like the size of a nine year-old. The boy suffered some scratches to his legs, but if Brody really was an aggressive Bulldog why were there no bite marks? Even through the pains of death, poor Brody wouldn’t bite the child. 

There’s one other fact about the incident that can’t be linked to Brody’s death, but I thought is worth mentioning. Police found a knife in the small alley between Kahla’s and the boy’s house. There were no lacerations found on Brody.

Brody + The Family Cat

Brody + The Family Cat

Something Doesn’t Add Up.

According to Kahla, the young man involved has been officially charged with trespassing. Yep that’s it. A misdemeanor. A transgression of this kind usually brings about a swift slap to the wrist from those wielding the force of justice.

Is there more to this story? Is it possible someone else played a part in Brody’s untimely death? Could it be someone larger and more capable hopped that fence and strangled Brody? Kahla and I both agreed, something just doesn’t seem to add up.

What are your thoughts on the boy’s punishment?

I hope that when considering the events in this story my readers remember the boy is a minor and he may even be reading this article. I for one believe it’s possible the punishment that’s so far been ascribed to this boy may not be sufficient. At the end of the day, that boy trespassed onto his neighbor’s property and killed their pet.

Some, finding the way in which Brody was killed to be quite disturbing, have said the 12 year-old may even need professional help. However, this story is not meant to create a witch hunt. No name-calling please.

Looking Forward

I don’t put much stock in the popular phrase, “time heals all wounds.” No, it doesn’t. A loss like this, the loss of a loved one, stays with a family. Kahla agrees no amount of time, money, or even the addition of another dog could ever replace Brody. The wounds her family’s received run deep. This was, “Brody Bear”, a Bulldog who, like all English Bulldogs, “loved hard” as Kahla put it. Brody loved hard and his family loved him back.

Kahla and her Husband have opened a Go Fund Me campaign in hopes of bringing closure to their tragedy.

I asked Kahla what her main goal was when starting the Go Fund Me campaign.

Well I set the goal to raise awareness for animal cruelty and also to pay for legal funds. My husband and I want to donate any extra funds to an organization for animal abuse/cruelty. All in all we want people to be aware that your dog isn’t always safe in your own backyard. These individuals took a member of our family and we will never fully heal unless we know for sure they get the proper punishment.

- Kahla Ellis

To those who would consider donating to this family in memory of Brody, you may visit the Justice For Brody GoFundMe page.

English Bulldog Chemically Burned Head to Tail

written by: Daniel Weese

9 Month old Primrose beginning down her long road to recovery

9 Month old Primrose beginning down her long road to recovery

Do you remember Primrose? Think back to the early part of 2014. Scrolling through your facebook feed, the sight of her scorched body was more terrible than any Bulldog lover would ever hope to behold.

At only 9 months old, “Prim” was taken in for treatment and rehabilitation by Rescue Ohio Bulldogs after being chemically burned from head to toe.

How Did This Happen

It’s always the first question in a person’s mind-how could something like this happen?! Once the photo of her burned, nearly-hairless body was first posted to facebook, everyone assumed she had been a victim of mistreatment or abuse. Her picture was shocking!

Surprisingly, Prim’s burns were precipitated by her owner’s attempt to help her recover from a severe case of mange. A mixture of borax and hydrogen peroxide was hoped to rid her body of invading mites. Unfortunately something went wrong and more harm ensued.

To make matters worse, it was also discovered that Primrose would need a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO). This operation was deemed necessary to relieve extreme pain and discomfort of the hip socket; however, due to the destructive mange canvassing Prim’s body, her surgery would be postponed for several months.

Still, amidst the trials, hope shone through for Prim in the form of a new-found friendship. A woman named Lacey, who held a position at the assisting vet’s office, quickly bonded with Prim. Lacey was determined to complete the necessary steps to provide a “furever home” for her. Surely, Lacey admired Prim’s boldness of heart in the shadow of despair, not to mention her adorable puppy face 🙂

Primrose a Successful Bulldog Rescue

Primrose after treatment.

Primrose Today

It’s been nearly a year since Prim’s accident. Thanks to Rescue Ohio Bulldogs along with an experienced crew of veterinarians, support from many other volunteers and friends of the ROEB campaign, this extraordinary bully’s burns have since been healed completely.

Primrose is just one of many success stories filed away at the Rescue Ohio English Bulldog ministry. Can we call it a ministry? Yes, I think we can. Isn’t that just what the gracious volunteers of ROEB are doing? Put simply, they’re ministering to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of Bulldogs who have found themselves in crummy circumstances.

Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs on Facebook

Sadly, more than ever, Bulldogs are being abandoned, abused, neglected and just flat-out given up on. They’re all too often a product of today’s wasteful culture.

Thank you ROEB. It’s your selfless efforts. driven by love and kindness to a struggling breed of dogs that we all love and apprecieate so much.

A Word From Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs

Thank you for following Primrose’s amazing recovery story!

ROEB is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that operates on the kind donations of our supporters and through tireless fundraising efforts. Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome English Bulldogs in Ohio and the surrounding states.

