10 Things Never to Say to a Friend With a Bulldog!

We decided not to get a Bulldog because my veterinarian said they’re super expensive and unhealthy!

bulldogs are unhealthyYa, you’re right. Bulldogs are so unhealthy and now I’m in debt up to my eye-balls going to and from the vet every day. It’s the talk of the town, actually. They say my Bulldog is lucky to even be alive with his many, complex health issues.

Not! This whole theory that Bulldogs are unhealthy doesn’t have to be true. If you decide to consider adopting a Bulldog into your family, do the research and invest in a Bulldog from a quality blood line, then take care of him-you’ll see the vet less than you do your mother in law, guaranteed.

Your not bringing your dog to the party, right?

So what, if I was?! My Bulldog is far better behaved than half the children running around like maniacs anyway. Ok. Ok. I know. Last time we brought our Bulldog to the 4th of July family party, Lily got a hold of one of the roman candles just after it was lit up.

Thing is, no one was seriously injured, except maybe grandma, and looking back, most of the family(except maybe grandma) thought it was a hoot. Think of the money we would have made filming the whole fiasco-if only Lily hadn’t chewed up the camcorder!

Your dog stinks and so does your house! Everyone’s talking about it.

My Mother said this to me. How Rude! The truth is that no, our bullies can’t always smell like fresh cut flowers, but we take care of them and love them. This is our home-a place with wrinkly, short and stalky, lovable Bulldogs and no amount of smell would ever change that. Besides, lots of people who don’t have pets have stinky houses, what’s their excuse!

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Did you buy your Bulldog from one of those puppy mills down south?

No, but thanks for asking…This one is just insulting. To insinuate that someone would drive their family into Amish country looking for a “cheap Bulldog” no matter the cost-to the well-being of the animal. Someone who supports puppy mills-where dogs know nothing of their world but cruelty-should be ashamed of themselves and I don’t want to be named in that number.

Bulldog faceBulldogs have a face only a mother could love.

And I never could imagine how your mom could love you in spite of your face.

What a thing to say, really! Another annoying thing a friend might suggest is how they’ve come to the conclusion, “Bulldogs must be one of those pets that are so ugly they’re cute.”

When someone says this about your Bulldog, just smile and suggest, “Maybe that’s how it works with you too!”

Thousands of shelter dogs die every day and you just paid how much for your Bulldog!?

Look, we’re well aware of the many dogs wasting away, eventually being put to death in animal shelters around the country and it’s say, however; we didn’t put them there. Many dog lovers are naturally born with the desire to serve and advocate for America’s unwanted dogs, some are not so gifted, but without a doubt, we all express these desires differently.

I always encourage the representation of these poor animals by those willing to minister to their needs. At times I have supported Bulldog charities through my blog here on this site. I applaud those providing foster and adoptive homes to discarded Bulldogs. I love to hear of people giving to charities, administering proper nutrition and medication and lavishing hope and affection to abandoned dogs and I;m extremely grateful and cast my admiration on their shoulders.

Isn’t it possible that even a person who has spent a ton of money purchasing a beautiful Bulldog puppy may have supported a dog charity in the past? Might the person you’re persecuting already have adopted a shelter dog? Maybe they’re already actively speaking out against cruelty to k-9s.

It infuriates you as a lover of dogs to see them suffer, but don’t be too quick to judge a friend who has just adopted a new Bulldog puppy from their local breeder. Instead, congratulate them on their new puppy. Explain your heart to rescue the suffering dogs of this world and ask them to join you!

Your Bulldog died? Just go get a new one.

I remember the day our 6 month old Bulldog, Libby, died. My brother called to check on me. His name’s Steve. ThereMy English Bulldog Child were tears. Steve said to me, “I know you loved your dog, Danny, but be thankful it wasn’t one of your children.” This was a good point. I have three young boys. Steve’s gentle message, that things could be a lot worse, came through loud and clear. Of course, what he said, if to the wrong person, would have been extremely insensitive.

Obviously, some folks aren’t able to have biological children and have chosen to adopt a dog and treat it like their own flesh and blood.

For me, though, the things my brother said through the phone were both comforting and grounding. Steve didn’t flagrantly suggest I “just go get another one” as if they were lifeless items to be purchased from the local Wal-Mart. After our short conversation, I hung up the phone with a very heavy heart, but still, I was left with a reassuring feeling-that everything would be ok.

I hear Bulldogs don’t live too long.

Ya, I mean, it’s sort of true in comparison to some other dogs, but this can come off quite insensitive.

When visiting you ask, “why don’t you put your dog away?”

I hate when people come over and ask me to put my dog in a cage. Dude, the dog lives here, he’s part of the family and if you don’t like it you can come back never. Having a friend means putting up with even the things about them and their life you don’t care for. It’s like marriage except you only see each other a few times a month. So, you see, having a friend with an English Bulldog is easy. Stop complaining!