We are committed to finding loving, responsible homes for each dog that we take into our hearts. It isn’t an easy job taking in the many Bulldogs which come into our care for a number of reasons. However, we dedicate our time, love, and effort to finding these amazing dogs their “furever homes” with families who will provide long-lasting and unconditional love.

Donate to ROEB    Adopt    Volunteer    Foster    Order a ROEB 2015 Calendar

Please join me in donating to this wonderful organization. Even a small gift of only a few dollars can really add up!

- a friendly challenge from the author, Daniel Weese

Therapy Bulldog Cheers Hearts

written by: Daniel Weese on Facebook

English Bulldog Therapy Dog

Summer Camp for Burn Survivors

Meet Margie, a Bulldog out of Wisconsin. She had her start in the arena and like her father, Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock, Margie is a prize- winning Bulldog. After some very successful years performing in the ring, Margie’s owners wanted to breed her in hopes of preserving what they considered to be a Bulldog of superb quality.

Sadly, it was discovered Margie was infertile. Margie’s true calling was waiting just around the corner.

Margie the show dog is retired, but in some ways, her most important work has only just begun. For the last two years, Margie, with help from her owner Andy, has been visiting the less fortunate in Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

When I get her blue vest out she knows it’s time to go. She gets so excited and starts running around in circles. Everyone knows Margie by name, but I’m just the man at the other end of the leash, Andy said as he laughed.

Big Dog in a Little Bed

Andy also found humor in telling me that often times the patients request Margie be put into the bed with them. These beds are small and narrow, but Margie isn’t bashful. It’s true, no sooner than a few minutes after she’s squeezes into bed with one of the patients and snuggles up close to be pet, Margie’s snoring on top of the poor person. Anyone who has an English Bulldog would instantly agree, “That’s a Bulldog thing.”

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Margie’s extremely accomplished and dedicated as a therapy dog and recently made it into Therapy Dogs Magazine. Andy said of Margie’s dedication, whether it be blistering heat or shivering cold temperatures, she insists on making her rounds.

You always hear her snorting and breathing, those short legs carrying her heavy frame down the long hallways. She’s not your ordinary therapy dog.

Margie is stationed on the second floor of Waukesha with cancer patients, but she also visits a summer camp for young burn victims and participates in the Read with Rover program in local schools and day-cares.

Margie Saved That Girl

When asked if he could recall a moment when he felt Margie had been most influential to a person in need, a time when he thought, ” that experience made it all worth while”, Andy had no shortage of inspirational stories.

Andy quickly brought to mind a little girl, maybe 5 years old. She had been admitted for close to two weeks when someone at the hospital specifically requested Margie come for a special visit. Most of Margie’s work is done with adults, so Andy was surprised to see a little girl when he arrived. . They walked into the room and Margie quickly became acquainted with the girl and her mother. The little girl, sick of her bed, decided she would like to play with Margie on the floor. The nurse unhooked her from the machines and helped her off the bed, plopping her down beside Margie.

Therapy Bulldog

With Her Official Therapy Dog Vest

In only a few moments the two had become friends and the girl was giggling and showering Margie with kisses to the face. Suddenly, the young girl’s Mother imposed. She asked her daughter, “Wouldn’t it be fun for you and Margie to eat some pudding together?”  The girl smiled and agreed.

At this point the nurses and the little girl’s mom were getting curiously excited. Andy stood there, Margie’s leash in hand, allowing Margie to work her magic.

Realizing the pudding was gone, mom quickly announced, “I know, how about we try some jello?” Once again, the girl thought that was a splendid idea. Margie and her new friend playfully ate through the jello just as they did the pudding.

It was this moment

Andy was enjoying the interaction, but from the Mother’s excitement, he could tell there was something more going on inside that cramped hospital room. This visit was anything but typical but it was time for Andy and Margie to say their goodbyes.

The girl’s mom followed Andy and Margie into the hallway. Andy presumed she had walked out to thank them one last time for coming. Tears streaming down her face, she joyfully exclaimed to Andy,

Before Margie came today, my little girl hadn’t eaten anything for a whole week!

Andy never learned the details of the girl’s medical condition, but he was determined if there was ever a time he felt fulfilled in the work he and Margie were doing, surely that day was the day.

Here’s how your dog can get involved. TherapyDogsInc

I personally spent 10 days in the burn unit of Akron Children’s Hospital after receiving 3rd degree burns from my knees down to my toes. I can say from experience, that with each new therapy dog I saw, my spirit was revived. The use of dogs in therapy has been proven to allow for more effective physical and mental healing. Seeing and petting the dogs during my time in the burn unit brought me tears of joy and hope.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you and your Bulldog could redeem the time helping those in need like Margie does? Take a few minutes to learn more about Margie and her exciting work as a therapy dog. Andy has a few more incredible stories I’m sure he would love to share with you.

Visit her facebook page. Who knows, maybe your Bully can bring smiles back to the lives of hurting people in your local hospital or senior center!

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You’ve Got to See This!