My kid’s afraid of your Bulldog!

Your kids are afraid of my Bulldog, you say? No duh! The whole neighborhood remembers the last time you brought them over to play. Hard to forget the time they all screamed as if they were suddenly ambushed by a machete wielding Jason Vorhees under a moon-lit Crystal Lake Camp on Halloween!

You know how they say, “don’t worry, he’s more afraid of you than you are of him?” My Bulldogs are petrified of your screaming children. Be sure to get them some training before bringing them back for a visit.

27 Responses to 10 Things to Never Say to a Friend With a Bulldog

  • Ken

    The English created Bulldogs so they would look less ugly standing next to them.

  • Pamela

    Loved ur comments! Keep up the good work! Seems people that know little about the breed are wanting so called rare colored bulldog puppies these days, not realizing they are not full blooded, real English bulldogs!  I thought I’d seen some bad breeders, but now we have to deal with fake bulldogs trying to take over the market & ruin the True English Bulldog’s bloodlines!  I fear for the true English Bulldog Breed!  That’s why we have litter’s here, for healthy, true AKC Registered English Bulldogs from AKC Show Lines!  Best wish’s in ur business!  Not expecting any of my comments to be posted by u, since we are breeders too. Best wish’s!

  • Linda Cardella

    I have owned 5 English Bulls and I have to say every single penny was worth it. Each one has brought so much to my life that NOONE would understand unless u owned one. They are an addiction yes their costly like everything else.. But I could not imagine my life without them. And yes I rescue as well as purchased in the past. Unbelievable gift from God

  • Lisa

    We have two frenchies and one English, so far all is good, Stella our english 2.5 yrs old, Lillybelle 3.5 yrs and Stoni 1.5 yrs old our frenchies. They are the most entertaining crowd of dogs and I love them dearly. Emotional, free loving great dogs all of them. Funny too.

  • Cherrie Johnston

    I absolutely love, to the moon and back, my two English bullies, 3 yr old Harley and 1 year old Sophie, they are family!  They love me without question or judgement.  Their only thought is to be by my side 24/7.  Neither one drools, how blessed am I.  They provide entertainment and laughter, comfort if I’m sad or sick, protection if they hear something that is threatening.  They greet everyone, always happy to get a pet from a neighbor or family.  We, as Dog Lovers, have to remember not everyone is a dog lover, sad for them, but a fact of life.  You make adjustments for that, because most likely they are your family and friends, but sometimes we have to stand up for these little guys and put the friends or family in their proper place of the pecking order, kindly might I add, but in their place all the same.  Family and friends learn quickly, once their told, never to mess with your pups.

  • Bulldog sharonbull

    The bulldog is the noblest living being on earth, We need to help improve their health and quality of life

  • Anna Streleck

    Someone is telling me to get a shelter dog?  I am getting my first English Bulldog and in my lifetime I have adopted around 35 dogs from shelters or rescues, found them on the street or had them dumped at my house because people know I rescue dogs.  I keep these dogs all their lives.  I usually have 8-14 dogs and as I’m not a rescue place I pay for all their needs on my own.  How many shelter dogs have you adopted?

  • Connie Luthe

    We have a 10 year old Bullie named Tiki we have had since puppihood.  Tiki is the sweetest, kindest and most loyal bully you’ll find.  We get the fat and ugly questions and just ignore, don’t they fart and drool questions, and stubbornness questions but all those things make them bullies.  He has never had a serious health issue or hurt anyone and loves everyone.  We’ll never own anything but a Bulldog.

  • Diane David

    We were the very proud owners of two beautiful English Bulldogs.  I say “were” because we lost our precious Abby just last week.  Abby was 12 1/2 years old, our Sadie Rose is 10 1/2.  I cannot imagine life without a bulldog!  Are they expensive… yes, but worth every penny!  Do they have health issues? Sure, but lots of dogs do.  Ours were very healthy until they got older but still no more issues than any other breed.  Perhaps a bulldog is an acquired taste…. I personally find them beautiful.  Negative comments don’t bother me…. folks are just jealous because they have never been loved by a bully!!! Proud to be a bulldog mom!!

    • Anna Streleck

      Your dogs sound very lucky and so do you because you are capable of appreciating their worth.  I am very sorry at your loss and especially Sadie Rose’s loss of her four-legged companion.  I have only been lucky enough to meet Bulldogs in parking lots and the vet’s office, but when I look into their sweet faces and eyes smiling at me as only a bully can I see nothing but potential for great love.  I love their faces, their rosebud ears and their cute, stocky bodies.  Bulldog prices reflect far less than the value I place on them.  Who can turn around and say all that love, companionship and humor is only worth so much? 

      I guess most breeds’ appearance are a matter of taste, but spend any amount of time with any dog and I challenge you not to like them on their own merits.

  • paula pelzer

    I have a bulldog called Mickey and he is well behaved.  I only feed him the best food, and ensure that he doesnt get over weight.  He showers every week and o use a natural shampoo that also help him not scratching.  Most bulldogs gets a skinn irritation due to the wrong food, carpets that washed with harm-full chemicals. Please do not give your bulldog treats that is the worst thing to do if they have a skin – problem.  If you look after your bulldog it will get to the age of 15 (my grandfathers dog got 16 years of age).  Overweight and the skin problems is mostly the common problem they have.  Sort that out and you will have a happy bully at home.

  • troy

    my grumpy stumpy is near 11 I’ve had him 7yrs when his owner needed to rehome him I was more than happy to take him despite all the so called advice about health issues other than a 1st check up he has never had a health issue of any kind he is not the most active of dog’s but I’m not the most active of humans so we fit and by the way he is a full pedigree English bulldog

  • Amy

    My husband and I hear some of these all the time!! We have 2 Victorian bullies and one English and people always comment and ask how much we spent on them. One of my Victorians is a rescue and I still had backlash from people because she wasn’t from a local shelter. My bullies are my kids and they are great with my niece and nephews!!!

  • Alan M.

    I’ve had people ask me how much I spent and tell me how expensive they are to care for and it’s just ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a dog but along with being my best friend and apart of my family, my bully is also my hero. I got Athena when she was 8wks old after returning home from Afghanistan as a therapy dog to help with my PTSD and through everything she undoubtedly saved my life. I can not and never will try to put a price tag on that.

    • Dan Weese

      Alan, that is great to hear you have such an awesome therapy dog! You’re right, that kind of comradery can’t be bought. Thank you very much for your self-sacrificing dedication to the people of this country!

  • Doug

    We now have our second bulldog his name in Norman. Our first one was Porkchop she was put down at the age of 3 . Found out she had presure on her brain and turned very mean.  Very sad day . We found out that she had come from a puppy mill on the east coast.Norman on the other hand came from a local breeder and is a much happier dog

  • Kate

    We lost our big boy last year suddenly & I expectantly, he was healthy & only 5, we stil mourn for him everyday, and our girl still looks for him. Our friends and family know how protective we are of them and all know, “you don’t like our dogs, you’re not welcome at our house”. They are our babies too

  • John

    I have a 8 year old Bully named Winston and he is the King of the house, the only health issues that he has is a cherry eye. Everybody loves him and when small children are at the house they play with him so much that he sleeps for 18 straight hours. If you come to my house and you don’t like Winston, you are more than welcome to leave?

  • Kristen

    Hands-down the most frequent response we get when walking our bulldog puppy in public is “Oh wow… how much was she??”. A well-meaning but awkward question…

    • Dan Weese

      While they are at it they may as well ask how much you ask a week! lol

  • Adriana

    I was worried sick when my sister, together with my 5 year old niece and 4 year old nephew, came to stay with us for 3 weeks, as my nephew was petrified of dogs and I wasn’t sure how he’d react to my two bullies. As it happens, my concerns were dully unfounded as the dogs quickly won him over without any intervention from any of us. Niece and nephew keep asking when can they come back to stay and see my babies again…

  • William Walker

    My bulldogs are smarter and have better manners than your parents’ children.

  • Nanci McCaw

    All of the above have been said to me but also wonderful things have been said.  It is those that I remember.  I generally give a bulldog history so people understand the breed better.  My present bully is a rescue but my first one was a papered one.  I see very little difference except my rescue girl seems a tad healthier.  I loved/love them both the same. <3

    • Dan Weese

      That’s great to hear, Nanci! You know, this was meant to be sort a fun and light article, but after reading your comment it dawned on me that it would have been great to add something about all the positive things that have been said about our bullies over the years too 🙂

  • Fox

    This article definitely touches on some really rude things to say about people’s bulldogs. I once had a friend tell me my Bulldog was suffering and struggling just to breathe and walk around and that I should have him put down. He was only 3 years old at the time. The problem was that she had just read some web story about how Bulldogs have been bred this way with no concern for their health but only unique looks. My Bulldog has always been very healthy. We go for walks and even runs at the beach and he keeps up quite well even with other smaller dogs. Obviously they’ve been bred a certain way, but no, I don’t believe that BUlldogs are suffering health-wise.

  • Melissa Riley

    Thankfully I have a few wonderful friends who love my boy, Barney and they would never say or do anything to purposely hurt my feelings. I know Bulldogs can be clumsy, a bit smelly and even a little scary for small children, but they’re all love and so much better than other dogs.

  • Kristin

    I wouldn’t get too mad about the face being so ugly only a mother could love it because we actually joke that way at our house hahaha. I have had a sister who’s brought her kids over and they were seriously afraid of my little 38lb bulldog and for absolutely no reason whatsoever. That was annoying.

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